Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vegan No Matter What!

As the weather is cooling down, I find the thought of eating Raw till 4 a bit daunting. There are various reasons, the most obvious being cool temperatures make most people want warm things, including food. For me, another reason is variety. There is more variety in the warmer months for where I live. Apples, oranges, and bananas get boring really fast. I'm bored just typing the words. And another reason is cost. If I buy a bag of organic apples, that bag needs to last me all week, not one meal. I don't buy organic oranges, as they have a thick skin that you peel, but even non organic oranges are five dollars for a bag, and again, not in my budget for that to last for one meal. And while bananas are the most budget friendly, and they are delicious, I need more in my life than bananas till 4 pm! In the warmer months there are so many options that I never got bored, and I could afford to follow the lifestyle, and not die of boredom. And it was also easy to follow kind of organically as when it is 80 plus degrees, I'm going to want cool foods all day, as I've said most of the summer I was raw all day. It was easy, because it was what my body wanted.
I feel like I'm going to probably be eating less raw foods in the cooler months, while keeping my diet more on the high carb side. I noticed that increasing my fruit intake helped my energy levels, and helped control my sweet tooth, so I will be eating things like oatmeal with various fruits, and on days where it isn't too frigid having a fruit smoothie. But seriously, I cannot tolerate a smoothie on a day where it is BELOW ZERO!
I believe that eating seasonally is part of the macrobiotic diet. It's part of the yin and yang. The hot temps of the summer are balances by cool foods, and the cold temps of the winter is balanced by warm foods.
The way that I see it for myself is that I have spent too many years of my life denying my body of anything healthy, and I have been way to abusive to myself, and I am living in a very toxic environment that really is grating on my soul, so all of that being said, I am not going to force myself to live on bananas all day till 4 pm. That feels far too restrictive, and coming from a disordered way of thinking, it's just not going to happen. I'm going to let myself have variety and warmth.
I think it's important for the vegan community to make sure we let it be well known that anyone can be vegan, you don't have to be wealthy, and you don't have to eat any certain way really. Since my ultimate goal is to find true inner happiness and health, I have to take care and nurture myself in a healthy way, and this feels the natural fit for me.
As vegans, I think we have to make sure that the main message is not harming animals in order to nourish yourself. The rest is up to individual preference. You can be a vegan whether you prefer to eat oreos and fries all day(not recommended) or if you eat organic wheatgrass and sprouts, and everything in between. Veganism is not an elitist club, it is a compassionate lifestyle fit for everyone.

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