Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunny Days!

Hello World!
Blue skies and sunshine in Seattle in March is almost like seeing a unicorn!  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be even nicer, with no clouds and temperatures reaching almost seventy! Yesterday was one of those days where everyone was smiling and happy, we all needed the sunshine! I just realized that I saw zero snow this year! After surviving two and a half miserable winters in the snow belt, it wasn't missed at all.
I took a long walk around Ballard yesterday. It was full of energy, all the shops had their doors open, and people were walking their dogs, and smiling. It was awesome!
I made it into Twice Sold Tales, the used bookstore I saw the other day.
This is what you see when you first come in. Book after book after book. They have chairs and stools all over the shop, and also paper bags in case you find a lot of books. It's everything I want in a bookstore, a little creaky, a little disheveled, cozy, and very worn in and comfortable. Kind of like a favorite book. No kitties, that would have been Utopia.

I thought of that hilarious show Portlandia when I saw the Gender and Womans studies section of the book. One of the ongoing scenes of the show takes place in what I believe is a feminist bookstore, and it is always hysterical. I never got the appeal of Fred Armisen until I watched this show.
I don't know if anyone's heard of The Tractor, but it's a pretty popular club that has a lot of great bands, both famous and local, and in a lot of cases both. I am just now realizing that DUH, it would have really made sense to cross the street and get pictures of all the posters and signs on the windows. Sorry, at this point my allergies were making life a little difficult, and I wasn't thinking. If you love music and ever visit Seattle, check out what's going on at The Tractor.

This was the book I chose to purchase. I enjoy Laurie Notaro's writing, and so far this book is pretty funny.
Oven fries with FYH's vegan ranch, and some Carolina Gold BBQ sauce for dipping for dinner. These fries were doused liberally with curry powder and smoked paprika. Delicious.
If you didn't read yesterday's post, I have some coupons I'm giving away for Qrunch burgers. I have three coupons for free boxes, and four one dollar off coupons. All I ask is that you see if they are available in your area, and then let me know. I'm just giving them away in the order that I find out.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tofu, Qrunch and Giveaway!

I went back to Central Market yesterday, which is my absolute favorite place for all things tofu! They have so many choices, and  a lot of it is fresh. It's so awesome!
Believe it or not, all of that delicious tofu was under ten dollars! I love the baked tofu that wildwood makes, but I can't stand the price of it. Baked tofu is even overpriced at Trader Joe's. These tofu cutlets were like one dollar. It's insane. They even have Inari waiting to be stuffed with sushi rice! I actually thought I got some. Next time. It's really a tofu lovers paradise!
I also saw this Amy's vegan ice cream at the Market. Did you know Amy's was making vegan ice cream? I surely did not. I chose mint chocolate chip. It's made with coconut milk, so it should be nice and rich and creamy. I also found this tea on sale, and it is out of this world. Especially with some caramel creamer! Heaven.
I also finally found these Qrunch burgers. I fell in love with these when I lived in PA., and they've been strangely hard to find in Seattle. The burgers are vegan, gluten free, pretty much allergen free. I find sometimes foods that are free of all allergens can be a bit bland, or weirdly textured, just a little off. Sometimes it reminds me of my mom's hippie concoctions that weren't always a success. But, these burgers are anything but bland or weird. I had the spicy Italian before, so I tried the original this time around. I felt like the original is the true test. Not bland, and when baked in the oven, it's nice and crispy on the outside, and kind of fluffy on the inside. I love it. I feel like the original kind of reminds me of the Boca crispy "chicken" patties, only better. I had mine on a WW pita with spicy hummus, Romaine lettuce, shredded carrots and Dijon mustard. Insanely good. Actually, it was better than I remembered, like maybe they improved the formula? I don't know but I really love these burgers! Here is their website if you'd like to check it out.
I happen to have some coupons for these delicious burgers that were sent to me by the company. I had Emailed them when I first tried the burgers, and they sent me coupons and such. Companies like that really stand out in my mind. Anyway, I want to do my first give-away, or whatever, I guess I just want to share. I think these are delicious, and coupons always make me a lot braver to try new things. I have three free box coupons, and four one dollar off a box coupons. So just check around in your area, and if you can find these burgers let me know. I'll just do it on order, the first three will get the dollar off, and the four after that will get the dollar off coupons. So exciting! So, just check around and let me know in the comments, and then I will get them out in the mail! I'll also mention when all the coupons are accounted for. Hope I'm doing this right!
Today is the kind of perfect, gorgeous day that makes me happy to be alive, and even happier to be in Seattle! I'm going to go and explore that new to me second hand bookstore, and possibly some other thrifting. Hopefully I can get some pictures.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trader Joe's Thai Sweet Chili Veggie Burgers

Chunk was interested!

