Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ranting and Rolling

I'm sorry for my absence lately. As I mentioned in my last post I got a new job at a grocery store and unfortunately my shifts have been night shifts and I am not a night person. I've been getting off work at midnight, and I have to walk home since the bus doesn't run that late, and I have about a twenty to thirty minute walk. Unfortunately I don't make enough money to take a cab or Uber or Lyft home every night. Not sure what I'm going to do in the winter. So I've been going to sleep around the time I usually wake up. So I am all out of sorts. In addition I've been dealing with some serious depression because I loathe my job. I have always had jobs where I'm on my feet, but standing in one spot cashiering hurts my back so bad. I've never had back problems, but every day about halfway through my shift my back hurts so bad I almost cry. Like I can't even bend down without feeling like I'm stuck. I have to do several downward facing dogs and cat and cow poses when I come home. I'm just really unhappy. So hopefully I will get used to this schedule and be able to have a somewhat normal life again. I'm just tired, worn down and very depressed.
Food wise I've been eating very boring meals. When I get home the last thing I'm thinking about is cooking. I've been eating lots of plain baked tofu dipped in some sort of sauce. The company doesn't give you a paid lunch break, so if you want to take a lunch you have to punch out for thirty minutes, and that takes away two and a half hours from your pay a week, and when you aren't making a lot that is not affordable. So I get two ten minute breaks and I don't like cramming food down in a rush and then having to go back to standing on your feet and dealing with people. Also, this grocery store sells a lot of meat, so I'm unfortunately touching all kinds of packages of dead flesh and it makes me not hungry and very sad.
I have a few food and kitty pictures I wanted to share, but blogger is being weird and not letting me post them. So I guess this is just a catch up/ rant post. Please bear with me, I promise to be back to however normal I was soon. I just have to get used to being up at night.
Hopefully my next post will be full of delicious vegan food and all the kitties!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Homeward Bound

Here's Ivy having fun with a chew toy. She was laying on her back with it in her mouth and one ear flopped and it was so cute! But I've learned dogs are harder than cats to get them to stay in a pose. Their mom comes home this morning, and while I have had so much fun with them, I am ready to live full time at my apartment again. My girls miss me, I miss them and man is my apartment a mess! I've barely been there! I guess it's because I've been dropping stuff off and not putting it away, and when I'm actually home I take the time to put things away.
I also start yet another new job today! The other job didn't work out. What the job described in the ad versus what the job actually required were two very different things. And the ad promised benefits which was a lie. Even though it was full time. But somehow the little mom and pop places get away with having full time employees and offering no benefits. I've dealt with it my whole life. Anyway, I applied at a grocery store near Daisy and Ivy's home and I got hired and start today! It's obviously not my dream, but I can handle it without wanting to get blackout drunk every night to deal with my misery and that's what matters most to me. So once again wish me luck!
I've mentioned a million times that I don't buy packaged hummus because A) it's so pricey, and so cheap and quick to make yourself, and B) my apartment doesn't have a recycling bin so I try to stay away from plastic tubs as much as possible. But, I use these containers for food for the stray kitties, and Trader Joe's sriracha hummus is soooooo good, and it's a steal at $1.99 a package.  It might sound weird, but I love hummus with rice. So, I baked some tofu with teriyaki sauce and served it with rice and a dollop of the hummus. Drizzled with sriracha of course. This was so delicious and hit that sweet spot!
I'm off to take the girls for a walk in the rain. Today is cool and rainy, it's giving me Seattle vibes. Days like this always remind me of Seattle and make me feel homesick. Anyway, off to walk these girls and then back home to clean my apartment and spend some quality time with my girls!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Stuff

This was much more majestic in person. This was the view as I was making the trek to Daisy and Ivy's house from my apartment. I still have my breath taken away by the view really no matter where I am. No matter what I think of the summer heat, SLC is one of the most beautiful places I've lived.

I was trying to get a picture of the girls close together to send to their mom, but they were having none of it. Daisy is very expressive with her head tilts. I feel like she really listens to me!
As far as meals, I've been eating super simple. Since I'm not in my kitchen I'm not going to get super fancy. Plus, with all the walking back and forth I don't have the energy. These would have been the perfect nights for takeout.
This was my breakfast yesterday. Potato wedges and baked tofu with ketchup and sriracha.
One night I couldn't even be bothered to make my own fries. I picked up some frozen natural cut fries and had those for dinner one night. I was so tired I barely remember eating them!
Last night was the most energy I've put in a meal, but as we can see I couldn't be bothered with presentation! This is just rice noodles with baked tofu and a quick peanut sauce. Topped with sriracha of course! It tasted better than it looks I promise!
Daisy is letting me know that she would like some attention, and she isn't subtle! I must sign off and take these girls for a walk. They're actually enjoying walks now that it isn't a million degrees out.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dog Day Afternoon

