Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tea Time

I read somewhere yesterday that it was National Coffee Day, and it made me think back on my long love affair/addiction to the all mighty coffee. I started sneaking coffee from the family coffee pot when I was maybe twelve or so. I would drink it on my way to school, black, and I really loved the taste, and I liked the buzz of energy. I was told it would stunt my growth, but I was not concerned, I just wanted more coffee. Through the years my tastes changed, I have had it black, sweet and black, with cream no sugar, and with cream and sugar.
My affair with coffee really blossomed when I moved to Seattle, Wa. I always drank drip growing up, and had only had a cappuccino or latte a few times. The first year I lived there, I had so much fun with flavored lattes, and I learned that if a coffee shop was too fancy for drip, an Americano was the way to go. I shudder to think of how much coffee I've consumed over the years. Sometimes I would drink two plus pots a day. I also went through an unfortunate Red Bull phase, so I guess I'm lucky I didn't give myself a heart attack!
About five years ago, I decided to give up coffee. I didn't necessarily want to completely give up caffeine, but I knew that I wanted to cut down, and I felt like my coffee addiction was out of control. I guess looking back, it was the first baby step towards finding inner energy. I decided I would start drinking green tea, that way I would still be ingesting a small amount of caffeine, and avoid the horrible caffeine headache. I still remember the first day I was off coffee, I went to Trader Joe's, and man I felt like a zombie! I felt drugged, and shopping in a somewhat crowded Trader Joe's was maybe not the smartest choice in retrospect! Anyway, the point is that the first week or so was challenging, I was in a fog and had a very hard time getting my brain to work. But, after the fog cleared I really felt better. I've experimented with many teas, and I have to say that green tea, and yerba mate are my two favorites. I also like chai tea in the winter, but I try to limit my black tea consumption because it is a higher caffeine content.
There is a brand of yerba mate called Guayaki, and it is the first yerba mate I tried, and it is my fave. The best deal is to buy it loose, and buy a tea strainer, then you have yerba mate forever! Yerba Mate is a tree that is grown in South America, and the leaves are used to make the beverage or the mate. It has a host of nutrients and minerals, and is used has a health elixir in many countries.
I feel so much better since I switched to tea. I feel it's a calmer, gentler way to start my day. People laugh at me, but when I first made the switch I said coffee punches you in the face and says wake the eff up, but green tea and yerba mate hugs you and says good morning friend. People can laugh all they want, but I prefer a hug over a punch. If you've been wanting to curb your coffee addiction, you should try green tea and yerba mate! I promise when the fog clears, you will feel amazing! I still have the occasional cup of coffee, but it never really tastes delicious like I remember, and I don't like the crash afterwards.
There are so many teas out there both with caffeine and without. And some stores have bulk tea aisles, which is a really inexpensive way to experiment with different flavors and varieties. And bulk is by far the best way to save money always.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Vegan Expansion

Yesterday was a gorgeous warm, sunny day so I decided to pull myself out of my funk and walk to my local Co-op to stock up on my bulk items. Being in the sun, and seeing the leaves which are starting to change really worked, I couldn't help but feel a little more chipper. Then as I entered the Co-op parking lot, I noticed they seemed to be adding on to the building. I asked an employee, and he told me that they are adding on to the café!! He also said that they'll be rearranging the store, and adding some new stuff woot woot! On my walk home I was thinking about it and I realized that this expansion is great news for the animals! While the café is not entirely vegan, it is almost all vegetarian, with two or three seafood items. It has many vegan selections, and pretty much anything can be made vegan, as they have daiya cheese, and cream cheese etc. I had a tempeh wrap that had smoky tempeh, lots of fresh veg, and some kind of vegan sauce that was to die for! And the café makes a cashew cheese that is absolutely the best vegan cheese I've ever had. That is always my one splurge item that I allow myself when I go there. And there are always tons of people sitting in the café eating, so that always makes me feel good. But anyway back to the expansion, this is excellent news because the café obviously needs to expand, due to demand. That means even in this Mc city I live in has an increased demand for vegetarian/vegan food. That really made me feel some hope that animal's lives are being saved regardless of the reason, health, ethics, environmental concerns, curiosity, whatever. My ex-boyfriend who was an enthusiastic carnivore, also loved the mystery tempeh wrap, A LOT. I hear  a lot of people mentioning Dr. Oz, which leads me to believe people take him seriously, even men, and I know Dr. Oz is a part time vegan at the least, and I know he promotes the diet, and respects both the ethics and health aspects. So if someone around here decides to take his advice and cut down on meat, and they try something from the Co-op, I know it will be delicious, and I'm sure that word will spread. I think that is what will most help the vegan movement is dispelling the myth that vegan food is not weird, bland, texturally unappealing, or unsatisfying. I think people want food that tastes good, and is satisfying.
My parents know this woman who is lets leave it at neurotic, and she is obsessed with health food, made some kind of vegan chocolate dessert, and she used spirulina as an ingredient and I think she traumatized them for life!! I still laugh at the look of horror on their faces when telling me the story. But because my parents know nothing about vegan food, and already had the standard pre conceived notions, this dessert helped seal the deal in their minds that to eat vegan means to give up all things delicious. Here and there I try to sneak in a vegan treat, like the vegan whoopee pies that the Co-op bakery makes. I've never had a non vegan whoopee pie, but I can't imagine that they are any more delicious than these. And my dad begrudgingly admitted they were good. People are stubborn especially when it comes to food, and to the idea of a serious diet overhaul, so we have to take whatever baby steps we can take.
That's also why I get annoyed by vegans who poo poo  various vegan meat and cheese analogues. Who cares if they are processed and non organic? Then don't buy and eat them. But if you care about animals at all, you should be happy that these products exist, and that each one taste better that the next. If a carnivore tastes a particular brand of vegan chicken mcnugget, tender type of thing and goes oh yea, I can make that switch, that is progress, and that's what we need!
So to wrap up this unexpectedly long all over the place ramble, I would like to thank my little local Co-op for adding some much needed optimism back into my life, and to say congratulations to the Co-op, the animals, and the planet, and to mcpeoples tatebuds!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Scream, You Scream.....

