Monday, February 29, 2016

Beauty, Food, Entertainment

I found these vegan and cruelty free face beautifiers at Fred Meyer the other day I've used these before, and they're pretty inexpensive, and you can get two uses out of one packet. The healthy glow polish is especially nice. They're like two bucks or something, so it's a nice little treat. All of this companies products are cruelty free, but some have honey so just read the ingredients. Honey must be good for the skin or something, because it is in a lot of the more natural skincare products.
I thought these were pink grapefruit, but they were yellow/white They still made great juice Actually two of the grapefruit were pretty dry, they would have been disappointing to eat, but were fine for juicing. Nosy Kanye, she did not appreciate the fresh citrus smell!
I just can't get enough mashed potatoes and gravy! I have really perfected the art of mashed potatoes, and also smashed potatoes. These were definitely mashed, and corn is what makes this a meal for me. I forget the name of the gravy, it isn't Hain, which is a good one It starts with an M, and I saw someone use it on YouTube and was excited to see it at Central Market. I'll make note of it the next time I get it. It's really good, and I think I like it better than Hain! It's so funny, when I look back on my meals, it almost seems like I'm still doing the potato cleanse.
Has anyone watched the new show Love on Netflix? I watched two episodes yesterday, and it is a really great show. I have liked some Judd Apatow movies, and others haven't really been my thing. Honestly, I would never have thought Judd Apatow had anything to do with this if I didn't know. The main characters are relatable, and most important to me likable. I need to like the people I'm watching. I know they say we need villains, and people we love to hate and all of that, but I don't always want to hate or dislike anyone. Sometimes I want to watch people who I like maybe do some unlikable things, but at the end of the day I'm still rooting for them. If you like sweet shows about the messier side of humanity and love and relationships and all that, give it a watch. Bonus for the show and the writers, one of the friends of one of the main characters had a vegetarian t-shirt on while they were having a meal and her meal looked as vibrant and delicious as everyone else's, and no one made any tired jokes! Woot!
Happy Leap Day!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

All Kinds of Stuff

Animal is back to wanting to play! I never thought I would be so happy to see someone play. Animal is is the front. Chunk lives for this string. I know it looks like a lot of random junk on my floor, but what can I say, they love playing with twist ties, and especially the ties that come on greens.
A little mini haul. I have been craving grapefruit juice like crazy lately. I decided to try some morning thunder tea. For all of my tea drinking, that's one kind I've never had. Always more potatoes!
I know I'm always saying one creamer is my favorite, until I try another. But flavor wise this caramel almond creamer is like a freaking vegan miracle. I cannot even stand how delicious it is. I mean, so far this is hands down the best tasting creamer vegan or not I've ever tasted. It's the Just Mayo of vegan creamers. It is very sweet, as caramel is but man who cares whether I like morning thunder or not,(I do) as long as I have this stuff to put in it. If you see it, and take cream in your coffee or tea, you have to try this. Or, take it to work and share it with your non vegan co workers and prepare to open minds!
I had to try these I love chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate covered potato chips. These were definitely a splurge, but they were worth every penny! Really delicious chocolate, and the perfect amount of salt Everything was perfectly balanced. These are dangerous!
I had more potatoes for dinner! I need a potato intervention! I spiced these wedges with taco seasoning and some extra garlic powder. I made a little refried bean dip with some hot sauce, refried beans and a little daiya. I made the wedges nice and thick so they could really hold up to the thick dip.
I figured out how to download my pictures and all of that. Now it's just practice, practice practice! I was reading an article about how to make your food pictures look really nice, and it was funny because the article mentioned several times to not be afraid of taking pictures in public. That is definitely an area that I need a lot of practice with.
It's been an amazing weekend so far I can't describe how happy I am that Animal is feeling better. She was in such bad shape last week, and it happened so quickly that I just didn't know what was going on. Both yesterday and today she has had a voracious appetite, like she's making up for lost time. Every day she seems to be getting stronger too. I felt really hopeless, and things seemed bleak. So I'm glad things turned around Life is just such a roller coaster. Damn cliches.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 27, 2016


This is the perfect picture to explain what I was talking about yesterday. Chunk just can't not come and be nosy, and look to the right, you'll see a claw trying to climb on up. I have several more pictures where you can't even see the juice because Chunk and Joan are circling it like sharks! This was some beet pineapple juice I made yesterday. If beets aren't your fave, pineapple, lemon and lime are the best fruits to use when juicing. They really cut down on the earthy, or let's be honest dirty taste of beets. I cannot bring myself to eat them, so I try to juice them every so often They're soooo good for you. The juice is so beautiful too.
I have so many cat pictures it should be embarrassing, but what better subjects for learning how to use my new camera? There's just always someone doing something annoying or adorable, usually both.
Here is a non cat picture This was a white sweet potato(Jersey sweet potato?) sliced lengthwise and sprinkled with a little brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice With some maple agave syrup drizzled on top. I really enjoy this, and I looooooooooove the way my apartment smells. It smells like I'm making cinnamon rolls or something. It's how you want your house to smell when you come home on a cold day.I still have a way to go on my photography skills. Centering anyone?
Can you stand the cuteness? It's almost too much!