I finally got around to trying these yesterday. I found these at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago, and had to get them. Their vegetable masala burger is probably my favorite veggie burger ever. The first thing I noticed and greatly appreciated was that each burger is individually wrapped. I get stressed out when I have an open box of anything in the freezer for too long because that freezer taste is not pleasant. I baked my burger in the oven for between ten and fifteen minutes. It reminds me of the masala burger in that it is crisp on the outside, and soft and full of veggies on the inside. You can see and taste the pieces of potato, carrot, etc. You can also see the black and brown rice. I had mine sans bun, because I wanted to really taste this burger. Man, if you have had the masala burger and enjoyed it, you have to try this one. It has a little spice to it, but nothing major. I can taste garlic and also the sweet chili sauce, but I can also taste the veggies. It's pretty close to perfect if you ask me. They even have water chestnuts in them, which I love. In my pregan days, morningstar farms original veggie burger was my fave of the frozen veggie burgers, and I remember I loved the crunch of the water chestnuts. This is the burger for people who love veggie burgers with veggies they can see, as opposed to the meatier burgers. I don't know which I prefer, this or the marsala? I guess I just have to say they are both my favorite, I can't choose! If you live near a Trader Joe's, I say run, don't walk to try these!
I had to bring back an old favorite, mash and gravy for dinner. It was a day when I felt like I needed a hug, so what does the person with no human to hug do? First, hug some cats, and second make mashed potatoes and gravy. Better than a lot of hugs I've had in my day.
The next three or four days are supposed to be absolutely perfect here in Seattle. Blue skies and upper sixties, maybe even seventy degrees! I need some consecutive sunny days soooooo badly! I need to replenish my vitamin D! I just love spring so much. I definitely plan on going to the new to me used bookstore I discovered, and hopefully I can get some pictures. I feel like they might even have some bookstore kitties. I always love that.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Great Show and News, Meh Food

Yesterday was a stormy, rainy day here in Seattle. Not much of a surprise, but for once I wasn't too upset because according to the weatherman, this week is supposed to be gorgeous! Sunny and upper sixties, everything spring should be. This time last year, I was still wearing my winter coat and boots and gloves! It was a good Netflix kind of day, so a friend and I watched Daredevil season 2. I love that show so much, although I miss a lot of it because I am the wimp of all wimps when it comes to violence. The Daredevil did what a lot of shows do in that season one started out with not a ton of graphic violence, then when I was super drawn into the show, it slowly got bloodier and bloodier. There is one episode in particular that starts with gore before the opening credits have even rolled. That episode was tough, and I cried for a lot of it. But it is such a good show, and some of the fight scenes are choreographed so beautifully. I like the Daredevil, and also the Green Arrow, and now I like the Punisher ALOT. I like the vigilante superheros! I like the darkness and the torture in their souls, and I like the conflict they feel inside over who they really are, and what are they doing, where does it end, etc.
I didn't want to interrupt all the binge watching to cook, so we ordered Chinese food to be delivered. It was super tricky finding a place that was open on Sunday, and then some that normally were open were closed for the holiday. We settled on a place that specializes in ahem, lets say a fusion menu. They had burgers and fries, Pad Thai, Fried rice and chow mein along with nachos and quesadillas.
It's called the Rickshaw, and here is there hilarious menu. I used to work at a totally divey bar, and the owner was friends with the owner of the Rickshaw, and I used to go there for drinks and karaoke. The food is what you would think it would be. Edible, but certainly nothing special. They've changed their menu since I moved, they used to offer a lot more tofu/veggie dishes. I tried to get Pad Thai, but it was made with fish sauce, so I settled on Mongolian Tofu, which I've never actually had before.
I have to be honest, it was tasty but a little too oily for me. I am no way a oil free or fat free person, but I have severely cut down on my oil intake.  It was okay, but I'm not like dying to order it again. I also got super full like really fast. I think it was the oil. I ended up eating the rice with just a few tofu triangles, and sent the rest home with my friend.
I was super excited to read this morning that Giorgio Armani has pledged to stop using fur! This going to start a much needed trend. People will stop wanting fur even if they don't care about animals, they care about fashion Dahling! Things are changing, however slow they are changing! Here is the article if you're interested, and have the time!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Digits Survived!