So months ago I noticed a sale on Luna & Larry's coconut bliss ice cream, and even though I haven't really been eating those kind of treats, I thought I can save it for a rainy day. Well, last night was a rainy day, and I decided to have some for dessert. The flavor I had chosen was Ginger Cookie Caramel. It has chunks of ginger cookie, and swirls of vegan caramel, and wow! I haven't had vegan ice cream, other than banana soft serve in almost a year, so this was a real treat. The ice cream is spicy in a good way. It has kick from ginger, and spices such as clove and cinnamon. And it tastes real, not processed and made with a bunch of weird artificial flavors. And they are generous with the cookies! I think it's a great flavor for the fall and winter. And the coconut milk ice cream is so rich and creamy that I think anyone vegan or not would really enjoy this. I have had Luna & Larry's  chocolate coconut milk ice cream before which is very delicious as well, but this was my first more exciting flavor combo, and wow they know how to make vegan ice cream! If you like things like Chai tea, and all things on the pumpkin/fall side of flavor, you will love this flavor, and if you don't, look for their other flavors if you like creamy, smooth, rich vegan ice cream!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear Diary

Good news for anyone interested, Fit on Raw now has her curry hummus recipe on her YouTube channel! And also she has a video for her wraps, using the hummus. I must say I'm pretty impressed with myself, I was pretty close. I can't wait to make it using her recipe! I might even double the recipe.
I'm feeling blue today, as I always do on Fridays, as I have to work in the alleged restaurant tonight. I've never had the pleasure of working in a vegan or vegetarian restaurant. I used to be better at handling my guilt of serving something I am so morally against.I've worked   at restaurants where I would be fired for saying that I don't eat meat, so in some cases I've gone along and said oh, the steak is good, or so on and so forth. I don't really know how I made it okay in my head, other than the fact alcohol might have helped. I find that drinking heavily on a regular basis makes it easy to justify things. Anyway, for whatever reason, I just can't find a way to justify it anymore, other than needing the income. I love nothing more than inspirational stories of people switching careers and finding true joy. I live for those stories actually, inspiring stories and TMZ sometimes help me keep my sanity. I'm working so hard to become my own inspiring story, but the harsh reality is when you don't have a degree, there are not very many ways to go up that I can think of. I have such a hard time serving these people meat. I hate the smell, the look, and I hate people talking about what used to be living as food. And the food waste. Please don't get me started on the waste. I shudder at the thought of how many animals die for no effing reason other than to get thrown away. It is unforgiveable as far as I'm concerned. And nothing makes the job more worth it than the $ 2.83 cents an hour I have the luxury of earning. The excessive use of animal products that some Americans feel they need to live is just absolutely insane. You know those weird travel shows that show gross restaurants that are proud of their heart attack inducing food? Well, it's kind of like that where I live and work. I realized awhile ago that even the people who aren't hicks are hicks here. I no longer hide my veganism, although I'm not very in your face, if someone asks how something is, I simply say I don't eat meat, so I don't know. The alleged restaurant where I work has plastic table cloths and pays a chef way more money than I'll ever make to prepare instant mashed potatoes, so I'm not sure what kind of critique they expect, but whatever. I don't know how much longer I have it in me, but the choices are slim for us college of life people.
I've really babbled on and on when I thought I had nothing to say. Not having anyone to talk to or vent to has kind of made me turn into a teenage girl, and this blog is what my diary used to be! Even though I'm sure it might not make you feel better to read, I sure do feel better after writing(typing)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Words Get in the Way

I think no matter where your political views lie, we can all agree that it is beyond frustrating that we hear a lot of talk, and very little actually gets done. that is the case no matter who is in office, and it seems to be on a city, state and national level. And because of this, people and the environment truly suffer, and it really doesn't matter to anyone because, well I don't really know why. At a certain point I stopped listening. I remember a saying "Actions speak louder than words." I have always found that to be the truth. It's so easy to say anything, and lying is a big part of American culture.
I'm finding a bit of politics in the vegan community, and I have to say it's kind of a turn off, and that scares me, because if it's a turn off to me, an established vegan, I wonder how people who are trying to learn more about veganism must feel.
Veganism has really come along way, just in terms of becoming more mainstream. I'm talking about mainstream in small, more rural areas, not just the obvious New York, L.A., etc. People have really embraced the health and beauty aspects of it. According to what you read, if you don't lose twenty pounds, and get an almost angelic glow to your face, well you must be doing it wrong. And while I myself am an ethical vegan, (the health benefits are an added bonus) I embrace and love all vegans, even the people who do meatless Mondays, hell even an omnivore who is reading Compassionate Carnivore! I don't care why you're doing it, because the reason does not matter, the animal who lived matters. Action saves lives, talking does nothing except give you a hoarse throat after awhile. And as much as I am not a trendy person, and I hate admitting this but because veganism is kind of a health/beauty/eco trend, more and more stores are carrying vegan foods, and less and less people say "a what" when you say you are a vegan.
I think we have to be less argumentative in the community. We don't want to look like a bunch of democrats and republicans, with a sprinkling of the green party off to the left. We want people to stop eating animals, end of story, the reason is completely irrelevant to the fact. And you can have whatever dietary restrictions and preferences your little heart desires. We are all different, and as much as we want a tidy little one fits all answer, that's just not possible. So there is no point in arguing amongst ourselves, as we are all going for the same result, and arguing over who is a better vegan is completely ego driven, and serves no purpose, and saves no animals.
Another thing about veganism is you don't have to be rich. I would say in the past two years I get less "a what" and more Isn't it expensive to be vegan" which always makes me crack up that someone would say that to me! But you can be dirt ass poor and be vegan, trust me I know from experience. And you might not be getting all the nutrients you need, you're still getting more nutrition than from top ramen, or fast food. But you can be the bougiest of the bouge, you can be rich, poor, in between it doesn't matter, veganism is not for the elite.
Stop eating animals and their products. You're vegan.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Because I'm Worth It