I won't bore you with every cat picture I have. I might be a cat lady, but I'm no crazy one!
I discovered this music review channel on YouTube last week, and upon further research learned the guy is a vegan! Woot woot! He doesn't really talk about it as he's reviewing music, but he has a podcast, and he did an interview with Dr. Michael Gregor who is a plant based, best selling author doctor! The YouTube channel is the needle drop, and here is the podcast. If you like music I think he gives very thoughtful and considerate reviews. He knows a lot more about music than I do, but he doesn't give reviews that are hard to understand. And I love to accidentally stumble across other vegans.
Happy Caturday!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Everything's Coming Up Tulips

Remember the tulips from the other day? Well, they've bloomed. In February. I am so sorry for anyone who is dealing with actual winter weather. I try not to focus too much on Seattle's AWESOME weather this winter, because it was only last year that I was experiencing the worst winter I have ever experienced in my life. But, when it's a gorgeous day, in February tulips are blooming, I have to acknowledge how amazing life is. I feel like the time I lived in PA happened to someone else. It's weird, like an out of body experience or something.
There are all kinds of tulips and daffodils just blooming away. It's an instant mood lifter. Yesterday I got to see flowers blooming in winter, and a gorgeous view of the Cascade mountains while I was taking the bus. I mean, the view is so beautiful, and it's free! I want to try to get a picture one of these days.
Speaking of AMAZING, Animal is doing so much better. She has been eating, and today she ate more than usual, and she wanted treats which she has been turning away. She is still moving gingerly, and is not in tip top shape, but everyday I see improvement, and it is the best news ever. I was so scared. Last Thursday when I took her, she was a shell of herself. I think we're all going to make it!
This has become her favorite place to sleep! She moves over a bit at night to make room for me. So far she's been into sleeping with me at night which I love!

My stool is used more for bird watching than anything else. As a matter of fact, they give me the side eye and get very uppity when I use it for myself. It's close to impossible to put food on the stool for a great natural light picture without a kitty in the shot!
It's been awhile since we've seen this dork. Chunk has a really sweet way about him, even though he's a big old doofy boy. He always found a way to cuddle with Dylan, and knew to be a little less rambunctious around him. He's the same with Animal. He's been very sweet towards her. Afro is behind him looking extremely stoned, and she doesn't even like catnip!
I made smashed potatoes, corn and gravy for dinner. I used little Yukon gold potatoes and I left the skin on. Delicious. And corn and mashed potatoes go together like peanut butter and chocolate as far as I'm concerned.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Better Late than Never!!

