Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Can't get enough Vinegar!

I just wanted to briefly repeat myself for the sake of Mother Earth. Last night at work, somehow the topic of cleaning products came up and I mentioned that I make my own earth friendly cleaner. My co-worker then mentioned that she can't believe how expensive non-toxic cleaning products are. So of course I agreed, and I told her my recipe, hoping she will try it. It infuriates me because I can only imagine how many people are using crap cleaning products because they can't afford the non-toxic products. Or even if some people can afford them, in their mind they can't justify the price, when there are products that are very familiar to them at a much better price. And there are so many people who poo poo the idea of any type of environmental damage done by us, they definitely aren't going to spend that extra money.
Here is my tip of the day, if you combine plain old white vinegar, and baking soda, bam house cleaner. If you can afford it, buy a bottle of Dr. Bronner's castile soap, and add a few splashes and boom an awesome cleaner! And vinegar cleans mirrors and windows like a dream.
Dr. Bronner's soap is the most expensive of these three ingredients, but it is worth it because it is concentrated and it lasts forever! But even without, plain vinegar and baking soda work great. And the vinegar smell goes away quickly. And baking soda is a great carpet deodorizer, and it won't upset your fur babies or human babies with fake, toxic scents like other powdered carpet deodorizer.
Sorry for repeating myself, I know I promised to stop talking about vinegar, but after the cleaning conversation at work, I just felt inspired to share.

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