When I went no poo, it was by no means a snap decision. I had been thinking about it for over a year, and I really wanted to do it so badly, but I was so scared that I would always wimp out. But now, months later, I have the healthiest hair I have ever had. It is so shiny, and so soft, softer than it ever felt after any conditioner I've used, including deep deep conditioning treatments.
Well, last Friday I got my hair trimmed for the third time since going no poo, and for the third time was told how soft, shiny and healthy my hair was. I haven't ever been told my hair is ugly, but I've certainly never received the compliments I get since going no poo. I can't even remember the last time I was in a shampoo or conditioner aisle, and I gotta say, I don't miss it. Not to mention. just like non toxic, natural lotions are expensive, so are non toxic conditioners. And you are still using plastic packaging, and in my experiences not getting results worth the price.
If you decide to take the leap, you have to be patient, cause while your hair balances it's little PH back to normal, you're going to have some bad hair days. Some days too greasy, some days too dry. In the beginning, I sometimes rubbed a little coconut oil on my scalp and ends before washing, however now I don't feel like my hair needs any additional conditioning.
I probably spend less than five dollars a month on my hair now. And my routine is non toxic and giving me what I have spent so much money over the years trying to achieve: HEALTHY HAIR!
From all of my research I did on the no poo method, it is safe for every hair type, except color treated hair. I believe that the vinegar fades the color.
I know that I already wrote about going no poo for life, but the compliment on Friday reminded me that the topic is worth revisiting. If you can find it in yourself to be a little patient with this process, I promise your patience will pay off in the end. And, if your hair is super healthy, you need less styling products! I can't remember the last time I have used any kind of product, as in gel or pomade, or spray, or whatever the kids are using nowadays.
To end all of my babbling, it's great that there are non toxic products out there, but how much are we helping the earth with the excess packaging, and how much are we helping ourselves when we have to sell a kidney to afford it? No poo is a multitasker, taking care of both of these issues.
Another money saving tip concerning hair. If you have a Hair academy in your area that is open to the public, that can be a great way to save money and get a great cut. I go to my local academy, and it's ten bucks for a haircut. And these students really listen to you and give you what you want. They are getting graded so the last thing they want is an unhappy client. I started going to a local academy in Seattle, and have continued the tradition here. So for well over five years I have been doing this, and I have never been unhappy. So that's a great way to get pampered on a budget.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yes, I will Have some Whine with my Dinner!

Well, today is the first day of Autumn. I used to love fall, but I can't shake the blues this year. Last winter completely traumatized me, and I know what's next. Everyone says well, you can't worry about what's not here yet, and other types of little sayings about living in the "now".  I truly believe in living in the now. I have been working out and grunting and sweating like a pig, drinking so much green juice it's a wonder I don't look like Oscar the grouch, and eating Raw till 4, and on and on in the search for inner happiness. But how can I live in the now when all I hear is how we are in for another terrible, cold, snowy winter? To me, it equals death. There is no life to anything, and when it gets so cold that almost everything shuts down, it feels almost like some kind of apocalyptic t.v. show,  I expect to see snow zombies walking down the street or something. People around my parts love to not only complain about the present, they like to complain about the future also, so it's hard to escape talks of winter. And, stores are starting to say eff bothering with Thanksgiving, let's just put Christmas stuff right next to Halloween stuff. Ahhhh! So as much as I want to turtle head and forget about winter, society won't let me!
One positive thing I've been trying to focus on is that with the temps cooling, I can stand to turn on my stove and oven. I definitely love raw foods, and composing interesting salads, but I really love cooking. One of the best things about being the only human in the house is that I can really let my freak flag fly when it comes to cooking! I checked out the amazing cookbook Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz at the library last week, and last night I made Lettuce wraps with Hoisen Mustard Tofu, and wow I can't even put into words how delicious it was! The mustard just added a little something different, and it was spicy, salty, tangy and sweet. I didn't have mirin, so I subbed about 2 teaspoons of sugar with some rice wine vinegar, and it turned out great! And iceburg lettuce really does make a great wrap for food. It's so crisp and clean tasting, that it goes perfectly with the tofu. I don't think I have ever followed on of Isa's recipes and been disappointed, which is important when you are on a strict budget. Most recipes are made for 4-6 people also, which is also a pain when you live alone. But I always find her recipes to use pretty inexpensive, common ingredients, and she likes flavors, and spice.  I've made many things from The Post punk Kitchen blog, and I have always been beyond happy!
I need an attitude adjustment, so today I am grateful that I can cook, I am grateful for amazing cookbook authors, and I'm grateful for the leaves and flowers that are still thriving.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Making Hummus Sing!

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Fit on Raw. I've mentioned more than once my love of the oatmeal crust pizza. Yesterday I watched her newest what I eat in a day video, and  she had a wrap that was made with a curry hummus, and veggies. The wrap looked so good, and the thought of curry in hummus intrigued my taste buds. She said she will be posting a video for the recipe sometime this week and I can't wait! She really makes some great recipes.
I just couldn't stop thinking about those wraps, or hummus with curry, so I did a little kitchen experimenting this morning, and I made some good hummus. I cooked my garbanzo beans from dry, and ended up with about a cup and a half, which I believe is equal to about a can. Then I added a tablespoon and a half of tahini, 3/4 teaspoon curry powder, 1/2 tsp. cumin, a pinch of red pepper flakes for extra spice, the juice of half of a small lemon, and salt and pepper. I blended till smooth, and man what a treat. I can't wait for Swayze's recipe (Fit on Raw). I think next time I might go a full teaspoon of curry powder as I like it spicy. I enjoy making my own hummus, it's so easy, and tastes way better than store bought. And I have a real problem with the price of pre made hummus. The very few times I have bought pre made, I'm always disappointed, and I decided one day that no matter what, I'm not going to buy pre made anymore, because even if it were delicious, it still is pureed beans, not spun gold.
If you like curry, you should add a shake to your hummus. And you should check out Fit on Raw blog, and YouTube channel, like I said her recipes are really delicious and simple, and not using a lot of expensive or hard to get ingredients. She also has a video for a dragon bowl that I will be making this week, because it looks sooooooo good!!
By the way, I smeared some hummus on a tortilla, piled some romaine lettuce, cucumber, and banana peppers, wrapped it all up, and wow delicious. The curry doesn't overpower, it just adds a nice little zip. I'm glad to have a new spin on such an old stand by!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Can't get enough Vinegar!

I just wanted to briefly repeat myself for the sake of Mother Earth. Last night at work, somehow the topic of cleaning products came up and I mentioned that I make my own earth friendly cleaner. My co-worker then mentioned that she can't believe how expensive non-toxic cleaning products are. So of course I agreed, and I told her my recipe, hoping she will try it. It infuriates me because I can only imagine how many people are using crap cleaning products because they can't afford the non-toxic products. Or even if some people can afford them, in their mind they can't justify the price, when there are products that are very familiar to them at a much better price. And there are so many people who poo poo the idea of any type of environmental damage done by us, they definitely aren't going to spend that extra money.
Here is my tip of the day, if you combine plain old white vinegar, and baking soda, bam house cleaner. If you can afford it, buy a bottle of Dr. Bronner's castile soap, and add a few splashes and boom an awesome cleaner! And vinegar cleans mirrors and windows like a dream.
Dr. Bronner's soap is the most expensive of these three ingredients, but it is worth it because it is concentrated and it lasts forever! But even without, plain vinegar and baking soda work great. And the vinegar smell goes away quickly. And baking soda is a great carpet deodorizer, and it won't upset your fur babies or human babies with fake, toxic scents like other powdered carpet deodorizer.
Sorry for repeating myself, I know I promised to stop talking about vinegar, but after the cleaning conversation at work, I just felt inspired to share.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Flush those Toxins