Ballard Market is where I chose to go yesterday. I haven't been to this market since I moved back. Ballard market and The Central Market which I went to a few weeks ago are owned by the same person. There used to be a third market called Greenwood Market but that closed sometime while I was living in PA. The Central Market is my favorite of the three because they have a pretty big Asian section with so many different tofu options. Ballard Market has a huge bulk section, but I didn't really get any bulk items because it was a bit of a madhouse when I was there. It has to be bad for me to skip the bulk section! I might go back for some bulk needs, but other than that it's just like I remembered, too expensive. It's funny because people scream at you to shop local, but some of Ballard Market's prices rival Whole Foods. They also had a lot less vegan specialty fun items. I had given myself permission to get one splurge/treat, and all I could find was some Chao. And while Chao is my favorite, I have had it before so, you know.

I couldn't be more excited. This little used bookstore opened up off of Market Street. They weren't open when I was there yesterday, but I will be going back for sure! I looked in the window, and it looks like the bookstore of my dreams! It has a wooden staircase that leads up to the store, and from what I can see the shelves are jam packed! Not much in life makes me happier than a used bookstore. I have very fond memories of a certain used bookstore in Columbus Ohio that was a place to escape and find comfort as a kid. I could live in a used bookstore and die a happy lady.
Small haul. They had my favorite of all favorite, the champagne or Ataulfo mango. In my opinion these put all other mangoes to shame. I think it's mango season, so I hope to see a lot of these for the next month or so.
Have you guys tried this gravy? It is vegan, even the turkey flavored and they had a chicken flavor which I didn't get. It's super simple to make, and it tastes amazing. It's better than gravy I try to make. It isn't too expensive either. I've only seen this brand at Ballard and Central Market. If you see it and crave easy vegan gravy, you should try it! Here is a little more info if you'd like!
I just had this delicious breakfast. It's just my usual curry oven fries wrapped in Romaine leaves and dipped in some FYH vegan bleu cheese and Frank's buffalo sauce which is vegan! Wrapping potato wedges in Romaine leaves is really tasty. Like little potato tacos!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vegan Calzone Success!

I had to start out my Caturday post with this picture. I got it at just the right time, when Animal was yawning, but doesn't it look like she is laughing it up? It's so hilarious. She and Chunk live for this string. It's really two shoelaces tied together, but it is what they live for.  Chunk pulls out some of the cutest poses you will ever see in your life when he's trying to woo me for string time.
Being nosy really tires a girl out!
This is a very rare picture of Joan sleeping. She is possibly the nosiest cat I have ever met in my life, and that's saying a lot. She routinely gets shut in drawers and cupboards because she can't let anything open without investigating. She also fights the vacuum cleaner, because although she is scared of it, she is also too nosy to hide. I need to get a video of her boxing the vacuum some day, it's pretty hilarious.
I need to go to the grocery to get a few things, but I wasn't up for it yesterday, so I made another pantry dinner. I'm kind of noticing that my pantry dinners are fancier than what I make for myself when I've gone to the store. I was kind of craving pizza, but I decided to get even fancier and make Calzones! I used to love Calzones in my pregan days, but for some reason I don't eat or make them often as a vegan. Like in the six or so years I've been vegan, I've eaten a Calzone maybe twice? I used this recipe for the dough, and it was the perfect dough.  I also replaced two tablespoons of the AP flour with two tablespoons of potato flour. It says on the bag that potato flour can help baked goods stay tender. So, I'm not sure if it was the recipe, or the potato flour but these were seriously too good to have been made by me! I filled them with red sauce, leftover cashew/bean Alfredo, black olives, red onion and daiya shreds. My apartment smelled like a pizza shop, and these were better than any vegan Calzone I could have ordered.
Whenever I have success with any bread or baked good type of thing, it's especially fulfilling because baked goods are for sure not my specialty. The daiya and Alfredo merged together for the ultimate cheesey/creamy experience. And the dough, don't even get me started. I'm a baker now! 
It's Saturday, which means the car carts will be out in full force today, where will I shop, and will I make it out alive, and with all my digits?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Greens and Beans