When I first moved to Seattle, the only stores that carried Just Mayo were Whole Foods and Target. Now, every time I pop into any grocery store, I see Just Mayo! I am so happy for them, and also happy for me because it's easier to find! Now, if only I could find their cookie dough and ranch dressing!
I made a quick little marinara and added some gnocchi, a little daiya and nutritional yeast and baked in the oven till the daiya was all melt-y.
The whole Animal situation distracted me, and I never really talked about how I felt after the potato cleanse, and if I noticed any results. I didn't weigh myself, and although I did take my measurements at some point, I never took them again. I do know that some weight was dropped because I had to go in another notch on my belt, and I can see a difference, especially in my problem area, the abdomen.
I noticed when I was eating only potatoes that my digestion felt ON POINT! I don't normally have digestion issues, and I take probiotics and drink kombucha, but man I learned there is something to eating mono meals. I noticed it very quickly both times that I did this cleanse.
Another benefit I noticed was increased energy from all those carbs. I could feel my muscles humming and working. It felt like I was giving my body what it needed, so it was going to do right by me.
I also felt like my skin looked a million times healthier. I had a vitamin c glow for sure!
I also really appreciated each meal. Especially if I would have a big green salad for lunch. Man, that crunch was everything!
All in all, it was a great experience, and I will do it again. I liked how I felt so much that I have made several trips to the store for more potatoes. I have oven fries cooking right now for breakfast! I feel satisfied and super healthy when I eat potatoes, and I wouldn't have known it if it weren't for this cleanse!
I've also learned to appreciate simpler foods. I have some gardein treats in the freezer, and I thought I would bust into those after the cleanse, but I don't crave them. I went for tofu! So, I think if anyone struggles with junk food addiction, this would be a great way to retrain your taste buds.
And, for anyone who like me cannot find the new vegan Ben&Jerry's, I called the Ben&Jerry's shop yesterday, and was told that anytime between March tenth and the seventeenth the stores here in Seattle will have the pints for sale!! And she said it would be some time after that that it should roll into grocery stores. I guess it's making it's East Coast debut first. It's made in Vermont, so I guess that makes sense. Anyway, if anyone reads this on the West Coast, just know that we will have our day in the sun too!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I made my favorite cauliflower dish last night, except I used a recipe for a Kung Pao sauce instead of the usual sauce. This was okay, but nowhere near as good. When you find perfection, why is it human nature to want to somehow change, or improve what is already perfect? The sauce wasn't thick or sticky enough, so it king of sogged up the whole deal. Still edible, just not the party I've come to love so much. Cauliflower has gotten so expensive, I don't know when I will buy more. Everywhere I've looked recently, it's been at least two or three dollars a pound, which adds up to six or more dollars for one cauliflower. Insane. I need to live somewhere where I can grow my own food. That's my dream actually, to be able to live as off the grid as possible.
I made potato lentil soup for breakfast, and I decided to whip out the George Foreman to make a grilled Chao sandwich. As you can see by the melt, it totally worked! What a comforting meal. If I closed my eyes, I felt like I was sitting at my grandma's kitchen table. The George Foreman grill is seriously ahmahzing. Nothing sticks to it, and you don't have to use any type of oil. Thanks potato cleanse!
Animal is still improving. She ate more this morning than I've seen her eat in days. She's super duper picky, I have to try several different foods to get her to eat. She's still moving really slow, and she doesn't jump up on anything. I'm so happy to see her feeling better, but I'm still so scared about what made her sick, and is it still happening? I sent an Email to the clinic today letting them know how extremely upset I am, and that I feel like I got the run around and I think it's insane that I still have no answers. I guess at the end of the day, Animal seems to be getting better and that's all I wanted.
Here she is today. Looking at me like please, don't shove another thing in my face! Between me constantly checking on her, having to give her two different types of liquid medication, plus a pill it's a wonder she isn't always hiding from me!
Here is a picture of Etta that I took with my camera! It somehow appeared in the file, but I don't know how I did it. See, it's a work in progress. This picture is my FIRST picture taken by me with my new-ish camera! Hopefully I'll have these kinks ironed out soon. Ha ha.
Just to be a TOTAL dork, here is the second picture ever taken by me! This hummus is almost gone by the way. I am making a special trip today to see if I can find more while it's still on sale. Look at how clear the picture is! I feel as much like a professional as someone can rocking a camera that one reviewer described as "perfect for her seven year old" !! Ha ha.
Happy Wednesday!
Most importantly, I forgot to show a picture of the veggie/hummus dagwood that I made yesterday. As promised, it was nowhere near as beautiful looking as I imagined. luckily it tasted as delicious as I wanted. What can I say, I am no sandwich artist, and I stand tall in my truth!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Everything's Coming Up Roses


