Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fun With Butter Beans

I used to buy this vegan cheese made by WayFare when I lived in PA. I think WayFare is maybe an east coast company because I've never seen their products in Seattle or SLC. The cheese is made with a base of butter beans and oats and it is so creamy and cheese-y. I was thinking about that cheese and butter beans the other day, and I decided to try to make a butter bean mac and cheese!!
I picked up this pasta from Trader Joe's to use. It's tiny little elbows, more like what you find in boxed mac and cheese.
So Tiny!

I soaked about one fourth of a cup of raw cashew pieces, and blended those with some water, a can of butter beans and some seasonings.
I used turmeric, nooch and garlic powder for seasoning. I also threw in a couple of slices of FYH American style just to make it extra decadent! It really didn't need the extra cheese, but I had it so why not add it! When I make a cheese sauce made from beans or veggies, I never feel too bad adding some vegan cheese.
I had mine topped with green dragon sauce. This was really, really delicious. The butter beans are really so creamy! I definitely need to make a butter bean hummus! I was going to post the recipe, but I still want to tinker a bit. I used ACV for the acid, and I think maybe lemon juice might be better.
Look at who is most pleased with herself? I swear Kiki is happiest when she has found that perfect, sweet cuddle spot!!!

Monday, July 15, 2019

What I Ate

I had the day off yesterday, and I had one of those lazy but productive days. I did a bunch of stuff around my apartment, and some laundry. I also gave myself a pedicure and did a face mask. I love those kind of days! It also seemed like a perfect day to take a picture of all my food!
I started the day with celery, pear, and romaine juice. It's so much easier to drink celery juice when you add fruit!
My favorite of all berries, raspberries!

I also had half of an almond milk mocha frappuccino Starbucks drink. So sweet I can only drink half at a time, but so good!
Chickpea pancake with green dragon sauce

I snacked on so much fruit yesterday!! I just couldn't get enough. The cherry plums are already gone!! And the nectarines I got at Sprouts are so freaking good!!!
I decided to make Feijoada last night. This is one of the first dishes I made when I first went vegan. I had a subscription to Vegetarian Times at the time and they introduced me to this delicious Brazillian stew. For some insane reason I haven't made it in years! Last week I saw the Happy Pear brothers make it on YouTube, and I knew I had to make it again! This time I followed their recipe. I subbed carrot for sweet potato, did not add red peppers because bell peppers should NEVER be cooked, and I used tempeh bacon instead of vegan sausage. I served mine with rice, a little raw red onion and green dragon sauce. I highly recommend this dish. It's so smoky and deep and rich. I think I like The Happy Pear's recipe better than the original Vegetarian Times recipe which is saying a lot!!
Pineapple Coconut popsicle for dessert!

My little introvert Joan loves to sleep under the chair in the corner of the living room. She's got her privacy, but she can also keep an eye on all the goings on!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Three Stores, One Haul. All Vegan!

I finally made it to Sprouts and Trader Joe's! Although I have to say I was at Trader Joe's right at eight am when they opened, and it was still busier than I would have liked!!!
I also popped into Smith's and found a few awesome sales!
Joan and Roxy just had to get in an argument!!
They had so many different teas on close-out and since the temps have spiked I've been drinking tons of iced tea. They also had the Starbucks almond milk drinks on sale for two dollars so I couldn't resist! And I got some butter beans because I want to experiment with a butter bean based cheese sauce!!
Tofu,lemons,coconut oil, green dragon sauce,peanut butter,coconut milk,gluten free macaroni,celery,frozen blueberries,romaine hearts,champagne vinaigrette,sesame oil, avocado, sweet potato tortilla chips from Smiths
There are just some things you can't find for a better price than Trader Joe's. Coconut oil and sesame oil are two of those things. I use coconut oil for cooking and skin care so I use it every day and need a deal!
Tempeh bacon,hummus,oatmilk ice cream(!!!!) FYH American slices,gluten free pretzels,cauliflower puffs, sauce,live probiotic soda

Bulk rice, quinoa, black beans, sunflower seeds, pink salt, nectarines, red pepper, Brussels sprouts,apples and pears, cilantro,raspberries, plum cherries, onion, avocado, blueberries,garlic, jalapeno
Sprouts had watermelon on sale for an amazing price, but they were all sold out by the time I got there. They were sold out of a few things actually. But I still definitely got a lot of greaat deals! They have the live probiotic soda on sale two for five!! Usually one six pack is five dollars!!
I saw someone try these on YouTube, and I had never heard of such a fruit! I went back and forth on getting these because of the stupid plastic clam shell. I finally caved and decided to try them. Guys, they're so good! They're like a super sweet and extra flavorful plum!
It feels so great to have fresh fruit and veg in my refrigerator. And of course to have some condiments back in my life! This is going to be a delicious week, and I will never take another salad for granted!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Tiny Target Haul

