Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day Five and I Feel Alive!!

Today is day five of my potato cleanse experiment, and i am feeling so much better this time around. I think the last time it didn't so much trigger eating disordered feelings as it triggered times in my life when I've been super broke, by broke I mean poor and have had either no food or had to rely on eating one cheap thing over and over. But I don't feel that way this time around. I don't feel burdened this time. I feel empowered. I feel like ever since I stopped drinking, I've been waiting for the pounds to come off, and I was getting to the point where it was tempting to just start drinking again, I might as well get some pleasure out of the deal, you know? And for the past year or so I've really cleaned up my eating, and stepped up my exercise. Especially living in Seattle, I do much more walking. Anyway, I feel like I am taking an active part in my own life, and I definitely still had some disordered thinking about food that I always thought would just be in my head forever. So, for many reasons this ridiculous sounding cleanse is really working for me. I'm eating so much more salad, because believe me, a potato heavy diet leaves you desperately needing CRUNCH! Plus I love the vibrancy of a crisp raw salad. Before this cleanse I could be a bit lazy and sometimes skip salads, telling myself I eat plants anyway, so it's okay. But I feel a big difference having a huge bowl of greens mid day. So, this time around I feel much more zen about this cleanse, and I definitely know I will make it ten days. I'm going to see how I feel, and I might even go longer! I would love to find it within myself to go for the thirty days.
I had this delicious juice yesterday. It was spinach, Romaine, basil,green bell pepper,cucumber,cilantro and apple. I know apples are fruit, but I only used one, and I can't drink green juice with no sweet. Hats off to those who can!
This salad was so good! It was spinach,Romaine,red pepper,red onion, and some balsamic. Do you love all the little kitty claw marks on my little cabinet that I painted? Crazy cat lady problems!
For dinner, I made some amazing mashed potatoes, and I wanted mushroom gravy, so I went on the webz and found this recipe. It was really, really good. If you ever need a mushroom gravy recipe, try this one. It's easy and quick too!
This was soooooo amazing! Yesterday was a grey, rainy bluesy kind of day, and a big bowl of creamy mashed potatoes and super savory gravy was the perfect meal for the mood. I don't understand why anyone ever added milk and butter to mashed potatoes to begin with. These were super creamy and smooth with no help.
I think I might take my measurements today. (Gulp) I bought a tape measure at Jo-Ann fabrics the other day, but I just haven't gotten around yet. I want to see if I actually lose a few inches. I was watching a lot of potato island results videos yesterday, and people seem to be having great success. In most of the videos you can clearly see the results from their first video, and so on. The good thing is I'm not feeling super obsessed about losing inches, it's more what I would call a healthy curiosity.
I'm off to restock my potato supply. I'm going to start buying loose potatoes instead of the bagged potatoes. I've noticed for awhile, even way before potato island that the bagged potatoes never have all usable potatoes. There are always some duds in with the spuds. (I'm so sorry, there was no resisting) It gets frustrating, and it's also a huge waste of money. I don't always feel like carrying some rotten potatoes with me back to the store to complain. Anyway, the store that sells the elusive potato flour also has a surprisingly awesome selection of organic bulk potatoes. That's the one thing I'm strict about for this cleanse, I only buy organic potatoes because they are on the dirty dozen. Interestingly sweet potatoes are not, so I'm a little less picky there. Anyway, this store has purple, red, yellow, all kinds of potatoes. You know you're on a cleanse when different colors of potatoes have you beyond excited!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm so glad to see you are optimistic and feeling good on this cleanse- as strange as it may be ! At this point I literally crave green salads if it's been more than a day.
    What an adorable photo of your kitties!!! Gah!
    You might want to just use a pair of jeans as your measuring device- it's nearly impossible to get an acurate self measurement in the same spot and how tight you do/don't hold the tape can change the number by almost an inch- just afraid you will make yourself crazy that way!
    Look for those little japanese sweet potatoes that are black on the outside and white inside-not as sweet as sweet potatoes.

    1. Yes, when I was using the tape measure yesterday, I started thinking the same thing, like what if next week I;m just a little higher or lower. And I definitely do not want to get obsessive and throw off my zen!
      I have seen those exact sweet potatoes at the QFC near my apt. Next time I go I will get some. Finding a new to me potato is very exciting at this point!

  2. Awww kitties!! Too cute! Those mashed potatoes look amazing. I wish I loved salad as much as I feel like I should but I eat it just to get the raw veggies in. It's much better chopped up all tiny but I'm not a salad person. I could eat pounds of steAmed spinach but I'm not into spinach or kale salad at all.

    1. I find it hard to eat salad on a regular basis too! That's been the best part of this cleanse is that I desperately crave salads and crunch!

  3. I will have to try this at some point. Sounds interesting and fun in a nerdy vegan sort of way and you know me I love being nerdy! I have done something similar with salads. It's all I ate for like a month...any way I could do a salad I would :)

    1. It is kind of a fun nerdy experiment. It's just a fun little thing to do that seemed like it wasn't unhealthy or anything like that.