If you have a few minutes, this is an awesome video that will bring you a little cheer. I don't watch beauty channels on YouTube, so I don't know who any of these lovely ladies are, but I know that beauty channels are huge on YouTube, so this message is reaching lots of people! Woot woot! I've talked a lot about my frustration with vegan YouTube, and the constant body and food shaming. So I love seeing fresh faces who are shining such a positive light on veganism. Plus, we definitely need more beauty gurus who are vegan, let's get cruelty free to be the norm.
This is a little mini haul from yesterday. The carrot hummus was on sale and I  had to try it. I have seen this so many times and refused to buy it because it's expensive! Hummus is massively overpriced to begin with, and this stuff is worse. But it was on sale for two dollars!!!! It's made with white beans and carrots. I tried some last night and it is AHMAHZING!!!! It's a little tiny bit sweet, and it has a little kick from the sriracha. It's also really smooth and creamy. I am going to make a really tasty veggie sandwich that will not look as epic as I'm imagining, but it will  still taste out of this world! Claussen pickles have been my favorite pickle since I've liked pickles. I like the Franz bread, it's two dollars cheaper than other similar breads like Dave's Killer, and I forget the other one. It is so hard to find vegan whole wheat bread that doesn't have a laundry list of weird ingredients and is affordable. That's why I don't buy sliced bread very often. I know that Franz has a few without honey, but also a few with.
I also replenished my chocolate drawer!! I have to say that I much prefer Theo's peanut butter cups(they're really hearts not cups) to Justin's. Like by a huge landslide. Like Theo's has spoiled me for life. Justin's Peanut butter cups are runnier, and just a shell of a cup compared to Theo's. The chocolate is better, and the peanut butter is much more firm and has a saltier, more peanut-y taste. Like I am blown away. It is the best vegan peanut butter cup I've had. The Raspberry bar is very exciting. I fell in love with Taza chocolate when I was still living in PA. (shudder) Stone ground chocolate has such a unique texture. And the chocolate flavor is really rich. It feels like you are eating chocolate in it's purest form.
Next time I'll try a sriracha daisy
If you can believe it, I also bought a few potatoes at the store, and made some fries for dinner! I really genuinely craved this for dinner. I think that moving forward, I will continue to eat starch based, with potatoes being a big source of starch. One thing I noticed both times with the cleanse is that physically I FELT GREAT! Full of energy, ready to do life! When I walked my hill, or worked out I felt like my muscles were singing. So, I plan on eating a lot of potatoes in my life, but it's also nice to eat other foods. I also have been cutting way back on my oil usage, and I feel great. Yesterday I made a lentil soup for breakfast, and I water sauteed the onion! And it was fine, no one died! I'm not going fat free, and I'm not even going oil free, it's just that I have come to realize over the last month or so that oil isn't always necessary.
So, I took two pictures yesterday with my new camera, and I even downloaded onto my computer(all by myself) but the problem is now I don't know how to get them on my blog. They are stuck in limbo in desktop. I am slow to learn technological things, so this might take awhile, but I will learn. Meanwhile I'm going to keep practicing my photo taking skills. The awesome thing about being an almost crazy cat lady is I have a lot of subjects. Expect some cat videos in the near future!!!
In other cat related news, Animal really seems to be improving. Yesterday she ate some breakfast and dinner, and this morning she ate some breakfast. Not as much as I would like, but she ate a little. She also has been out and about more, as opposed to hiding under the couch. I've been able to get her antibiotic in her since she's eating, so that's great news. You don't know how happy I was when she first ate. I cried. I thought I was going to have to force feed her. She's back to her old self, just moving a bit slower. She has slept with me for the past two nights, and that has been amazing. I hope that habit stays even when she's back to 100%! Dylan slept with me NO MATTER WHAT, these guys are more into partying in the living room while I sleep!
I have to say that I am beyond frustrated with the vet clinic that I took her to. On one hand, she is improving, but on the other hand, what was wrong with her in the first place? Why did three different vets say so many different things? I have no answers, and it's scary. So, I already had a low opinion of the veterinarians based on past experience, and this did not help.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Progress All Around

Well, yesterday was a rough one with Animal. She seemed to be feeling better, but she still wouldn't eat. But this morning she took a few bites, which I am taking as a huge sign of improvement. I saw three different vets who all said different things, but the one thing they all said was that she needs to start eating again. And the vet on Saturday suggested bringing Animal back in today for more blood work. I might take her on Wednesday or something. I want to give her a break from shuttling back and forth, and getting poked and prodded. Stress can affect eating too so I'm trying to take everything into account.
Yesterday I went in search of some food that Animal would eat, and look what I found! Three vegan health/cookbooks in a regular old grocery store. I love that Plant Strong has a burger on front!  This same store had a different vegan cookbook the last time I was there. It's pretty cool. It wasn't that long ago you were lucky to find a vegan cookbook at a huge bookstore!
Look what creeped onto shelves at regular old Fred Meyer! I thought you could only find this at Whole Foods! The missing Bleu Cheese bottle is in my shopping basket. I almost tried the honey mustard, but vegan honey mustard is pretty easy to make, so I went with the dressing I never thought I would eat again as a vegan!
So yesterday was day two off the potato diet, and I ate potatoes all day! I had leftover sweet potato soup for breakfast with added rice. It came out a little like Risotto.
I have been trying to read that Stranger since last week, and stuff just keeps getting in the way! The pink is pretty for background though!
I had some potatoes that needed to be used, and I was going to make mashed and gravy, but I decided to make fries/wedges instead, which turned into wedges with gravy, which turned into vegan disco fries.I made the wedges, made some gravy, then assembled. I sprinkled a tiny amount of daiya on the wedges, and spooned the warm gravy over everything. Holy yum. I know gravy with fries is a thing, and has been for awhile. I just never got into that. In my pregan days I was a strict ketchup goes with potatoes kind of gal. Maybe BBQ sauce with fries every once in awhile I was feeling wild. I was missing out. This was a nice comfort meal that actually wasn't terribly unhealthy. I'm still not sick of potatoes, I'm just really glad to have other options!
I'm planning on getting a memory card today for my camera. Memory card, learn how to use are my two goals today! It's supposed to be nice starting tomorrow, and I hope to get out and about and take some pictures! I bet there are some parks with all kinds of flowers starting to bloom!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Coffee and Buns

