Monday, February 22, 2016

Progress All Around

Well, yesterday was a rough one with Animal. She seemed to be feeling better, but she still wouldn't eat. But this morning she took a few bites, which I am taking as a huge sign of improvement. I saw three different vets who all said different things, but the one thing they all said was that she needs to start eating again. And the vet on Saturday suggested bringing Animal back in today for more blood work. I might take her on Wednesday or something. I want to give her a break from shuttling back and forth, and getting poked and prodded. Stress can affect eating too so I'm trying to take everything into account.
Yesterday I went in search of some food that Animal would eat, and look what I found! Three vegan health/cookbooks in a regular old grocery store. I love that Plant Strong has a burger on front!  This same store had a different vegan cookbook the last time I was there. It's pretty cool. It wasn't that long ago you were lucky to find a vegan cookbook at a huge bookstore!
Look what creeped onto shelves at regular old Fred Meyer! I thought you could only find this at Whole Foods! The missing Bleu Cheese bottle is in my shopping basket. I almost tried the honey mustard, but vegan honey mustard is pretty easy to make, so I went with the dressing I never thought I would eat again as a vegan!
So yesterday was day two off the potato diet, and I ate potatoes all day! I had leftover sweet potato soup for breakfast with added rice. It came out a little like Risotto.
I have been trying to read that Stranger since last week, and stuff just keeps getting in the way! The pink is pretty for background though!
I had some potatoes that needed to be used, and I was going to make mashed and gravy, but I decided to make fries/wedges instead, which turned into wedges with gravy, which turned into vegan disco fries.I made the wedges, made some gravy, then assembled. I sprinkled a tiny amount of daiya on the wedges, and spooned the warm gravy over everything. Holy yum. I know gravy with fries is a thing, and has been for awhile. I just never got into that. In my pregan days I was a strict ketchup goes with potatoes kind of gal. Maybe BBQ sauce with fries every once in awhile I was feeling wild. I was missing out. This was a nice comfort meal that actually wasn't terribly unhealthy. I'm still not sick of potatoes, I'm just really glad to have other options!
I'm planning on getting a memory card today for my camera. Memory card, learn how to use are my two goals today! It's supposed to be nice starting tomorrow, and I hope to get out and about and take some pictures! I bet there are some parks with all kinds of flowers starting to bloom!


  1. Sorry to hear about Animal! Those are some good finds on the books tho!!! And those dressings!!!!!

    1. Thanks! She's doing better today!! I know, I was so excited to see both things!

    2. Sorry to read Animal is poorly and fingers crossed for more progress. The wedges and gravy made me smile as fries (chips) and gravy are a popular dish from the Chip Shops of Northern England where I live. People also love Chinese Chips shop curry sauce on chips. Here's a recipe in case of interest!

    3. Ooh, thanks. I saw a show filmed in the UK and I was surprised to see that chips were often served with curries, and Chinese food. It seemed instead of rice? But it did make me want to try it so thanks!