Back in my more lets call it unaware days, I used to enjoy soaking in a nice hot bubble bath often. At least four or five times a week. Nowadays I am much more aware of my water usage, but I do still enjoy a nice soak once in awhile. I try to do a detox bath once a week, and I just skip a shower sometime during the week to make up for my soak. Since I started doing this, I have noticed a big difference in how I feel, and also how my skin feels. Now that the weather is cooling down, I figured I would share, as people will start getting the sniffles, and dry skin, etc.
I've talked about it in shifts, but here is the whole routine. First, I dry brush my skin, and I usually do some kind of face mask with spirulina and turmeric, or a baking soda scrub. Then I fill a tub with hot water, and a handful of either Epsom salts, or miracle sea salt which I get in bulk at the Co-op, and about three tablespoons of powdered ginger. Then I soak for as long as I can, at least twenty minutes, but the optimal time is thirty minutes. I love how when I get out I look like I was in a sauna, or took a hot yoga class or something. And I feel so great. If you are fighting a bug, you will feel like poo for the rest of the day, so make sure you can relax for the rest of the day. But the most amazing is how your skin will feel. If you have dry skin, you know what I mean when I say that usually after bathing my skin is so tight till I moisturize. Not after this bath! After taking this bath, it's recommended that you let your skin rest and breathe for about half an hour before dressing, and it's okay! My skin is fine it doesn't itch and drive me nuts. After I have sweated out all my toxins, I slather my skin with coconut oil and I feel like a new woman. I really recommend trying this. I read about the ginger bath about a year ago when I was battling a bug, and I felt like it really helped, and I've been hooked ever since.
I went down the natural skincare/bath aisle at Wegmen's  awhile ago, and I was shocked at some of the prices! You can pamper yourself naturally and feel great no matter how flush you are or aren't!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Opening the Door for Compassion

Yesterday I went to the library and was perusing the cookbook section, and a book title jumped out and smacked me right in the face. The title of the book is no joke, The Compassionate Carnivore. I almost keeled over right then and there. My first thoughts were thinking how can murder be considered compassionate. That is how I truly feel, and there will never be a way to convince me otherwise. However, as much as it kills me to admit this, we live in an animal murdering, meat eating society. And believe me, progress is being made, but we have years and years ahead of us to really have a safe world for animals. So as much as the title offends my vegan sensibilities, since I can't turn into Iron Woman and save all the animals yet, if there were a movement and demand from the carnivores to at least treat these poor animals humanely while they are alive, that is a small change, but an important one, and for that reason, I've decided that I'm happy I saw that book, and I'm going to take note from now on when I'm at the library to see if it's checked out, because I hope people who choose to eat meat will read it.
I did a little research on the book, and it seems that the author, Catherine Friend, wants to help the earth, and the animals, but still have her meat at the end of the day (?). Here's the thing, when I became vegan, I feel that I became more compassionate in every aspect of my life. It's the domino effect. So maybe if this book opens one compassionate door for some carnivores, other doors might be opened more easily. We live in such a Mcworld, that people don't even associate living creatures with food, so they don't make any demands other than to demand a dollar menu. Vegans are unfortunately the minority, so we need the majority to demand  humane treatment. And I hate to say it, but a lot of carnivores would probably hear this Catherine Friend out, before any vegan ever, because she still eats meat, so she's not asking the "impossible".
The fact that she also mentions reducing our footprint on the earth is helpful also. Because there are so many people who don't give a flying eff about the environment. Since I have lived in this pit masquerading as a city, I have had so many people say that any talk of climate change is total b.s. for a myriad of reasons. When I mention that I don't drive because I care about the earth, not because I have a D.U.I, people look at me like I need to be prodded and examined! So we have a lot of work to do in getting people to care about anything other than 'Murica.
Here's to hoping one compassionate door opens another one, we need it.
I am in no way promoting this book, or eating meat. I stick with my first feeling of eye roll, tooth suck, however I do promote animals being treated humanely, and we have to start somewhere, and we have to be realistic.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Coconut Oil Saved my Skin!!

For as far back as I can remember, moisturizing has been very important to me. I remember as a kid, when we would come home from the beach, my mom would make us put on moisturizer as soon as we got home. Back in the day lotions and potions were my jam! I used to love to buy all different kinds, and all different scents and layer with other scents, and do I want shimmer, and on and on. I'm sure a lot of people can relate! The quality of my lotions varied over the years, due to income, and well, mostly income. I shudder to think about some of the weird stuff I've smeared on my body. I really only learned in the past couple of years how big of an organ your skin is, and it's not such a good thing to be smearing a bunch of toxins on it. Also, no matter how much moisture these products promised, I never felt like it was enough, and I definitely always felt like I needed to constantly re apply.
When I decided I wanted to go a less toxic route, I almost passed out at some of the organic, all natural lotions. Seriously, how are people affording the prices of all organic stuff? It's really a shame when you have to be rich to have pure products, and food. Anyway, I needed to figure something out. Coconut oil was kind of getting a little trend action at the time for cooking, and trans fat, and heart health and blah blah blah. It was through that whole phase that lightbulb! I learned of the amazing powers of moisture for your skin!! It changed my effing life I tell you! My skin felt so soft even the next day, without having to reapply a million times! And where man made moisturizers may bring you temporary relief, I feel like coconut oil really fixed my skin from within. I have been using only coconut oil for about two plus years now, and I don't see myself ever changing. The true test was last winter, which I will remind everyone was BRUTAL on the east coast, I'm talking schools being cancelled due to temperatures, not snow(!)! And I used coconut oil religiously, especially on my face, and my skin did not get that tight itchy feeling that I usually get even in milder winter climates.
If you compare prices between organic lotions, and coconut oils the coconut oil is the obvious winner. Coconut oil is on the pricier side, but it will last you FOREVER! My local Co-op almost always has a sale on one brand or another. I paid I believe $ 8.99 for 29 ounces, at least four or five months ago. And I don't use it in cooking as often as on my skin, I do use it in the kitchen, so yeah I think that is beyond a good deal. I can't recommend it enough, especially if you have skin that is on the drier side.
And although I don't use it a ton in the kitchen, one thing I recently learned is that coconut oil is delicious on a baked potato! I love it more than Earth Balance!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Humble Oatmeal can do So Much!

