Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ch Ch Ch Chia!

I am in a definite funk. I've lived with myself long enough to know signs of deep funks(depression) versus having a blue day or two. I refuse to allow myself to fall into the abyss of depression. It's so easy to lose yourself, and lose sight of anything but your own misery. If I allow myself to fully succumb to the misery, I will never get out of this hole, and I don't want to spend the rest of my life here, talk about depressing.
I noticed the other day I was feeling off both physically and mentally, and I remembered that I had some chia seeds in the freezer. So I made a lemon chia water, and not only did it taste really good, but I felt so much better after drinking it. Maybe my brain needed the extra omega fats?  So that kind of started the chain of what else can I do for myself. Last week I didn't eat as healthy as I usually do, and stayed after work one night to have a couple of drinks, and that made me really not feel so good, and I just kept all of these feelings inside of me. So after drinking my chia elixir, and feeling such an immediate improvement in how I felt, I want to keep that up.
Winter is coming and I can't change that, and I can't just spontaneously leave this hole the way I want to. But I can keep myself strong, so that I can continue my journey in life, and accomplish what I want to accomplish. I will be trying to remember to drink some water with chia more often. By the way, chia is another thing you can buy in bulk bins and save money. They do make a chia drink, but it is out of my budget if I want to drink more than one or two a week.
I do believe that food is medicine, I have to believe that considering that states who allow restaurants to actually on paper pay people two dollars and eighty three cents an hour also say hey they are only sub human, why provide health insurance! But I know that I have a responsibility to take care of my feline fam, and I can't be crying my eyes out all of the time.
If anyone who might read this is experiencing any kind of depression, I will be writing about what is working for me. I know sometimes you're in too deep to even research options, or sometimes you just feel so hopeless that nothing will help! So I can say my tip today is get some chia in your life. If you combine chia seeds with chocolate almond milk, and let it set up in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours, it makes the most delicious chocolate pudding ever!
Today I'm grateful for the beautiful full moon I saw early this morning!

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