Thursday, September 25, 2014

Words Get in the Way

I think no matter where your political views lie, we can all agree that it is beyond frustrating that we hear a lot of talk, and very little actually gets done. that is the case no matter who is in office, and it seems to be on a city, state and national level. And because of this, people and the environment truly suffer, and it really doesn't matter to anyone because, well I don't really know why. At a certain point I stopped listening. I remember a saying "Actions speak louder than words." I have always found that to be the truth. It's so easy to say anything, and lying is a big part of American culture.
I'm finding a bit of politics in the vegan community, and I have to say it's kind of a turn off, and that scares me, because if it's a turn off to me, an established vegan, I wonder how people who are trying to learn more about veganism must feel.
Veganism has really come along way, just in terms of becoming more mainstream. I'm talking about mainstream in small, more rural areas, not just the obvious New York, L.A., etc. People have really embraced the health and beauty aspects of it. According to what you read, if you don't lose twenty pounds, and get an almost angelic glow to your face, well you must be doing it wrong. And while I myself am an ethical vegan, (the health benefits are an added bonus) I embrace and love all vegans, even the people who do meatless Mondays, hell even an omnivore who is reading Compassionate Carnivore! I don't care why you're doing it, because the reason does not matter, the animal who lived matters. Action saves lives, talking does nothing except give you a hoarse throat after awhile. And as much as I am not a trendy person, and I hate admitting this but because veganism is kind of a health/beauty/eco trend, more and more stores are carrying vegan foods, and less and less people say "a what" when you say you are a vegan.
I think we have to be less argumentative in the community. We don't want to look like a bunch of democrats and republicans, with a sprinkling of the green party off to the left. We want people to stop eating animals, end of story, the reason is completely irrelevant to the fact. And you can have whatever dietary restrictions and preferences your little heart desires. We are all different, and as much as we want a tidy little one fits all answer, that's just not possible. So there is no point in arguing amongst ourselves, as we are all going for the same result, and arguing over who is a better vegan is completely ego driven, and serves no purpose, and saves no animals.
Another thing about veganism is you don't have to be rich. I would say in the past two years I get less "a what" and more Isn't it expensive to be vegan" which always makes me crack up that someone would say that to me! But you can be dirt ass poor and be vegan, trust me I know from experience. And you might not be getting all the nutrients you need, you're still getting more nutrition than from top ramen, or fast food. But you can be the bougiest of the bouge, you can be rich, poor, in between it doesn't matter, veganism is not for the elite.
Stop eating animals and their products. You're vegan.

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