Thursday, August 13, 2020

Thursday Things

 Yesterday I was downtown so I ran in to Harmon's, which is a local grocery store that makes Whole Foods look like Aldi. They are very vegan friendly though, and they get lots of the super expensive specialty vegan stuff. Stuff that sometimes is too bougie for even Sprouts or Natural Grocers. I rarely buy anything, but I like to see what's new and totally out of my reach!

They now sell Impossible ground, and the deli department is using it for their house made takeout meals! Insane pricing, but then again I'm not their target consumer. 

Even though it's crazy expensive, I'm sure the non vegan takeout meals are just as expensive, and it's really cool that they are embracing vegan alternatives and using them. 

Harmon's did have Kevita kombucha on sale so I grabbed a citrus flavor. Citrus is hard to find, and it's so good. Like a booch-y sprite.

Last night I made spicy sweet potato mac and cheese! I just blended a sweet potato with some cashews, salt, pepper and nooch, and then added that back to the pot with my cooked pasta, black beans, green chili and some Miyoko's shredded pepperjack. I also stirred in some cholula and topped my bowl with green dragon sauce. Creamy, spicy and delicious!

Scenes from my couch!

Monday, August 10, 2020

SorBabes Bars!


I just randomly found these the other day, and when I tell you it's the best ice cream treat I've ever had, I mean it. 

I first tried the lemon strawberry crunch, and I almost cried it was so good! The strawberry sorbet is sweet but not too sweet, and halfway through there's strawberry jam which is so good, and then the outer layer is lemon which tastes like the best lemon bar/icing you've ever had, with little crunchy quinoa pieces. 

I loved the lemon so much I had to go back for another box, and I decided to try the wildberry crisp to see if it could even come close to the lemony goodness. Much to my surprise, it is just as tasty! The berry sorbet is creamy, the jam is jammy and the outer crisp is dark chocolate with the same quinoa crunchies. 

These are all the tens in the world out of ten. The lemon strawberry is my favorite because I love lemon, but the wildberry crunch is really just as good!


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Some Food I've Been Eating!

 I am now the proud owner of an immersion blender! I love making creamy, blended soups and it's just so much easier to use a hand held blender.

Curried cauliflower and potato soup!

I used the Thai yellow curry paste I found at the Asian market for this soup. I also added in a handful of cashews and some coconut milk while blending. And I drizzled it with some chili crunch oil. Delicious!

Green dragon sauce makes everything better!

I found some quinoa flour tortillas at Whole Foods that are a decent price so I had to try them! I made some quesadillas with refried beans and cashew queso. The tortillas taste great and are pretty pliable, although they did crack a bit when I folded them. Still really tasty and I will definitely buy again. I love quesadillas!


Yesterday I had some roasted potatoes for breakfast. I seasoned them with salt and pepper and some BBQ spice. Always one of my favorite breakfasts!

Mind Blowing!

Treeline is my favorite vegan cream cheese, especially the garlic chive flavor. But this is definitely nipping at Treeline's heals! It tastes like one of those holiday cheese spreads. And the texture is spot on too! Ten out of ten!

These were on a last chance sale so I had to try them. I love the texture of cassava chips! The texture is great, light and crispy, but the bag says lightly seasoned and they weren't joking. The BBQ flavor is nice, but very faint. Tasty, but you can tell it's a healthier chip.

Friday, August 7, 2020

New Thangs!

 I've discovered that Smith's not only has clearance sections and WoHoo sales on food, but you can find awesome WooHoo sales upstairs in the kitchen and bath section. I've found a few great deals recently, and yesterday I found an adorable bowl and plate that were both on clearance, with an extra thirty percent off. So I paid a little over a dollar for each. Almost thrift store prices!

While I was in the area I popped into Whole Foods for a few things. I really wanted to go to Sprouts, but in this heat walking those extra blocks wasn't worth it. 

