Saturday, March 5, 2016

Food Haul Photo Dump!!

I decided to go to Grocery Outlet yesterday, but in exciting news I went one in a different neighborhood. I went to another old neighborhood of mine, Lake City. Or Lake Shitty as some like to call it. I forgot my camera, but it's okay. Lake City definitely lacks the charm of Ballard. I found some fun snacks, including some snacks from Maya Kaimal, who makes the curry sauce I used the other day.
Both of the Naan chips are vegan, it says so right on the back of the bag. And the black pepper pea crisps are my fave!! I forget the price, but they are already pretty inexpensive, and at Grocery Outlet they were super cheap!
I've never heard of this brand of kale chips, but at under two dollars a bag, I'm willing to give them a try. And I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw So Delicious mac and cheese for under two dollars a box! I've never had Amy's Alphabet soup, but I loved alphabet soup as a kid, and it made me feel nostalgic.
I didn't know Food Should Taste Good made hummus. I guess it makes sense to make dips to go with their chips. Either way I had to get this. It's made with chickpeas, and my favorite, lentil! It says it's made with Vindaloo curry, and topped with mint chutney. Doesn't that sound amazing, not to mention fancy pants? Chunk also found these items to be super exciting.
I like that daiya has shrunken down their packaging, like A LOT. I think this was under two dollars also. I found vegan bread without a million funky ingredients for under four dollars a loaf!  Etta really likes the smell of the Beast Burgers!
These are items I got at Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer is the only place I can find the Asian pear and ginger kombucha. I think it's my all time favorite. The Lightlife black bean burgers are really delicious. I'm a repeat buyer!
I forgot to show this bamboo cutting board I found at Grocery Outlet for five dollars. My other cutting board is too big for my counter, and it's always slipping, so this smaller one will be safer.
Believe it or not, it took FOREVER to take this picture, because all of my cats decided that they needed to lay, walk,rest on the cutting board.
Have you heard of Unreal peanut butter cups? I hadn't, but I was watching a YouTube video, and they were eating both those cups, and the The Complete Cookie, and I was super surprised to see both at Fred Meyer. Both were pretty inexpensive. It seems like the cookie is kind of a protein thing, which I'm more of a starch gal, but it's a vegan chocolate chip cookie! And the company is vegan, so I feel good about my impulse purchase! And the Unreal cups are definitely cheaper than Justin's and Theo's. I had one last night, and out of all the vegan peanut butter cups I've had, this is the most like Reese's. It's the chocolate I think. It's a lighter layer of chocolate, and it has that snappier bite to it. Not snappier really, but just that lighter layer. I mean, these things are good. Looking at this picture makes me wish I would have skipped the Theo's. The red package is the plain, which is what I had, and the green package is quinoa crunch. I think the quinoa is mixed in with the peanut butter to make it crunchy. If you see these, try them, especially if you sometimes miss some of the milk chocolate treats. I know it isn't the sophisticated thing to say, but I always was a milk chocolate girl.
Here is a wild eyed Animal. My camera has a wrist strap that she is dying to eat. I don't know how to get it off, and I'm afraid if I cut it off and ruin it, that will be the day that a wrist strap is desperately needed, so for now I just have to be careful around this one. After her health scare, I will never ever get tired of her wild side!
Happy Caturday!


  1. Wow, looks like an awesome haul; I love how many pics the kitties managed to sneak their way into hehe! I bought the black bean burgers recently but still have yet to try them. Cute Animal; she looks super intent! :)

    1. I know, they just have to be in the middle of everything!I hope you like the black bean burgers. I really like them, and they're not to unhealthy!
      Animal is definitely intent on killing my wrist strap!

  2. Those are some great finds! I've inky been to grocery outlet a few times but they seemed to have awesome prices and a great collection of vegan stuff. Those beast burgers are good stuff- definitely the fake meat kind of veggie burger vs a veggie filled veggie burger. i'm so glad to see that animal is happy and healthy enough to try to cause some mischief:)

    1. I;m always surprised by the great finds at Grocery Outlet.I swear, anyone who is into the superfood craze should go to Grocery Outlet, they have all kinds of superfoods for sooo cheap!
      I enjoy both kinds of veggie burgers, the veggie/grain kind, and also sometimes I want to feel like a real "burger" experience with juices dripping and everything! I want to try cooking a Beast burger on my George Foreman grill!
      I am so happy Animal is back to being ornery too. She's going to get my wrist strap!

  3. Well there are the Chocolate and Cookies;-) No wonder you resisted at TJs.

  4. Oh man! You have such a good haul! I loved Amy's Alphabet soup, I use to get it all the time in college when I was sick. And super jelly about your bread find! My husband loves this one brand with honey, and he doesn't care about honey intake right now. I found a cool "high protein" whole wheat loaf but our go to super market doesn't carry it! Ugg!

    1. I can't wait to try the soup, I love Amy's no chicken noodle soup! Whole wheat bread with no honey is seriously next to impossible to find, and if you want to find one under five bucks, forget it!!

  5. you know I LOVE bamboo!!!!! Nice!!! Excellent photo dump and food finds you have here!