Have you tried this stuff? I don't drink coffee on the reg anymore, but I do drink it every once in awhile when green tea is just too gentle. I figured this is cheaper than getting coffee at a shop. This jug has many servings, but is about the cost of one latte. This stuff is AMAHZING! (Did anyone watch Happy Endings?) It barely tastes like coffee, it tastes like rich, delicious chocolate almond milk with the faintest hint of coffee. It's been a big help these last few days when I've been a little sleep deprived. This is the second beverage I've had from Califia Farms, the first was unsweetened almond milk. Both are stellar. I wish they wouldn't use so much plastic though.
The Animal saga continues. I mentioned some of my issues I was having yesterday to the newest vet, and although she listened to me, I still feel that I wasn't truly heard. She said she thought it could be pancreas issues. So, now it could be fatty liver, diabetes, or her pancreas. They gave her more food and fluids yesterday, as well as some antibiotics because it also could be an infection. She was more like herself when I picked her up, but she still won't eat. Even with the appetite stimulant. They want me to bring her in AGAIN on Monday to test her blood. I have never experienced a young animal friend getting sick like this. I don't know if these people are doing the right thing or not. But how can there be so many different diagnosis? It's very upsetting, and I feel so bad for Animal. I'm going to go try to find something that she will eat today.
Needless to say, yesterday I wasn't really into doing a lot of cooking. It was the first day off the potato cleanse, and I had originally planned on making something out of this world. But that's okay, sometimes life has other plans. Instead, I cooked some veggie dumplings I had picked up on my trip to Uwajimaya. Quick, easy, and delicious. I guess it's not the best to follow a cleanse with a processed meal, but what can you do?
These had shredded tofu, cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms. I've never had buns like this before, so I can't compare them to anything, but served up with a little soy sauce and sriracha, it was a tasty meal. And not a potato in sight!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

More Poking

You can tell I've really missed tofu on potato island!
I took Animal back to the vet yesterday. Still no answers. Lots of maybe this, I'm thinking this, it could be this. She was at the vet on Thursday from two in the afternoon until five, yesterday from about ten in the morning until five, and she has to go back today. I have to be honest, I am beyond frustrated. Animal is looking a little better, mainly because she is being pumped full of fluids when she's there. They gave her an appetite stimulant yesterday before they sent her home, and she still had no interest in  eating. She has had a different vet every day that she's been there, and will have yet another today. They keep talking about stress helping to exacerbate all the symptoms, so yesterday I voiced concern over bringing her to the vet, bringing her home, etc. I said maybe I should have taken her to a 24 hour place, and the vet got rather defensive, and that really irritated me. It also unfortunately silenced me. I'm scared, Animal is scared, and sick, and nothing seems to be happening. The vet yesterday mentioned diabetes as a strong possibility, but he also mentioned serious liver damage as a possibility also. I asked how all of this happened so fast, and at such a young age. (She's three) He really had no answers.
I have no respect for our healthcare system here, and I feel the same about veterinarians. Like everything else, I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule, I'm only talking based on my experiences with vets. I'm scared they're dilly dallying around, and I won't have money to afford to treat her when they finally find out what is wrong. The annoying vet yesterday said the vet today will take a test to determine for sure whether diabetes is an issue. From what I read on Vet MD. diabetes can be a cause of fatty liver disease. Yes, I am paying a vet but googling Vet MD. So, today I am going to try to channel my inner drunk and combine her with sober me, and hopefully that will give me the ability to be assertive, and express my concerns and not be silenced with defensiveness or a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I don't even understand. Wish me luck.
The above picture is a little haul from this awesome store called The Central Market. They have the coolest produce section, and homemade tofu, and all kinds of Asian noodles and sauces an such. It's kind of Heaven. Both the Vet and Central Market are on a street in Seattle called Aurora Ave. Aurora is a sketchy street to say the least, and it's where prostitutes and their potential suitors (Johns?) meet up. I used to live off of Aurora, and I had to walk on Aurora to get to and from the bus. Anyway, cars would seriously slow down when they drove by, I guess in case I wanted to jump in and service them. I swear on everything I know and love. It kind of traumatized me to be honest. One time I was waiting for a bus after getting groceries, and some woman also had grocery bags at the bus stop. Several cars drove by and slowed down. I remember she said to me, I think they think we're hookers! And I agreed. She was very indignant, and said to me"this is the worst. How could men think we're hooking, no offense but we look terrible!" Ha ha. She was adorable. I explained that I really don't think it matters, we are women, so we must want to sell our bodies to these awesome men. (Shudder)
Anyway, I say ALL of that to say I don't go to The Central Market because of the whole gross out factor, so yesterday I went and binge bought tofu I guess to soothe my feelings.
I did not eat any tofu though. That is for today. I made a huge bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, the ultimate comfort food. Yesterday was the final day of potato island! I made it ten days. Woot woot.
I also took the top picture with my new camera! Okay, a friend took the picture, but it's with my new camera!!! I'm still learning how to use it, and I have to admit I feel a bit overwhelmed. I wanted to try to learn more yesterday, but my brain is really not into learning new technology right now. I also have to get a memory card if I want too take it out because it only holds two pictures right now! Ha. But, at some point super soon there will be better pictures! This little blog has come so far.
Here's a picture of my beautiful Animal. I can't wait till she's this bright eyed again.
Isn't she lovely

