Saturday, February 20, 2016

More Poking

You can tell I've really missed tofu on potato island!
I took Animal back to the vet yesterday. Still no answers. Lots of maybe this, I'm thinking this, it could be this. She was at the vet on Thursday from two in the afternoon until five, yesterday from about ten in the morning until five, and she has to go back today. I have to be honest, I am beyond frustrated. Animal is looking a little better, mainly because she is being pumped full of fluids when she's there. They gave her an appetite stimulant yesterday before they sent her home, and she still had no interest in  eating. She has had a different vet every day that she's been there, and will have yet another today. They keep talking about stress helping to exacerbate all the symptoms, so yesterday I voiced concern over bringing her to the vet, bringing her home, etc. I said maybe I should have taken her to a 24 hour place, and the vet got rather defensive, and that really irritated me. It also unfortunately silenced me. I'm scared, Animal is scared, and sick, and nothing seems to be happening. The vet yesterday mentioned diabetes as a strong possibility, but he also mentioned serious liver damage as a possibility also. I asked how all of this happened so fast, and at such a young age. (She's three) He really had no answers.
I have no respect for our healthcare system here, and I feel the same about veterinarians. Like everything else, I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule, I'm only talking based on my experiences with vets. I'm scared they're dilly dallying around, and I won't have money to afford to treat her when they finally find out what is wrong. The annoying vet yesterday said the vet today will take a test to determine for sure whether diabetes is an issue. From what I read on Vet MD. diabetes can be a cause of fatty liver disease. Yes, I am paying a vet but googling Vet MD. So, today I am going to try to channel my inner drunk and combine her with sober me, and hopefully that will give me the ability to be assertive, and express my concerns and not be silenced with defensiveness or a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I don't even understand. Wish me luck.
The above picture is a little haul from this awesome store called The Central Market. They have the coolest produce section, and homemade tofu, and all kinds of Asian noodles and sauces an such. It's kind of Heaven. Both the Vet and Central Market are on a street in Seattle called Aurora Ave. Aurora is a sketchy street to say the least, and it's where prostitutes and their potential suitors (Johns?) meet up. I used to live off of Aurora, and I had to walk on Aurora to get to and from the bus. Anyway, cars would seriously slow down when they drove by, I guess in case I wanted to jump in and service them. I swear on everything I know and love. It kind of traumatized me to be honest. One time I was waiting for a bus after getting groceries, and some woman also had grocery bags at the bus stop. Several cars drove by and slowed down. I remember she said to me, I think they think we're hookers! And I agreed. She was very indignant, and said to me"this is the worst. How could men think we're hooking, no offense but we look terrible!" Ha ha. She was adorable. I explained that I really don't think it matters, we are women, so we must want to sell our bodies to these awesome men. (Shudder)
Anyway, I say ALL of that to say I don't go to The Central Market because of the whole gross out factor, so yesterday I went and binge bought tofu I guess to soothe my feelings.
I did not eat any tofu though. That is for today. I made a huge bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, the ultimate comfort food. Yesterday was the final day of potato island! I made it ten days. Woot woot.
I also took the top picture with my new camera! Okay, a friend took the picture, but it's with my new camera!!! I'm still learning how to use it, and I have to admit I feel a bit overwhelmed. I wanted to try to learn more yesterday, but my brain is really not into learning new technology right now. I also have to get a memory card if I want too take it out because it only holds two pictures right now! Ha. But, at some point super soon there will be better pictures! This little blog has come so far.
Here's a picture of my beautiful Animal. I can't wait till she's this bright eyed again.
Isn't she lovely


  1. Oh no, poor thing!! I hope you get some answers and that she gets better soon!! I can imagine how frustrated you must be.

    Congrats on completing the cleanse!!

    1. Thank you! She ate a few bites of food this morning, so that is a most excellent sign!
      Thanks again! I feel much better that I saw it through.

  2. I feel some sort of cleanse for me on the horizon as well! CONGRATS to you!

    1. Thanks! I feel really great, I think the potato cleanse was probably my favorite of all the cleanses I've tried. I will definitely do it again.