Awhile ago I talked about the amazing, gluten free oat flour pizza crust recipe I discovered on the YouTube channel Fit on Raw. I have made it multiple times, and I love how easy it is to make your own oat flour. So the other day I wondered how oat flour would work for brownies. Sure enough I found a recipe online, that was not vegan, but it was easy to veganize,  I subbed coconut oil for the butter, and I used flax eggs. I just googled oat flour brownies, and the first recipe that popped up was from a blog called The kitchen Paper if anyone is curious. The only other change I made was I blended one banana in the blender, and cut the coconut oil to a little less than half a cup. And I used a little less sugar. These turned out great! They are a little more dense than regular brownies, but they weren't as dense as I thought they would be. They are very rich and really fudgy, and they have that crisp top that other vegan brownie recipes I have tried don't. These were more of a traditional brownie that I remember from most recipes I have tried using regular flour. If you are gluten free for whatever reason, I cannot recommend oat flour enough. I think it would be great in muffins as well. I don't know how well it would work in cakes that need to be lighter, but for heavier, denser recipes it is so great! I've tried other gluten free desserts and it's definitely hit or miss, and oat flour is a hit. I'm not gluten free, but at the same time I do think oatmeal is more nutritious than plain flour, and in most cases also cheaper than whole wheat flour, so why not? Especially when the outcome is delicious. And likewise with the banana. You can't really taste the banana, and it cuts a lot of fat, while still retaining moisture. It's a win win all around.
I haven't had treats like brownies in awhile, and it felt nice to experiment with a recipe, and have a treat, and I put half the pan in the freezer for a rainy day, or I guess in my case possibly a snowy day.
Whether you're gluten free or not, these are delicious, rich brownies. And yes, they do make your day a little better!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Rant with a Cute Ending!

Compassion is something that I believe in practicing, and something that I preach, and definitely something I think the world needs more of. So I have been feeling like a real hypocrite, because I can't find any compassion in my heart for these hateful people I've experienced who use the n word. Sometimes when people are dropping off their dog to get groomed, and I hear them talking to the owner, I can just tell by the manner of the conversation that they are hate filled people as well. I can now call myself an "expert" at identifying people full of bigotry. In case anyone is wondering, I never wanted to be an expert in that field. I feel that if I wish these people would have compassion and tolerance in their hearts, I should have that in my heart for them but I'm sorry I try so hard and I just can't. Even though I'm sure this kind of ignorance is taught, and learned and blah, blah, blah, I just can't with these people. I guess I have to own my hypocrisy, because in my heart of hearts I don't feel like they deserve my compassion. They deserve each other, and all of the Walmarts and Mcdonalds, and Olive Gardens that make for the heart and soul of this pit. Oh, and I can't forget all the corner bars on literally every corner of every street, they deserve those also.
I moved here with my boyfriend at the time, and we have since broken up, and the lucky bastard that he is has moved back to Seattle. He wanted me to move back also, but I would have had to give up my cats to do so, and I could not and would not do that. When I look back on our relationship, it was not healthy, however I sometimes wonder how it would have been different if we didn't live here. It was a huge culture shock for both of us, and we were both so unhappy, that we couldn't really comfort each other, and I think we took a lot of our unhappiness out on each other. And although he was able to make a few casual work friends (bonding over video games) neither one of us were able to make any true friends, so it was just problem on top of problem. I wish we could have been better friends to each other.
This has just been one long rant, and I'm sorry but I woke up feeling full of fear because it's Monday, and that means I have to be around people, and that means I'm going to hear more things that make me lose faith in humanity. 'Murica ain't she pretty?
Cute kitten update: Robin is now sleeping in bed with me at night! I caught him Saturday and Sunday night! He is really fitting in. Even though these little wankers are really holding me back, they brighten my life at the same time. They are the only things that love me in this city that's for sure!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vegan No Matter What!

As the weather is cooling down, I find the thought of eating Raw till 4 a bit daunting. There are various reasons, the most obvious being cool temperatures make most people want warm things, including food. For me, another reason is variety. There is more variety in the warmer months for where I live. Apples, oranges, and bananas get boring really fast. I'm bored just typing the words. And another reason is cost. If I buy a bag of organic apples, that bag needs to last me all week, not one meal. I don't buy organic oranges, as they have a thick skin that you peel, but even non organic oranges are five dollars for a bag, and again, not in my budget for that to last for one meal. And while bananas are the most budget friendly, and they are delicious, I need more in my life than bananas till 4 pm! In the warmer months there are so many options that I never got bored, and I could afford to follow the lifestyle, and not die of boredom. And it was also easy to follow kind of organically as when it is 80 plus degrees, I'm going to want cool foods all day, as I've said most of the summer I was raw all day. It was easy, because it was what my body wanted.
I feel like I'm going to probably be eating less raw foods in the cooler months, while keeping my diet more on the high carb side. I noticed that increasing my fruit intake helped my energy levels, and helped control my sweet tooth, so I will be eating things like oatmeal with various fruits, and on days where it isn't too frigid having a fruit smoothie. But seriously, I cannot tolerate a smoothie on a day where it is BELOW ZERO!
I believe that eating seasonally is part of the macrobiotic diet. It's part of the yin and yang. The hot temps of the summer are balances by cool foods, and the cold temps of the winter is balanced by warm foods.
The way that I see it for myself is that I have spent too many years of my life denying my body of anything healthy, and I have been way to abusive to myself, and I am living in a very toxic environment that really is grating on my soul, so all of that being said, I am not going to force myself to live on bananas all day till 4 pm. That feels far too restrictive, and coming from a disordered way of thinking, it's just not going to happen. I'm going to let myself have variety and warmth.
I think it's important for the vegan community to make sure we let it be well known that anyone can be vegan, you don't have to be wealthy, and you don't have to eat any certain way really. Since my ultimate goal is to find true inner happiness and health, I have to take care and nurture myself in a healthy way, and this feels the natural fit for me.
As vegans, I think we have to make sure that the main message is not harming animals in order to nourish yourself. The rest is up to individual preference. You can be a vegan whether you prefer to eat oreos and fries all day(not recommended) or if you eat organic wheatgrass and sprouts, and everything in between. Veganism is not an elitist club, it is a compassionate lifestyle fit for everyone.

