Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am a singletasker, not a multitasker. It's not that I can't multitask, its just that I feel stressed when I have to multitask. And lets face it, in America multitasking is revered. If you don't multitask, then how do you accomplish anything? I often feel like people think I'm lazy, or even not very intelligent because of my one thing at a time mentality. I have always felt like when I'm running around trying to do a million things at once, something suffers, and it's usually my sanity. A lot of my worst days when I was bulimic centered around feeling really overwhelmed. So I learned over time how to alleviate that stressful feeling from my life. Also, I learned from my unfortunate period of self medication through alcohol that when you focus on all of your problems and wallow, nothing gets done. So I learned that if I made little lists, and worked on things one at a time, I actually started solving some of my problems. I'm not really a fan of frenzied anything, and a lot of people I know who are avid multitaskers always seem frenzied, and sometimes they scare me, there's an element of one more thing and I'm gonna pop my top to them. I've had bosses who are like that, and I always fear that my question or mistake will be that one thing, and I don't want to make anyone explode! Ha ha.
Most people that I know and have known who are multitaskers swear that they are happy, they can't imagine not having a million and one things to do, and they swear that they are giving everything 100%. I am not in their shoes, so maybe they really are totally fulfilled. It makes me question why America as a whole is so unhealthy if multitasking is the way to be, but what do I know, I'm just lumbering through life.
I think being a singletasker is very lonely. We kind of just blend in, and everyone around is too busy to notice. Or if they do notice, it's to tell us to move our slow asses out of the way! As far as I'm concerned, I will move my ass out of the way, because I want no part of a frenzied life. I have big things to accomplish, and I want to give things in life my all. And I don't feel bad for allowing myself to sleep for eight hours a night.
Singletaskers unite!!

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