I feel like spinach is the perfect green for smoothies. Sometimes kale or collards can be a little tough for non vitamix blenders to work with, and also those greens have a stronger taste. Spinach is the way I would go if I were trying to sneak some greens into a picky eaters diet. This is my current favorite smoothie. Spinach, frozen mango chunks, and pineapple juice. Trader Joe's has this amazing pineapple juice that is not from concentrate, and it is so AHMAZING! With the sweetness from the mango and juice, you can really pack in a lot of greens.
I wanted to play around with lightening up cashew Alfredo by using half cooked white beans, and half cashews. I wrote down the recipe, and while it is pretty tasty for my first attempt, it needs some tweaking, which I will do. I used about 3/4 of a cup of beans, and 1/4 C. of cashews. It was still creamy and rich, and the sauce didn't really suffer, I just need to play around with seasonings.
I put a little too much lemon juice in the sauce. I forgot that there was a lot less fat to cut through. I liked that it was still rich and creamy but it wasn't so heavy. I will definitely play around with this. I still have tons of pasta to go through after all! Spring is making me feel inspired to experiment in the kitchen. Pretty soon the produce department will be lush and beautiful again. It was nice citrus, but I'm ready to move on!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sweet and Salty Haul

I ran to my neighborhood grocery for a kombucha, and some other things found their way home with me! I was just talking about caramel, and how hard it's been for me to find vegan caramel yesterday morning, and then look what pops up later that day! Manifest anyone? The Cocomels are a new item at QFC. I got the vanilla flavor, and they are sooooooo good! I hope this isn't TMI or in bad taste, but I call this my PMS haul, ha ha. Chocolate and salty things. What can I say. I have been eating so many potatoes, but I haven't had frozen french fries that were par cooked in some oil in forever, and they were on sale so I just couldn't say no. Stevie couldn't be left out of the haul picture!

Baked in the oven, and doused with Malt vinegar. It really was tasty, and since these fries were shoestring like, it really reminded me of all those days at the fair, eating fries and riding the Super wheel over and over. Good times. Believe it or not, I've always felt more safe on the wobbly ass rides at little old county fairs than the slicker rides at the bigger, more corporate amusement parks.
In Vegan becoming mainstream news, I came across this article today. On NBC News of all places, it can't get much more mainstream. It drives me crazy that people can't make the connection that killing animals is killing them and the planet. It's not just "radical" vegans saying this anymore. Maddening.
But, articles like this are encouraging. It's nice to see mainstream meia write something positive, and protein and kale weren't mentioned once.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ben&Jerry's Did It Again! Vegan Style.

I watched this video awhile ago and thought these looked excellent. I don't always love the way my seitan turns out when I try to make it myself, but I'm always looking for that perfect recipe. I had bought a bag of wheat gluten to make these, and I just never did. I ran across the gluten when I reorganized, and made a mental note to try to make these.
These turned out great! The cashews make them more tender I think, and also add a fattiness that I think is "vital" to the finished product. (I couldn't resist) And, she is right about the apple cider vinegar cutting down on the gluten taste. These are very similar to Field Roast or Tofurky sausages. It will be fun to play around with the spices. I really like the light onion flavor from the scallions too. This is hands down the best seitan recipe I've come across. I can't think of anything bad to say. The dough came together perfectly, and was easy to work with, and that made clean-up a lot easier. These will be great little sausages to make in the warmer months coming up, I'm sure they would be amazing grilled!
More curry oven fries for dinner. Dipped in Carolina Gold BBQ sauce from Trader Joe's. So so good. Speaking of sauces, I was wondering yesterday if anyone loves sauces more than vegans? I've always been a condiment lover, but I definitely think that love deepened when I went vegan.
I made sure I didn't get too full on potatoes again so I could try this out. Like the other two flavors I've tried, it is beyond out of this world. It is a ten out of ten for sure. If you like coffee, you will like this. The coffee flavor is rich and strong, and the ice cream is super creamy. And the caramel, what can I say about the caramel? I want to bathe in the caramel. It's sweet, and somehow runny the way real caramel can be even though it's been in the freezer. The fudge chunks are a nice bonus, but to be honest I would have been just as happy with the coffee and caramel. I really don't know which flavor is my favorite, all three that I've tried have been stellar. I won't be trying the chocolate fudge flavor, because I haven't read one good thing about it. I usually like to make up my own mind, but for some reason I am fine with going with the majority on this one. I was thinking how good this ice cream would be blended with some of the Califia Farms vegan Mocha. The perfect coffee milkshake. I'm really glad this flavor exists. I really love vegan caramel!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Little of This, A little of That!