Friday, September 12, 2014

More of a Suggestion than a Recipe

So emotionally speaking, it's been a rough couple of weeks for me. I was crying yesterday on and off while I was washing dogs. It was sweet, quite a few of them gave me kisses, and one dog in particular seemed to really understand me. I know it might sound crazy, but I saw it in her eyes. Anyway, when you can't even not cry at work, you know it's a bad week, so I felt like I needed cozy comfort food last night. I had some raw cashews in my freezer, a tiny bit of leftover Teese that needed to be used, and some pasta in the cupboard, MAC&CHEESE!
I did not measure, or even think to measure as I was listening to the newest Brilliant Idiots podcast, trying to cheer up, and didn't think. But man is it a shame because I made what I think was my best vegan mac and cheese to date. I kept it very simple as I just didn't want to mess around. It was a night where I would have preferred not to cook at all. So I can give you suggestions rather than a recipe I guess. I used about a handful or so of cashews, if I had to guess, I'd say 3/4 of a cup or so, and I did soak them for about 6 hours or so. Then I blended them with about the same amount of water, but always start out with less. I wanted it to be on the thinner side,  and I blended it with salt, a pinch of onion powder, a good amount of nutritional yeast, and a small squirt of mustard, and a small pinch of turmeric. I blended till smooth, and there was my base. While I was making my sauce, I boiled up a little less than half a package of fusilli pasta, drained it, put it back on the pot, stirred in a small amount of teese, (could easily use daiya, or skip it altogether.) stirred in my sauce, cooked it on a very low heat for maybe a minute, turned off the heat, and bam! It was so good, I think because I kept it simple. Sometimes simple is the most soothing. It was so creamy, it reminded me of Amy's frozen mac and cheese.
On a night that I just didn't want to cook, I created some beyond delicious food. Oh irony how I love you. And this whole meal was made in under twenty minutes. It is super flexible, and mostly relies on individual preferences. I doused mine with hot sauce before eating, which again is up to each individual.
I know sometimes when you're feeling low it can be tempting to nuke something , or if it's in your budget maybe get takeout, but quick meals like this really do help, and there is something soothing about nurturing yourself. And of course when you try to find healthier comfort food options, you are taking care of every part of yourself.
If I ever cook for an Omni, I would make this mac and cheese. It is so creamy I don't see how anyone could have a problem with it. The Teese made it a little extra cheesy, but vegan cheese is rarely in my budget, and I know it would be delicious without as well.
Kitten update: Robin is doing great! He only runs from me when I have the vacuum, and he has pretty much been accepted by everyone, some more than others. Although he doesn't run from me, I can still only pet him when he wants to be pet, which is usually at breakfast, treat, and dinner time lol! He is adorable, and it has been such an easy transition that I cannot recommend adoption over buying enough. If you have a kid who wants a kitten, look outside before you go to a pet store look at me, I plucked one up from right outside my door!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Laughing Through the Insanity

I was very sad to hear of Joan Rivers passing. She seemed like she would outlive every body. She was so feisty and vibrant! I wish I were that vibrant now, let alone at eighty one years young! This past weekend, I watched some clips of fashion police on YouTube, and as YouTube does, I got sucked into a Joan Rivers vortex. But it's okay because I needed to laugh, which brings me to my point. I saw a clip of Watch what Happens live, and Andy Cohen asked her something, I can't even remember the question, but I remember her answer. She said "life is hard, you have to laugh or you can't make it." Laughing has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I lough the really messy, almost ugly laughing where tears are streaming, mascara is running, you are totally snorting, and your ab muscles are getting a workout. If someone has the ability to make me laugh like that, I usually want to be around that person often.
As I've mentioned, I am definitely battling the blues, and I have been doing my fair share of crying, and I need that balance of laughter, so I don't jump in front of a bus. Or someone texting and driving, as that happens way more often than a bus. I think a good belly laugh is healing for your soul.
I think anyone's life, and health can be greatly improved by snorting at least once a day.
Since I encounter mostly racists, sexists, hunters, and all around unpleasant people on the daily, I have to rely on outsourcing for my humor. Some of my latest favorites are in no particular order, The Brilliant Idiots podcast, In Bed with Joan(Joan Rivers of course),and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Also if you're into cheap celeb gossip like me(guilty pleasure) you should read D-listed. It is so snarky and hilarious that I can't remember a time that I haven't cried tears of laughter while reading. Sometimes the post titles alone are enough to crack me up. These things have been helping me keep my spirits up. I love listening to The Brilliant Idiots podcast when I'm cleaning, or cooking, it really helps make even the tedious things like scrubbing toilets fun!
So, as of now, I am still on the losing end of the blues, but I can say that so far, chia drinks, and belly laughs at least once a day are at least helping me stay afloat.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stop The Insanity!!!

I learned of a new dog breed yesterday at work. Did you know that they are now making miniature goldendoodles? I almost shit myself excuse my language. We are creating more and more new breeds, and this lady spent twelve hundred dollars on this dog. Apparently they grow up to be no more than twenty pounds. The lady who owns the puppy was talking about her "littermates" and just the whole way she was talking made me feel nauseated. I'm sure she claims to love animals, but I don't agree. People like that want a prized possession, a trophy pet, and in my opinion that is not love. Love is going to a shelter and giving a homeless animal a home, and not giving an eff about what kind of dog it is. Love is recognizing that animals have emotions and wants and needs just like humans, and love doesn't need a pedigree, or papers, or a cutesy pootsy name. And love doesn't cost thousands of dollars. I am so upset that I really am having a hard time. I have been working at the grooming shop for a little over two months, and on one hand I can count the dogs who have come from a shelter.
I am at a loss, what the hell can we do to stop this? Because I'm sorry but posting pics of vegan food is not enough. Talking about what kind of vegan diet to follow is not enough. But I also know that it is deeply ingrained in a lot of people that animals are here to serve us in every demented way possible.
In addition to the fact that millions of animals are in shelters, the shelters themselves are hurting financially, and need help. Imagine if someone had a two thousand dollar budget for a dog, and bought an adorable pooch or kitty from a shelter, and donated the rest of the money to that shelter? That would help so much I can't even imagine. There are animals who might live their whole lives in a shelter. How can we allow that? What has made us so heartless and obsessed with money, and turning a blind eye to the fact that we all need to actively participate in REALITY if we want to make a change.
I have a fantasy of becoming some kind of super hero type of badass, and saving the animals from the evil humans. Sometimes I'm an iron man type of super hero, and sometimes I'm more of an Arrow type hand to hand, sometimes arrow combat type of super hero. After I properly take care of all of the people who cause harm to animals, i'll swing around and take down all of the racist and sexist bullies. Something tells me a lot of people will be seeing me twice, as I see a correlation between the three. I wonder if there is a vegan comic book complete with super powers?
All fantasy aside, this overbreeding needs to stop! Say no to frankenfood, and frankenpets.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ch Ch Ch Chia!