Friday, February 19, 2016

Good And Bad

Man do I love Seattle! I was going to catch a bus the other day and saw all of these tulips! In February! It was like the most beautiful thing ever. Not a single day goes by in Seattle that I don't notice and appreciate how much better I feel in Seattle. Things that used to really drive me crazy about Seattle before just seem so trivial. Because Tulips in February!
Now onto a little sadder news. The reason I was absent the last two days is because one of my kitties, Animal has gotten sick. She all of a sudden stopped eating three days ago, and soon after stopped drinking water and became super lethargic. It seriously all happened scarily fast. She was throwing up a little on the first day, and I chalked it up to a hairball horfing situation, which I dealt with often with Dylan. But when she she stopped drinking, I got worried. I took her to the vet yesterday, and he thinks she has fatty liver disease. He also thinks there is a chance she might be diabetic. She had to stay at the vet's yesterday and they took blood work, and gave her medicine, and fluids and food and such. They couldn't keep her overnight because they don't have overnight staff, so I have to bring her back today and they are going to do more tests and more fluids and such. The vet said the important thing is to get them eating again, which she is not doing yet. He said in extreme cases they have to insert a feeding tube, and be fed that way. She is still very lethargic, and I tried to give her some food this morning, but she turned away. She has herself wedged under the couch. I feel so bad seeing her this way. She is named after the character on the Muppets because from the time she was born she has just been crazy, and full of life. Please send Animal love and send strength her way. It's scary not seeing her much better today, and I just wish I could make her better. I hate having to have her sit in a cage all day with a catheter and strangers poking and prodding. It's the worst to be scared and uncomfortable and alone when you're sick.
I started responding to comments yesterday, but after awhile I had to stop because I was crying, and having a hard time concentrating. I will respond, maybe tomorrow when hopefully things are getting back to normal.
I also wanted to mention real quick that today is day ten of the potato cleanse, and although I thought I might go longer than ten days, I don't think that is realistic. Back when I smoked cigarettes I always said I would smoke with abandon until smoking wasn't enjoyable, and that's what I did. I had the same feeling about the potato cleanse. My goal was ten days, and I figured if I wanted to go longer, I would. Yesterday I stopped at a store for a few more potatoes, and I desperately wanted so many other foods. It was like sensory overload. And I don't even want junk, I want tofu, and veggie sushi and soup, and a sandwich. Man does a sandwich sound good!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Beating My Last Score

Has anyone heard of the new book by Jasmin Singer? She's the executive director of Our Hen House. I was listening to a podcast last week and she was the guest, and she was talking about her new book called Always Too Much and Never Enough. She is really an amazing person, and this book sounds like a must read for anyone, vegan or not. She was so eloquent and well spoken on this podcast, and I really want to read this book. Here is some more info if you're interested. I saw that it is on Amazon for a decent price, so this might be my next purchase. I feel like this is a good book to own, it's one that I would most likely read over and over.
Speaking of Amazon, I found a used camera there and ordered it! I researched the F out of the best cameras under one hundred dollars, and then read reviews of those, I thought I was going to go blind! Anyway, I narrowed the list down to one that seemed the best match for me, and sure enough I found it used on Amazon for a fraction of the retail cost! Woot woot! I can't remember what it is, I think it is a Cannon something or other. One reviewer noted that they had gotten it for their seven year old, who "really enjoyed it". My assumption is that if a seven year old can figure it out, I should be able to grasp it. Although I don't know, I can be a slow learner when it comes to math and technology. But at any rate I am beyond stoked to have better quality pictures.
Today is day seven of potato island, and I feel great. Last time I tried this, day seven was what broke me. I don't think that will happen today. I feel physically and mentally very strong. I'm not sick of potatoes yet either, and I don't feel restricted yet.
Last night I made mashed potatoes and gravy, this time with no mushrooms. It was a cool, rainy day yesterday and this meal fit the weather and my mood perfectly. I used the same mushroom gravy recipe, just no shrooms.
For breakfast this morning, I had some potato lettuce wraps. So good, and I enjoy the crunch of the lettuce.
I need to get some rubbing alcohol to get the last of the price sticker off of my stool!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Spud Haul