I got my hair kind of fixed yesterday. It involved getting even more hair cut, and I am definitely growing out the bangs, but it's a little more bearable. Thank gourd I have a lot of hair to grow, because I won't be sitting in a stylists chair anytime soon!
I stopped in the Barnes and Noble next to the mall to have a gander. It's been a long time since I've been in a Barnes and Noble. It's a bit overwhelming at first. My eyes had to adjust, like going in a movie theater.
I was surprised that the vegan section was lacking a little. They had a decent selection, but they were missing a lot from Isa Chandra Moskowitz, I didn't see any Terry Hope Romero books, and they were also missing a ton of Robin Robertson's books. I'm pointing those three out only because every bookstore or library I've been in, including some used bookstores have those authors, and they are just who comes to my mind when I think of vegan cookbooks. Anyway, I might go back someday and get Eat Like You Give A Damn by Josh Hooten and Michelle Shwegmann. It had some seriously drool-worthy pictures. The problem with me and cookbooks is that I like to get in the kitchen and throw a little of this, and a little of that together and see what happens. So, although I love recipes, in a weird way I feel like I'm doing an assignment or something when I follow a recipe. Also, I sometimes feel discouraged to try recipes when they serve 4, 6, or 8 people, and I am only one person. I am not someone who can eat exactly the same food over and over, and I feel stressed because I don't want to waste, and it's just a whole thing. I would rather spend twenty five dollars on food. But a lot of those cookbooks sure are beautiful works of art!
Target is across the street from the mall, so I stopped in to see if they had replenished their Ben&Jerry's, and they had! Yay no shortage! I had a coupon for a dollar off of a pint, and I picked up the coffee caramel fudge! I've heard really good things.
I am always really excited to see any kind of vegan caramel offering. I tried to make vegan caramel once, and it was seriously traumatic. It went from zero to almost burning down the neighborhood in like five seconds. And, even in Seattle I find vegan caramel to be as elusive as white chocolate. And I've heard the caramel in this is spot on, and as with their other flavors they are generous with the add ins.
It was raining and I was mopey, so of course I needed mashed potatoes and gravy. I made horseradish mashed potatoes this time. I was going to add kale at the last minute with my potatoes, and make Colcannon, which I have never made, but I forgot to add the kale. So, I added some parsley and chives for a little green. I was too full after this to even have any of the ice cream!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 21, 2016


I massaged a little kale with some lemon juice and salt and pepper and let it marinate while I cleaned my apartment yesterday. I mixed it with some Romaine and shredded carrot, and tossed it with FYH's vegan Caesar. So good. It was extra tangy from the extra lemon juice on the kale.
I made sweet potato soup for dinner. I used red curry powder instead of yellow this time. Red curry powder is definitely more intense, and I used a little less than I would yellow. Yesterday was a grey day, perfect for soup. I'm so glad I found an immersion blender at the thrift store! It's so much easier blending hot soups.
I'm going to try to get my hair fixed today. The lady who cut my hair had given me her card, and according to it she is off on Sunday and Monday. I don't want her touching my hair, and I just don't want the awkwardness of having to explain. Years ago, I had someone destroy my hair, and when I went to get it fixed, they tried to tell me the person who did my hair had to be the one to fix it, and I had to really argue to have someone else do it. I'm leery to let someone who has already made me look like a complete buffoon have a second turn, call me crazy! I'm trying to be very mature, and very not vain about it, but tears have been shed over how I look. I saw a little girl at the store the other day, and she was being super obnoxious, and she had a bad haircut. And, I realized she and I had the same haircut, as if the same frazzled mom had put the same bowls on our heads.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mini Vegan Haul!