I am in a definite funk. I've lived with myself long enough to know signs of deep funks(depression) versus having a blue day or two. I refuse to allow myself to fall into the abyss of depression. It's so easy to lose yourself, and lose sight of anything but your own misery. If I allow myself to fully succumb to the misery, I will never get out of this hole, and I don't want to spend the rest of my life here, talk about depressing.
I noticed the other day I was feeling off both physically and mentally, and I remembered that I had some chia seeds in the freezer. So I made a lemon chia water, and not only did it taste really good, but I felt so much better after drinking it. Maybe my brain needed the extra omega fats?  So that kind of started the chain of what else can I do for myself. Last week I didn't eat as healthy as I usually do, and stayed after work one night to have a couple of drinks, and that made me really not feel so good, and I just kept all of these feelings inside of me. So after drinking my chia elixir, and feeling such an immediate improvement in how I felt, I want to keep that up.
Winter is coming and I can't change that, and I can't just spontaneously leave this hole the way I want to. But I can keep myself strong, so that I can continue my journey in life, and accomplish what I want to accomplish. I will be trying to remember to drink some water with chia more often. By the way, chia is another thing you can buy in bulk bins and save money. They do make a chia drink, but it is out of my budget if I want to drink more than one or two a week.
I do believe that food is medicine, I have to believe that considering that states who allow restaurants to actually on paper pay people two dollars and eighty three cents an hour also say hey they are only sub human, why provide health insurance! But I know that I have a responsibility to take care of my feline fam, and I can't be crying my eyes out all of the time.
If anyone who might read this is experiencing any kind of depression, I will be writing about what is working for me. I know sometimes you're in too deep to even research options, or sometimes you just feel so hopeless that nothing will help! So I can say my tip today is get some chia in your life. If you combine chia seeds with chocolate almond milk, and let it set up in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours, it makes the most delicious chocolate pudding ever!
Today I'm grateful for the beautiful full moon I saw early this morning!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Kanye has Nothing on my Rant!

I  used to have friends. I used to have balance in my life. No matter where you live humans have the capacity to be awful. They can be thoughtless, cruel, and in my opinion downright gross. But when you have a little circle of your own, it softens the blow of the outside world. It makes it easier to deal with all the people who could care less, when you know you have someone who thinks you're pretty rad. It also helps keep your sanity to know that you have some people in your life who are somewhat like-minded.
I'm homesick for Seattle in a way I never thought possible. I miss the beautiful sights that pop out on your most mundane day. How many times was I on the 75 bus route going to work, dreading my day, and BAM there would be Mt. Rainier in the distance, and it was just so beautiful you had to be emotionally dead to not feel at least a little moment of happiness. The fact that in the winter there is still green in the city. I see it as a sign of life and vibrancy. I even miss the hipsters so much! I really can't believe I'm saying that but I have a new found love and respect for hipsters! I also miss all the crazy kids twacked out on meth. I think i prefer tweakers over alcoholics any day. And I miss the thoughtfulness of that city. Life for me was far from perfect, financially my life was a mess, I met tons of weird people, dated tons of total assholes, lost all my belongings and had to start over so many times I can't even remember them all.
But I also learned so much, and I discovered so much about myself. And I credit Seattle for being one of the things in my life to help me finally win my battle with bulimia. And although there are close minded, toxic people everywhere, I found Seattle to be more open minded and tolerant than most cities I have lived in. And it took awhile, but I definitely became a laid back west coaster!
I think that is why I can't shake the blues these last few days. Where I live now I see no beauty. And I am not exaggerating when I say that I have lived here for almost four years, and I have not met one person who is not toxic, racist, sexist, or in good health. Young, old, everyone has a non-tolerant view of the world, and young and old everyone has some ailment, and on some kind of medication. You know that jokey expression about what's in the water? Well I really do think about that here. I mentioned to my dad awhile ago that maybe the nasty weather made people nasty, but I don't think he appreciated my analogy. I think what gets me the most is I feel like I am losing myself and my voice. I feel so alone, and since it is a very closed off mentality in this town, I just feel awkward all of the time. I hate that I now know how much racism and sexism still exists. I hate being surrounded by so many hunters. And the worst part is that the pay is way lower here, so although my rent is cheaper, I'm not really doing any better financially, and it is making me crazy. To be so unhappy, and to be surrounded by such funk, I'm struggling, and I can't find a way to feel better. It makes me feel tempted to go back to my own toxic behavior, but I know that really that isn't the answer. I certainly don't want to end up a bitter old beast with a drink in one hand, a cig in the other, and nothing but bitching coming out of my mouth.
I'm sorry for yet another rant, but right now this is one of my only ways to express what I'm feeling. I feel like I just can't hold all of my misery inside anymore. I have to express it.
And the next time you see someone who is so intolerant and prejudice in any way, look at how ugly they are. I don't usually talk like this, but it is my rant, I am convinced that hate makes people ugly, fat, and brings on deep wrinkles that no amount of botox will ever take away.

Please don't go Summer

I don't really have a lot to say. I just feel very drained still. I really tried to recharge this weekend, but I can't shake the blues. With summer winding down, I can't even enjoy any thoughts of fall, because winter will come after. Last winter was so traumatizing I can't even stand the thought. Schools were cancelled due to low temperatures, not snow! It felt and looked like death.
I can't believe I have to live through another winter here. I feel so frustrated because if I only had to worry about myself, I would have already been long gone. I love being a feline mom, but damn I am so stuck. I can't just buy a greyhound ticket and go wherever, which is what I long to do. I know if I buckle down I can leave this city eventually, but I will have to go through another winter at the very least. I feel like I will lose it if I ever hear the words polar vortex again! Nasty people and nasty weather is not my favorite combo.
I don't know why I can't shake these blues this time. I think maybe I was around a little more negativity than usual, and the mornings are getting cooler, and leaves are starting to fall.
It's so funny because I love my kitties, and I can't imagine my life without them, but man they are holding me down!
To end on a more positive kitty note, it has now been four weeks since bringing Robin inside. All is well, he has made friends, there is almost no hissing, and he is letting me pet him more and more. In about a month or so I will take him to get neutered and probably have to start the trust process all over again lol!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


I feel very drained today. I have been sitting here for over an hour, and I have deleted everything I've typed. I am over people, over racism, sexism, and general toxic behavior. I'm over having no support system, and I'm over people trying to steal my hard earned happy feelings.
Today I will be actively recharging my battery so I can continue on my path. I hope everyone is enjoying Vegan Mofo so far, I know I am. It's always great to discover new blogs.
I hope everyone has a beautiful, non-toxic day surrounded by love and support.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lentils vs. Top Ramen

