Monday, August 7, 2017

Still Trying to Catch Up!

I went to Smith's for some tofu, and found a pound of mushrooms for $.99 and Treeline cashew cheese for $3.69! I also treated myself to some Yve's gluten free veggie burgers. I've loved these burgers even when I wasn't gluten free.
Since I couldn't splurge on the burgers and gluten free bread or buns, I had my burger in a lettuce bun with avocado and a little BBQ sauce. Very tasty.
I made this tasty dish with my sale mushrooms and some tofu. I also tried this spicy and sweet chili heat sauce from Soy Vay. It's kind of lie a spicy hoisin sauce. Another tasty meal.
I had this booch recently. I loved it. It is in my top three favorite flavors of booch for sure. This company also makes a blood orange flavor which is soooooo amazing.
Here are Kanye and Joan keeping a very close eye on the outdoor kitty situation. Please excuse the lighting, it is still dark out in this picture!
I'm slowly forcing myself to be human again. I apologize again for my spotty presence. I've just felt kind of lost and like just keeping to myself. Sometimes you just need to be in your own head. Next week will be the year anniversary of my move to SLC. Isn't it crazy how fast time really does fly? I don't now how it's been a whole year. A year feels so permanent, like a real commitment that I didn't think through enough. See, this is why I've been keeping to myself!
I hope all is well with everyone!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Catching Up!

Sprouts Market was having another amazing sale over the weekend. I got all this stuff for eleven dollars! I got blueberries, strawberries, three avocados, three limes, two red peppers, five and a half pounds of red and Yukon gold potatoes, bulk Jasmine rice and bulk sea salt. I always assumed Sprouts was a more expensive store, and some of the stuff is pricey, but this summer they've been blowing my mind with their produce sales. I've been able to eat much more fruit and veg this summer thanks to them.
My standard Trader Joe's haul. I've been loving the fruit frenzy bars. Those and the frozen lemonade have been all I want this summer. I can't remember the last time I've had chocolate. Like even that monthly urge for chocolate has disappeared. I never thought that would happen!I never ever thought I would utter these next words, but I seriously am over summer. I think if I had a car it wouldn't be so bad, but trudging around in this heat is hardcore. And a lot of bus stops have no shade, so it's just really intense. I used to see the sun as my beautiful friend, now it's shifted more to that toxic, abusive friend you kind of have to deal with on a daily basis.
Here are a couple of delicious meals using my Sprouts potatoes. I almost always buy russet potatoes because they're the cheapest. Sprouts had red and gold potatoes two pounds for a dollar so I indulged. I much prefer red and gold potatoes so this was such a treat. Chunky skin on wedges with smoked paprika and garlic powder on top, and below the same wedges with baked BBQ tofu nuggets. Delicious.
I got this booch on sale at Natural Grocers for $1.10! I could hardly believe my eyes. It was very delicious and of course refreshing!
And here's naughty Joan stealing my spot as usual. She lets me know when she wants this chair. First she starts using whatever part I'm not sitting on as a scratching post, then she jumps up and tries to sleep on the unoccupied part, and slowly stretches herself to give me less room until I finally give up and move somewhere else. She is not shy about letting her feelings be known.
I'm slowly coming back. This month in two weeks will be my one year anniversary of moving to SLC and I have mixed emotions about the move, and living here. I haven't bonded and don't feel a connection to this city at all. I feel like I am a Seattle girl in my heart, so it's just a strange time emotionally, and I've just been doing a lot of reflecting. But I hope to start posting more and getting caught up on comments, and other blogs and all that very soon.