Well, I have what is probably pictures from the world's most boring grocery haul! When you are only buying potatoes, vegetables, and cat food it saves so much time! So many aisles with no reason for me to walk down.
Gluten is a no no for me right now, so I'm thinking of trying to make a batter out of the potato flour to make my favorite General Tso's cauliflower. I'm also going to attempt to make gnocchi with the potato flour. I eat red sauce like once a year. Maybe a little bit more, but not that often. Now that I'm eating mainly potatoes, I have a mad craving for marinara sauce! Gnocchi seems like something i should be able to make. Years ago, when I was vegetarian, I attempted to make gnocchi and it was the biggest fail of all times. Like one for the books. It always seems so easy to make, and I just scared myself from trying again. I've definitely improved in the kitchen since then, so I think I might pull it off this time. I feel like my cooking skills have improved a million times over since I became vegan.
I watched a ton of potato cleanse videos on YouTube yesterday, and it seems that sun dried tomatoes are a popular ingredient to make a potato nacho cheese sauce.  It's similar to BuzzFeed Video's vegan mac and cheese sauce, but minus the cashews and plus a few nacho type flavors. I hope sun dried tomato pate works! Sauces seem to be what's making this super easy for me. Sauces and seasonings. So, I see potato nacho cheese in my very near future.
This potato cleanse has really become kind of a "thing". Usually when anything becomes a "thing" I lose interest, but for this I'm resisting the urge to run. I find it sweet and inspiring, and I think it's helping a lot of people on a deeper level than just losing weight. I kind of like feeling like I'm part of something, especially something positive.
I've been looking into starter cameras, and I found some that are in my budget, especially if I buy used or refurbished. I'm going to do a bunch of research today, and hopefully make a purchase tomorrow, or Wednesday. This is going to be a whole new world for me. I had a camera when I was a kid, and obviously it wasn't a digital camera, so yeah. I'm excited to be able to take better pictures, especially when I'm out and about. This might sound weird, but I feel less awkward taking pictures in public with a camera than my phone. Plus, my phone drives me insane, and we have a combustible relationship at best. So, all around good news for the start of the week.
How is your week looking?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day Five and I Feel Alive!!