Maybe my first haul picture without kitties!

I got a few things at my neighborhood grocery store. It's not my favorite place to shop, but it's close, and it is usually somewhat sane on an early Saturday afternoon. I got mostly healthy stuff, but I couldn't pass up the Gardein, it was two for something. I love the fishless filets so much, and I haven't had the porkless bites yet. I love their mandarin orange crispy chick'n, so I feel confident that these will be tasty. The only Gardein product that I haven't cared for is their chipotle lime tenders. All the rest is good stuff. I stocked up on more potatoes, including sweet. I've been craving sweet potato curry soup.
I'm so bad, getting more of the dirty Chai! But, like I said we are in the grey rainy season in Seattle, and some days, (most days) I feel like I need extra help. And oddly enough, this little grocery near my apartment is the only store I've seen carry the caramel Silk creamer.
More oven fries for dinner. These have turmeric, cumin, garlic powder, S&P, and 21 seasoning salute. BBQ sauce for dipping. OH Yeah. I truly feel like the potato cleanse did wonders for my potato cooking skills. I would enter a mashed potato or oven fry contest any day of the year.
I hope everyone has a perfect Sunday!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just Another Caturday!

I decided to be brave and try the mango habanero kombucha from Kevita. I love it! First of all, I love mangoes. But I find a lot of mango flavored things taste terrible and fake. Same for peach. But this tastes light and fresh, and the spice is just a little slow burn that is more of a flavor enhancer than spice. The little kick compliments the mango and also the tang of kombucha really well. This is much tastier than I expected, and you guessed it, it's one of my favorites!!! The candle holder doesn't look as awesome during the day. When it's darker out, and I have a tea light burning in there, it's such a warm comforting glow. Apparently these things are food grade Himalayan sea salt, and could be grated for salt. Good to know if I ever have a salt emergency!
I can't seem to go more than two days without oven fries in my life. For someone who was so eager to get off the potato cleanse, I sure do continue to eat a ton of potatoes! This Carolina gold BBQ sauce from Trader Joe's is really, really tasty. It's lighter than other BBQ sauces. It's made with mustard, so it has extra tang! And, Trader Joe's uses vegan worcestershire sauce. They now put the ingredients in parenthesis for the worcestershire sauce.
This Quinoa and brown rice blend was on sale at Target, so I decided to try this for my new rice cooker. As I mentioned, cooking fluffy quinoa is not one of my talents. I'm happy to say it came out fluffy! And it cooked while I did yoga, and i didn't have to worry about running in to turn the stove off!
When it was done cooking and steaming, I stirred in some frozen roasted corn and edamame. I had this for breakfast this morning with some Romaine lettuce, red onion and carrot. I drizzled a little Italian dressing over the whole bowl. It was really delicious! I enjoy quinoa when it's fluffy and fully cooked! This bowl just looks so happy with all of the colors! It drives me insane when vegan food is portrayed as beige, or only green, as if we live on kale.
As always. I wish you a happy Caturday!
Look at Animal creeping in the background! She's wondering why I'm not taking her picture!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Bad Hair, Good News!

So, I got the salt lamp, or in this case candle holders. My logic is this way I can have one in the bedroom and one in the living room. These are $14.99 which is wonderful. When I first read about these, I figured it was yet another natural, feel good thing that was not for people like me. Or, I guess I should say wallets like mine. I bought votive candles, and I should have bought tea lights. I am a lucky girl when I get to go to the mall twice in two days. (Dripping with sarcasm!) I also have to get my hair fixed. Never trust your hair to someone who's own hair leaves a lot to be desired. I look like a tool. I did get bangs, which was a terrible idea because now they are just there. I look like  I could be a female lead in Dumb and Dumber! And I don't mean as the hot female lead, I mean as a female dumber! So, hopefully something can be done to salvage this. And I didn't flash my coupon till after the cut, so it wasn't that.