Yellow and red plums, cassava chips,potatoes,sweet potato, nectarine, pear, grapefruit kombucha, fruit freezeies, gold kiwi, Miyoko's aged smoked cheese, chickpea pasta,rice paper wraps, macadamia creamer,romaine, method cleaner, quinoa flour wraps,cilantro, carrot,coconut milk, gochujang, chili crunch, tom yum paste

Look what I made last night! I finally succeeded in making salad rolls! These have baked tofu, romaine, cilantro and shredded carrot. I saw someone make these in a video, and she only added tofu and veggies, no noodles. She made it look so easy I decided to try her method and it worked! These were delicious, and I can't wait to make them all the time with all kinds of different veggies!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Simple Truth Vegan Mayo!

Simple Truth is Kroger/Fred Meyer/Smith's and Ralph's house organic brand. They've always been pretty vegan friendly, but lately they've really embraced vegan or plant based products. They have vegan deli slices, sausages, burgers, plus various condiments.
I used the last of my veganaise last week, so I decided to give the Simple Truth a try. It was on sale for $2.49, but I think it's regularly $2.69, so it's pretty budget friendly.
It's made with canola oil and pea protein, plus the usual vinegar, lemon juice etc. The ingredients aren't too funky.
I got a gorgeous tomato this weekend, so yesterday for breakfast I had a tomato sandwich and I tried some of the mayo. It's got a great texture, very mayo-y, and the taste is pretty on par with other vegan mayo. I would say it reminds me most of the Hellman's vegan mayo. I will definitely buy this again, you really can't beat the price, and it really does taste great!

I sent Banza a little email telling them how much I loved their pasta. They sent me this really nice canvas tote in response! Canvas totes are the best because they're washable, durable, you can really load them up with groceries, and most importantly they don't dig into your shoulders. Very important when you're a pedestrian!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Tea Time

Giving up my daily coffee habit is one of the best decisions I've made for my health. I used to really abuse caffeine, I'm talking one or two whole pots a day, plus several red bulls. Yikes and Yuk. Many years ago I switched from coffee to green tea and yerba mate. Both still have caffeine, but much less and I don't abuse either.
When the pandemic hit, between stress, sluggishness and depression I started having coffee more and more, until I was having it daily, sometimes more than one cup. So, I've replaced regular coffee with decaf so I can still have my iced cold brew latte, just minus the caffeine, and I've restocked green tea and yerba mate. I found some yerba mate on close out at Smith's, so the universe seems to support my choice!
Cashew milk, kale, instant gravy, kombucha, matcha, sporttea,yerba mate, rice ramen, mint yerba mate, cilantro, green onion, zucchini, jalapeno, grape popsicles, nag champa, coconut water
I feel like a walking zombie. I'm not getting the horrible caffeine headaches because I'm still taking in caffeine, but since it's so reduced I'm definitely in a fog!
Last night for dinner I  made ramen! I used brown rice ramen noodles, and added mushroom, kale, cabbage, garlic and baked tofu. I seasoned the broth with tamari, mushroom powder and some of the chicken-less seasoning from Trader Joe's. This definitely hit the spot!
GT's is not my favorite kombucha. I remember when it was pretty much the only choice, but now there are so many better options! But I am a sucker for pineapple, and it was on sale. Hands down the best GT's booch I've tried. Nice pineapple flavor and the least vinegar-y. Eleven out of ten!!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Hello Trader Joe's My Old Friend

It's been awhile since I've been to Trader Joe's. Although I appreciate them limiting how many people they allow in, when I see a long line I just go somewhere else.
Yesterday I lucked out and got there a few minutes after opening. I was able to get in and out before the real crowds showed up!
Tempeh,fruit frenzy bars, tofu,carrots, chips, romaine, lemons,coconut milk, refried beans, chickenless seasoning,oranges,water kefir,celery,coconut coffee creamer,frozen blueberries,cherry plums,nectarine, apple,yellow and red onion, ginger

Trader Joe's now has two vegan shreds!! They also have the cheddar style slices which are cashew based! The original vegan shreds aren't the best, but they're not bad at all, and for $3.50 a bag you can't beat it. The cashew shreds are the same price.
This is very new to me! It says the dressing is made with tofu. The dressing on the left is also vegan! I just bought the FYH Caesar, but when I'm out I'll definitely give this a try! Remember the dark days when Italian, and maybe a Balsamic vinaigrette were the only options?
Perfect waiting for the bus hydration!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Banza and Bubba!