Today is day five of my potato cleanse experiment, and i am feeling so much better this time around. I think the last time it didn't so much trigger eating disordered feelings as it triggered times in my life when I've been super broke, by broke I mean poor and have had either no food or had to rely on eating one cheap thing over and over. But I don't feel that way this time around. I don't feel burdened this time. I feel empowered. I feel like ever since I stopped drinking, I've been waiting for the pounds to come off, and I was getting to the point where it was tempting to just start drinking again, I might as well get some pleasure out of the deal, you know? And for the past year or so I've really cleaned up my eating, and stepped up my exercise. Especially living in Seattle, I do much more walking. Anyway, I feel like I am taking an active part in my own life, and I definitely still had some disordered thinking about food that I always thought would just be in my head forever. So, for many reasons this ridiculous sounding cleanse is really working for me. I'm eating so much more salad, because believe me, a potato heavy diet leaves you desperately needing CRUNCH! Plus I love the vibrancy of a crisp raw salad. Before this cleanse I could be a bit lazy and sometimes skip salads, telling myself I eat plants anyway, so it's okay. But I feel a big difference having a huge bowl of greens mid day. So, this time around I feel much more zen about this cleanse, and I definitely know I will make it ten days. I'm going to see how I feel, and I might even go longer! I would love to find it within myself to go for the thirty days.
I had this delicious juice yesterday. It was spinach, Romaine, basil,green bell pepper,cucumber,cilantro and apple. I know apples are fruit, but I only used one, and I can't drink green juice with no sweet. Hats off to those who can!
This salad was so good! It was spinach,Romaine,red pepper,red onion, and some balsamic. Do you love all the little kitty claw marks on my little cabinet that I painted? Crazy cat lady problems!
For dinner, I made some amazing mashed potatoes, and I wanted mushroom gravy, so I went on the webz and found this recipe. It was really, really good. If you ever need a mushroom gravy recipe, try this one. It's easy and quick too!
This was soooooo amazing! Yesterday was a grey, rainy bluesy kind of day, and a big bowl of creamy mashed potatoes and super savory gravy was the perfect meal for the mood. I don't understand why anyone ever added milk and butter to mashed potatoes to begin with. These were super creamy and smooth with no help.
I think I might take my measurements today. (Gulp) I bought a tape measure at Jo-Ann fabrics the other day, but I just haven't gotten around yet. I want to see if I actually lose a few inches. I was watching a lot of potato island results videos yesterday, and people seem to be having great success. In most of the videos you can clearly see the results from their first video, and so on. The good thing is I'm not feeling super obsessed about losing inches, it's more what I would call a healthy curiosity.
I'm off to restock my potato supply. I'm going to start buying loose potatoes instead of the bagged potatoes. I've noticed for awhile, even way before potato island that the bagged potatoes never have all usable potatoes. There are always some duds in with the spuds. (I'm so sorry, there was no resisting) It gets frustrating, and it's also a huge waste of money. I don't always feel like carrying some rotten potatoes with me back to the store to complain. Anyway, the store that sells the elusive potato flour also has a surprisingly awesome selection of organic bulk potatoes. That's the one thing I'm strict about for this cleanse, I only buy organic potatoes because they are on the dirty dozen. Interestingly sweet potatoes are not, so I'm a little less picky there. Anyway, this store has purple, red, yellow, all kinds of potatoes. You know you're on a cleanse when different colors of potatoes have you beyond excited!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Getting Exotic With Potatoes

I forgot to show this platter on my thrift store haul. It's wood, and I thought it would look nice as a background for different dishes. I realized I should have filled out the platter more, but I was sooooo hungry! This was my huge breakfast yesterday. I've been loving curry powder and garlic powder on my fries.
I'm feeling really great this time around. I am only on the third day, but I don't know, I just feel much better about everything this time. I'm having fun experimenting with different spices, and also fresh herbs to keep things interesting. I like bright strong flavors, so tossing the hot fries with chopped basil, cilantro and scallion gives them a bright flavor that makes my mouth very happy.
When I was in Ballard the other day, I got stopped by someone trying to sell gym memberships at some new place that promises to be the next best thing. I explained to him that I work out at home, and that gyms are like my idea of hell, but he decided to waste his time by trying to convince me anyway. He showed me pictures of what the new facility was going to look like, and I swear to gourd there were contraptions that you hang upside down and do stuff. Yikes. Every word that came out of his mouth terrified me more and more. I'm terrible at being firm and saying no, and getting people to shut up.  At some point I mentioned that I have a vegan food blog, and he said he used to have a paleo blog. I kind of politely laughed and said that paleo is kind of the opposite of how I eat, and hoped it was done. No, he had to continue and say that he's trying to buy grass fed and all of that stuff, and it just made me feel awkward. I don't want to be a confrontational person, and to be honest with all of the apathy out there I recognize that grass fed is at least trying to be better, but damn it man, no living being wants to die to be eaten. As a vegan, I want to spread the message, and I so desperately want to shake the hell out of every person until they understand, but I know I can't do that. And I don't think attacking people is an effective way to encourage change, but it's just so frustrating. Sometimes I regret telling people I'm vegan, because it can make people feel like they have to defend their choices, and I just don't feel genuine. I don't want to confront, but just kind of smiling it off feels wrong as well. I mean, the way I feel is grass fed is better than nothing, but it still isn't good enough. How do you handle the strange things meat eaters say to make themselves feel better?
Okay, rant over, feel better, now back to our regular old spudly programming!
For lunch I didn't take a picture, but I had some leftover broccoli potato soup, and some green juice.
For dinner, I tried to get as exotic as I could with potatoes.
I seasoned these with some red curry powder, and salt and pepper, and when they just came out of the oven, I tossed them with some scallions, cilantro and basil. I wrapped then in Romaine leaves and dipped in sweet chili sauce and sriracha. This was a great meal, and one i will definitely eat even when I'm off the island!
I never in my life knew potato flour existed. Funny the things you learn when you eat only potatoes! When I first heard about it, I thought it would be very hard to find, but lucky me I found a store that has it, so expect some exciting things to come! I will be picking some up in the next couple of days, I can't wait!
Happy Caturday!