"Isn't being a vegan super expensive" is something I've heard quite a few times. If you knew the state of my financial affairs you would really laugh at someone saying that to me. But I do understand the question. Even though vegans are sadly still a very small group, the numbers are rising, and it has become way more mainstream. There are way less jokes, I think because people have embraced veganism or as the kids say "plant based diet" for health reasons. Although I relate more with ethical vegans, as an animal lover, if you don't eat them, I love you for that and I don't care why. But back to costs, a lot of vegan food can be uber expensive. And the price only goes up when you are looking for the least funky ingredient list. But you can eat vegan on a top ramen budget, I've done it often. Top Ramen budget should actually be the name of my life story. I always tell people who ask that question that lentils are very very cheap, and if you can afford a carrot and an onion, you have the makings for lentil soup, and that can feed you for days. And it is way more nutritious than top ramen. I love all of the vegan choices, and I think it is so amazing that every day it seems like something new is out there. But if I'm being bluntly honest, even if I were very flush, I wouldn't buy some things based on principle. I won't mention anything by name, but I see some things at the Co-Op and the price makes me laugh and cry at the same time. But also, if you catch certain products when they are first being introduced in a store, they can be significantly cheaper than usual. Usually when I treat myself to some type of treat, it is when it's first introduced at the Co-Op. Quite a few things I probably never would have been able to try if not for that initial sale.
I just never want anyone to think they can't be vegan because of income. Even when people talk being vegan on a budget, a lot of times the budget is like ten dollars a day, or maybe five dollars a day. Well, sometimes you have to make ten dollars worth of food last a week, three meals a day. You can do it. Lentils, my friend lentils. And if no other choice, oriental flavor ramen is vegan. Ha ha.
I just don't want people to think veganism is an elite lifestyle. Veganism is for the elite, the poor, and everyone in between!
On a sad note, was I the only one who thought Joan Rivers would be around forever?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Questionable Grooming

If you have a dog or a cat that you feel needs to be professionally groomed, I am begging you to investigate the hell out of the groomer that you find. First of all, dogs hate it. No matter what you tell yourself, they hate it. Even the dogs that don't seem to mind hate it. So that is the first issue. Since the day is going to be miserable for Snoopy/Garfield, please find the place that will try their best to make it as comfortable as possible.
The woman who owns the grooming shop that I've been working in is a nice woman, and I do believe she loves animals in that typical animals are beneath me, but I love them kind of way. In that kind of way that pets fill her voids and needs instead of pets being actual viable living creatures who are not here to serve humans. But after working there for a few months now, I have seen some things that quite frankly are not really okay. If you take your furry friend to get groomed, ask them what kind of shampoo they use. Ask to see the bottle. If you worry about harsh chemicals in your own shampoo, do you want your friend to absorb chemicals in their skin? Also, does the groomer allow the animals to roam, or are they in cages. If they are kept in cages, oh I'm sorry, I forgot we call them kennels to make ourselves feel better. Anyway, if they are kept in "kennels" are they taken to go potty at any point, especially for people who drop the dogs off before work, and pick up after work. I don't know about you, but I pee multiple times in an eight hour day, especially when I am scared, and being washed and dried, and groomed, and I'm scared. Which is another point, please try to take your fur friend on a day that you can pick them up in less than eight or nine hours. It makes the whole process a little less traumatic. Especially if it is a cat. Cats in general hate getting wet, and then when they are already feeling so undignified to be in a "kennel" surrounded by yapping dogs is really too much. A little side note about cats, people stop declawing your cats. It is cruel and inhumane. I thought vets had stopped doing that cruel procedure. We humans are such DICKHEADS!
Pressure the groomer about when you can pick up your pet. Washing, drying, and grooming takes an hour tops, unless it is an extreme situation such as fleas, severe matting, etc. So there is no reason that your dog should have to be stuck there for six or seven hours, and if they are truly that busy, make sure it is as pleasant of an experience as possible, or find another groomer. If it is a groomer who has an open play area, obviously that makes the experience more pleasurable. Would you want to be in a "kennel" for eight hours wondering what the hell is going on?
In all honesty, my best advice is to bathe your dog at home. And I just checked there are dog grooming tutorials on YouTube. Or just bathe your dog and don't cut the hair. The first time I saw an ungroomed  poodle, I couldn't believe how cute they are when we don't force our aesthetics on them. Anyway, if you don't personally know the groomer, do it yourself. It will save you money, and it will save your fur friends psyche!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am a singletasker, not a multitasker. It's not that I can't multitask, its just that I feel stressed when I have to multitask. And lets face it, in America multitasking is revered. If you don't multitask, then how do you accomplish anything? I often feel like people think I'm lazy, or even not very intelligent because of my one thing at a time mentality. I have always felt like when I'm running around trying to do a million things at once, something suffers, and it's usually my sanity. A lot of my worst days when I was bulimic centered around feeling really overwhelmed. So I learned over time how to alleviate that stressful feeling from my life. Also, I learned from my unfortunate period of self medication through alcohol that when you focus on all of your problems and wallow, nothing gets done. So I learned that if I made little lists, and worked on things one at a time, I actually started solving some of my problems. I'm not really a fan of frenzied anything, and a lot of people I know who are avid multitaskers always seem frenzied, and sometimes they scare me, there's an element of one more thing and I'm gonna pop my top to them. I've had bosses who are like that, and I always fear that my question or mistake will be that one thing, and I don't want to make anyone explode! Ha ha.
Most people that I know and have known who are multitaskers swear that they are happy, they can't imagine not having a million and one things to do, and they swear that they are giving everything 100%. I am not in their shoes, so maybe they really are totally fulfilled. It makes me question why America as a whole is so unhealthy if multitasking is the way to be, but what do I know, I'm just lumbering through life.
I think being a singletasker is very lonely. We kind of just blend in, and everyone around is too busy to notice. Or if they do notice, it's to tell us to move our slow asses out of the way! As far as I'm concerned, I will move my ass out of the way, because I want no part of a frenzied life. I have big things to accomplish, and I want to give things in life my all. And I don't feel bad for allowing myself to sleep for eight hours a night.
Singletaskers unite!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Goal and a Kitten

Yesterday was the first day of Vegan Mofo, or the Vegan Month of Food. It's one of my favorite times of the year! I always discover new blogs, and most come up with a really fun theme, and I have enjoyed it for years. I thought about signing up, but I wimped out. And I think in this case wimping out was the right choice. I have so much to learn, and so I am going to once again enjoy Vegan Mofo as a viewer. But I have made a personal goal to be a participant next year! Even if I can't find someone to teach me, I can for sure teach myself in a year!
Robin the kitten has made lots of progress on his transition. He has made friends, and he is trusting me so much more! He now only hides from me when I have the vacuum, which is the norm for pretty much all cats! He is really so sweet, and he has come so far in such short time! I am by no means an animal whisperer or anything like that, so if I can do it, anyone can help a stray animal adjust, even if you have other animals. And I can't say it enough times that it is so heartwarming, and can really lift your spirits.