Yesterday kind of got away from me, and I didn't make it to the Sprouts and Trader Joe's area. I could have still gone, but it was mid to late morning and I didn't have it in me to deal with Trader Joe's. It's even worse now that it's summer because there are tourists and kids.
I did make it to Target, but I didn't get a lot of food because this Target isn't a super Target with a lot of fresh produce. I was going to get tofu for dinner, and they didn't even have any!!
Black bean burgers, carrots, vitamin C mask, Pacifica drink mixes, iceberg lettuce, guacamole, pineapple coconut popsicle
I really liked the Slay All Day Pacifica drink mix and I had a coupon so I picked up another plus I decided to try the greens powder. Most greens powders I've tried are very, very green but this tastes kind of like lemonade. I'm going to drink the Slay All Day whenever I want, but I'm going to keep the greens powder for emergencies like last week. I really felt a difference not having any fruit or veg in my life. Physically and mentally. So this could really help out when times are tough.
This was dinner last night and it hit the spot! Black bean burgers, shredded refreshing crisp iceberg, guacamole and some tortilla chips. Kind of like a taco salad/ I swear iceberg is the best lettuce in the summer because it's so freaking refreshing!
Today I'm hitting Sprouts and Trader Joe's. I'm going to go as soon as they open to avoid the heat and people as much as I can! Sprouts is having a great sale on produce, and I have a coupon so I have a feeling I'm going to overestimate my strength and get too many heavy things. Story of my life! I'll be back tomorrow with so much fruit and veg!!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Finally a Salad!

It's time to celebrate, my week of lentils and rice is over!! I seriously couldn't be happier. I'm taking an extended vacation from lentils! The old me would have celebrated with a ton of beer, but booch is my fizzy beverage of choice these days! This is one of my favorite flavors! They use just the right amount of cayenne.
I have almost nothing food wise in my house, even condiments! I'm out of tamari, sriracha, green dragon sauce, everything except a random bottle of spicy mustard. It's bad. My food has been real bland this week.
I didn't feel like shopping yesterday, so I just got some tofu and one of those bagged salad kits. I got my favorite, the Asian salad kit with cabbage and carrot and Romaine. You have no idea how much of this past week was spent dreaming of salad, and fruit. I even miss my nasty old celery juice!!!
I ate the whole bag of salad, and I could have had more! The crunch, the refreshing flavor, the FRESHNESS!! It was so, so good!!!! And of course the tofu was amazing. Man did I miss tofu!!!
I'm going to go to Sprouts and Target today so I will be back tomorrow with a haul. It's probably going to be pretty big because my cupboards are bare!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Random Saturday

There is a fence by my apartment that has concord grape vines growing on it. I noticed yesterday that the grapes are starting to grow! In a couple of months I'll have all the free grapes I can handle!
Yes, those are hail balls that fell on July 4th! It hailed heavy here for about fifteen or twenty minutes. One minute it was ninety degrees and sunny, and the next minute ice balls were falling. In July, So scary.
I've been eating pretty basic and boring. Lots of bean and rice variations, and that will be continuing through this week.

Lentil and tofu curry is always on my menu regardless of my budget. Last night I was just going to have beans and rice, then I remembered I had some masa flour so I made pupusas filled with mayocoba beans, green onion and nooch.
My food this week is going to be super boring and super bare bones. I had pretty much no budget this week hence the no haul, so I'm just going to take this week, or most of it off of blogging. I know it's a fun and trendy thing on YouTube to do budget challenges, or living below the poverty line but it isn't fun or trendy to actually have to live it.
So, I'll be back probably next Saturday with a haul, and hopefully a little cheerier mood!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