I had written off all bean pasta after trying two or three brands, and not liking anything about them. They are heavy, dull tasting, and way too expensive to be so gross. If I want extra fiber and protein, I'd rather toss some actual beans in my pasta dish. But, I was watching a recipe video, and they made pasta salad with Banza chickpea pasta. it looked so good, and this person talked so highly of the chickpea pasta it made me want to give it a chance.
Fast forward to my trip to Whole Foods, they just happened to have Banza pasta on sale. I wouldn't have been willing to try it without a sale, because somehow pasta made from one of the world's cheapest foods is the most expensive pasta.
I'm pretty blown away by this pasta! it doesn't have that gummy taste or texture of other bean pastas I've tried. I like it better than regular old gluten free pasta! It has a nice, firm but not too firm texture, and no weird aftertaste.
I made a nice summertime pasta salad with black olives, red onion, celery, sliced baby peppers and of course Italian dressing. Really, really tasty.
For dinner I made some BBQ soy curls along with some pasta salad. This is definitely the most American, summery dish I've eaten in quite awhile!
We keep getting closer to cuddles. If there's anyone who's going to cuddle Bubba, it's going to be my sweet Etta!
Here's Bubba playing with his little poof that's been rolled in catnip! I love watching him being a playful indoor cat!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Small Vegan Whole Foods Haul

I needed plain, unsweetened vegan yogurt for a recipe I want to try this week, and it felt like a great reason to go to the Whole Foods downtown, which I've never been.
Violife cheddar cream cheese, strawberry filled chocolate, citrus pops, yogurt, cilantro, romaine hearts, gluten free flour,watermelon, more yogurt,fizzy water, water kefir,chickpea pasta, gardein veggie burgers,coconut milk, celery, carrots,oranges, lemons, more chocolate!
Even though I got treats, I took my time and scoured for sales, so I still kept my bill around forty dollars.
I spotted the gardein canned soup I've been hearing about! It's full of gluten so not an option for me, not to mention three fifty for a can of soup is a bit out of control, but still who ever thought we'd see vegan canned soup that isn't Amy's, or just an accidentally vegan soup.
They also have a whole row of vegan gummies!! I wish they didn't use the plastic containers though. I wanted to try some, but I ate too many vegan gummies awhile ago, felt a sugar hangover for a few days and swore never again. The sour lemonade rings sound so good though!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Vegan at Winco

Winco is now carrying Miyoko's products! They have oatmilk butter, pepper jack and cheddar shreds all for around five dollars. Still a little spendy, but cheaper than anywhere else I've seen Miyoko's. I don't really use butter too often, but I love her cashew based butter so much I have to try this too!
I know I showed this the other day, but it bears repeating because I found this S'mores oatmilk ice cream, and I haven't even seen this flavor at Sprouts or Natural Grocers! Their vegan ice cream is always a great, great price. Often under four dollars!! And I love Chloe's Pops, (except for the oatmilk pops) and they're under three dollars which is so much cheaper than anyplace else!
This was the biggest surprise to me! First of all, I didn't even know field roast made nuggets! And look at that price, The wings and mini corn dogs are never under eight or nine dollars!! Winco also has the corn dogs, which you can kind of see under the nuggets. I wish I could try them all, but sadly they are all made with gluten.
They also sell a lot of Gardein and Boca, along with Alpha nuggets and burritos, and they have a big selection of Morningstar Farms products. All cheaper than you'll find at other groceries.
It took me a long time to actually check out Winco, because I assumed they weren't very vegan friendly. But I was wrong! They also have a HUGE bulk section, which is partially closed due to the pandemic, but usually their bulk section is so big it's almost overwhelming!
Sharing our favorite bag!!