Library haul

Luckily for me the library balanced out the mall madness. I feel claustrophobic as soon as I enter a mall. It's hard for me to believe I ever worked in one!
This is my new favorite smoothie, period. Pineapple juice, frozen mango, and spinach. It tastes sweet, and tropical and it makes me feel cheerful and happy when I drink it. Plus, I guess I did participate in St. Patrick's day!
I whipped up these veggie burgers last night with more cupboard stuff! I have a big bag of oatmeal, and to be honest oatmeal never satisfies me for breakfast. I have never been into sweet breakfasts, except for fruit on a hot summer day.  I like savory things in the morning. But, I bought this oatmeal because I always see beautiful oatmeal bowls on the webz, and I feel like I'm missing something. Anyway, I decided to use some of the oatmeal as a binder for these pinto bean burgers. It's just pinto and lentil beans, oatmeal, some roasted corn, a little salsa, and seasonings. These turned out pretty tasty, and I'm bummed I didn't write the recipe down. It was a spontaneous meal choice.
My delicious dessert. I would like to take a moment to notice some personal growth as a human being. There was a time not too long ago where I would have totally shoved the rest of this pint in my face to sooth myself over this chop job on my hair. But, not only did I not do it, I didn't even have the urge. I don't want to speak too soon, but I might just be done punishing myself! It feels pretty amazing.
Before I sign off, I just heard that Sea World is finally doing away with their "Theatrical" shows, and also the captive killer whale breeding. I can hardly believe it. It proves that progress can be made, even when it seems like nothing is happening. This is just so amazing, and I want to say such a huge thank you, and also congratulations to all of the people who protest, and protest, and than PROTEST!
Those assholes finally listened! Here is an article on NPR about it, and also a short three minute video.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chatty Cathy

You know those trust building, or group building exercises we've probably all done at one time or another? Well, yarn is the group building exercise in this house. As you can see you can do a loop the loop around, so I can stand and constantly tug the yarn from one side to another, and they all work as a team to make it stop. It is so fun for them! I like to play this if they've been getting on each others nerves. They work as a team, and fun is had by all.
I picked up these splurges at Target when I went to get laundry detergent. I've been off the La Croix for awhile, I felt like I was drinking too much, and I have been trying to cut down on waste and all of that. But sometimes a sparkly La Croix is a nice treat. Moderation. I love this tea, it's Mate and Lemon  Myrtle and it tastes really light.
Close up in all it's glory!
Target had Califia Farms coffee on sale, and I have really been loving caramel things, so I had to try it. It's funny because sometimes I cringe at the price of this, but Target had it on sale for $4.99, which is less than, or at least around the price of a latte at a coffee shop.
Target was also sold out of every single pint of the vegan Ben& Jerry's! I was going to grab the coffee caramel flavor, and the case was empty. I was too stunned to take a picture! I always find these situations to be good and bad news. It sucks that you can't get what you want, but I feel so happy that so many people are buying what ever the food is.I see every sold out vegan food as a step for animals. Even though I want to live in a house made of vegan Chunky Monkey, I want animals to be safe and have happy lives more. You know some vegans are going to be sharing this with some non vegans, and it's going to open sooo many minds! I wonder if Ben&Jerry's will have a hard time keeping up with demand. I remember that happened with Chao when they first came out, people were losing their minds over it, and there was a shortage for awhile.
I'm going to get my hair trimmed/cut today. I might get bangs. I got bangs for a short while when I lived in PA. but I grew them out, then cut them again, freaked out again, and grew them out. They felt weird on my forehead, and also I can't imagine trimming my own bangs, because scissors by the eye is never okay. So, it was just a lot of anxiety. So, why am I thinking of doing it again? I have no idea. I just feel like I need a change, a new look, I don't know. We'll see how I feel when I get there. I feel like my grandma, and I feel like I should be embarrassed to admit this, but I have a coupon for two dollars off at Mastercuts! Who uses a coupon for a haircut? I don't know, but I'm going to. Is that tacky? I don't know, and I've never done it. I also have a coupon for a free Chipotle burrito, maybe I could make a whole day of being a cheapskate! Ha, should I wear sandals and socks? I also have a five dollar off Bed Bath and Beyond, and I was thinking of getting a Himalayan Salt Lamp. I've been hearing good things, and I'm really hoping for some allergy relief. Bed Bath and Beyond has them on sale, so I could get one for under fifteen dollars. Spring is like my New Year. I get very into wanting to make improvements, and just kind of refresh my life.
Sorry, super long gabfest today! Happy Thursday, and if your into it, Happy St. Patrick's Day!