That Budget Life

Yesterday I was downtown, on my way home when I remembered that I needed an onion. I was near a grocery called Harmons which I never shop at because they are ridiculously overpriced, but it was nine million degrees and I didn't feel like taking another bus somewhere else so I bought the overpriced onion.
I wondered around a bit to see what fancy vegan stuff they had, and I saw these new to me deli slices. I haven't even seen these on the Gram! They look so real!
They had four flavors, one was veggie carpaccio, and one was lupini bean. Sorry for the horrible picture, I feel very, very, very out of place at Harmons so I just tried to be very quick. Anyway, I always love when I see new vegan stuff, even if I can't afford it! It means the demand is up! I do sometimes hate seeing the high prices because I fear it discourages vegan curious people who might think they can't afford to eat vegan food.
Speaking of budgets and food, last night I had the classic budget vegan meal, rice and beans!! Jamaican rice and beans to be exact! I've never been to Jamaica, so I cannot speak on the authenticity of this dish, but I can say it is incredible. And you would never guess it's a very inexpensive dish! I used this recipe, subbing coconut oil for the butter. It's so good, the coconut milk makes this dish so incredibly rich and satisfying. Highly recommend!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Sunday Eats

Yesterday was a grey, dreary day and I had the day off so I did some cleaning and reading. I also remembered to take a picture of everything I ate. It wasn't a super exciting day, but I felt satisfied and nourished.
I started my day with chia pudding. It's just chia seeds, hemp seeds, blueberries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Really good!
Later on I had some celery and pear juice. Not as pretty as watermelon and celery, but still tasty!
I snacked on a few baby cucumbers throughout the day. Cold, crispy cucumbers are so refreshing on hot days!
I also had a ripe, sweet, and very juicy nectarine! Nectarines are one of my very favorite fruits! I've never understood why someone would eat a fuzzy peach when they can have a glorious, non fuzzy nectarine!
For dinner I made a little tofu and rice noodle stir fry with a spicy gochujang sauce. Delicious and easy. Not to mention quick, it was ready in under fifteen minutes!!
I had to take this picture of Joan! I was trying to get a picture of Roxy doing something, and Joan started flopping and posing so of course I have to acknowledge the cuteness!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Extreme Budget Haul (Vegan)

I made it to Sprouts and Trader Joe's yesterday. I was even able to make it early in the morning which is my favorite. My hauls are very, very tiny and basic. Once again my budget is very tight this week so no fun treats or splurges.
onion,lemons,frozen blueberries,celery,unsweetened vanilla almond milk,tofu
red pears, nectarines,avocado,Jasmine rice(bulk), baby cucumbers,red and yellow potatoes
The walk from Sprouts to Trader Joe's is one of my favorites. I actually would love to live in this neighborhood, there are all kinds of old houses and all the apartment buildings are older and look like they're probably so unique and maybe even have claw foot bathtubs.
A lot of the houses have kind of a meadow in their front yard instead of just short grass. I was reading about this trend in the spring and I have to say I am all for it. If I had a house I would most definitely have a meadow for a front yard!!
I didn't want to get too close getting this picture because for some reason I picture a person with mmm bacon as their license plate being a hostile Trumpist ready to pounce and attack. Even the license plate holder said I heart bacon. Subtle.
This was last night's dinner. Potato wedges, leftover pasta salad and some sliced baby cucumbers. This tasted like summer and it really hit the spot!
I've been reading this book, and it has been making me laugh out loud all over town! Like seriously cracking me up on the bus and everywhere. When I first saw the title and the chicken on the cover I assumed it was something to do with factory farming or something, but that's why you don't judge a book by it's cover Ha! It's actually a book of essays, so far about the trials and tribulations of being single, and dating and the weirdness and crap that goes with that. She is brutally honest about herself and it's just so funny and relatable. I really, really recommend this book, and she has two other books that I will definitely be looking for. I highly recommend this book!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Food Nerd

When I found Vegan on the Cheap at the library, there was one recipe I wanted to make right away. When I owned this book I made this all the time. It's the garden rotini chickpea salad with inner goddess dressing. It's a pasta salad with the most ahmazing homemade goddess dressing. I used to make the dressing alone just for salads and stuff. I swear it tastes just like Annie's!!
I made a few changes. I didn't have any chickpeas but I did have a package of smoked tofu so I used that, and sadly I had no cherry tomatoes so I left them out. The dressing also calls for some olive oil which I am out of so I omitted it and it was fine, I didn't even notice a difference. The dressing is made with cashews and tahini so i feel like it's already fatty and rich enough.
At the end of each recipe in this book she mentions a little splurge you can add to the recipe if your budget allows. She suggested adding a handful of Kalamata olives which I just happened to have some in my fridge. It was a great suggestion, they add a nice little salty flavor.
This is the tofu I used. I love it so much! I can only find it at Winco. It's a Canadian company. I watch a few YouTubers who live in Canada and they use this a lot. The first time I went to Winco and saw it, I was so incredibly excited!! I don't get excited over clothes or make-up, but food thrills me to no end!