I'm dog sitting these lovely ladies this weekend! I was going to post yesterday, but because of a weird bus detour my day went haywire very early in the day. Since I have my kitties and the stray kitties to take care of I've been doing a lot of running back and forth. The bus that goes from my apartment to Daisy and Ivy's house doesn't run on the weekends, so I've been doing ALOT of walking! But I could really use the extra money, and look at these two who wouldn't want to hang out with them! Daisy(the black one) is an awesome sleeping companion, even if she is a bit of a bed hog!
I stopped at a Smith's grocery near Daisy and Ivy's house and look what I got for $.82! I couldn't believe it. It's really good. They added mint and other citrus so it doesn't really taste like lemongrass, but for eighty two cents I'm not going to nitpick!
I made this delicious meal the other night. It's just BBQ lentils and mac and cheese. They go so well together. I have never had southern food, but it seems to me I've seen lot of BBQ and mac and cheese combinations and now I know why. The tang of the BBQ with the creaminess of the mac and cheese is very pleasing! I doused mine with hot sauce because spice makes everything better!
Thanks to Natural Grocer's having Live kombucha on sale for $1.69 a bottle all through September, I've been able to treat myself every now and again. I love the sparkling ginger! I plan on getting back into brewing my own again this fall. It's such a money saver, and I feel so hip being a booch brewer!
It's been cooling down here, I've actually had to wear a sweater the last couple of days. I hope it's for good. It feels so good to not feel scorched by the sun. Is it getting fall like where you live?
And here's everyone but Roxy having the best nap ever. It's hard dog sitting because I feel guilty leaving my girls to go be with Daisy and Ivy, and I feel guilty leaving Daisy and Ivy to go see my girls!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Two Reviews One Post

You guys know I'm ride or die for Just Mayo. But I was in a grocery that I don't normally shop at, and they had this FYH chipotle veganaise on clearance for $1.51 a jar! I bought two, but I so wish I would have bought more! The chipotle Just Mayo is my least favorite of all the Hampton Creek products I've tried. I feel like it's overwhelmingly smoky. This is spicy first, with a smoky aftertaste. It's thick and almost reminds me of a smoky spicy cheese spread. I've been dipping all the potatoes in it!
I can't recommend this enough. I guess FYH hasn't totally lost me after all! If you haven't tried this, you really should. It's in my top five of favorite condiments for sure!
I read about this summer edition GT's kombucha on Instagram earlier in the summer and until now I haven't seen it anywhere. I had the world's worst day yesterday so when I went to Natural Grocer's to get some of the Live kombucha while it's still on sale, I finally saw this! Even though it wasn't on sale I splurged because seriously yesterday was a doozy of a day. It is so incredibly delicious! It kind of tastes like a cherry/watermelon jolly rancher. Yesterday was over one hundred degrees so there are no fall vibes here in SLC. So this was extra tasty. If you see this anywhere, try it soon! I think it's only going to be around through the summer!
Here's Afro sleeping like a Queen on the red throne. Look at all that cat hair! Roxy, Afro and Etta are all super fluffy long hairs and they sleep on it the most!
All is well on operation Kitty Soup kitchen. I've now noticed that about five cats show up at different times. So far I've been able to feed them all with no threats or fines. Fingers crossed it continues!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

It's Caturday!!

Sorry for the dark picture but it's well dark out! Here are two of the kitties I feed. The one not eating on the left is the original cat I started feeding, and now three of them come around. The one that's eating is so sweet and timid, I am trying so hard to gain their trust so I can bring them inside before winter. They meow and are happy to see me, but they still won't let me touch them. I have come up with a system so I can continue to feed them without any fines. I set my alarm for 11 p.m. and put a dish out for overnight. Then I set my alarm for three and feed them. That way no one can see us and tell. It has been an adjustment and I am definitely feeling tired, but it's worth it. They wait for me and rely on me. Animals aren't like humans. They can't go to a shelter or a food bank for food. There is no way I'm stopping feeding them.

Here's an outside shot of Kanye watching me feed the kitties. It really drives her nuts and she has to keep an eye on the situation at all times.
I made this delicious green chili mac and cheese with cannelini beans. I made my usual sauce with lite coconut milk and nooch, and added a can of fire roasted green chilis from Trader Joe's. So so good. And it was so creamy I didn't even miss the vegan cheese. I doused it with green dragon sauce of course!

And because today is Caturday, here is Afro and her fluffy self lounging like the Queen she is!
I'm starting a new job on Monday, and even though it's a crap job as usual, it pays a little more and has nothing to do with food which is really all that matters. My budget will still be tight, but a little less so. I want to get creative in the kitchen again. I also need to make sure I can afford any possible fines I might get! Ha!
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday Round Up

Yesterday I was walking home, feeling so dry, sun beaten and depleted of all energy. I took a random shortcut that involved climbing through a hole in a fence. As I was climbing, I smelled grapes and discovered that concord grapes grow on the fence I was climbing through! I remember hating concord grapes as a kid, but now as an adult I love them! I guess I'm an urban forager now!
As far as meals go, I've been eating lots of meals like this. Tofu baked in a spicy sauce with rice and salad.
Also meals with potatoes, tofu and salad. In this case I had my favorite crinkle cut fries. I've been on a pretty tight budget, but I feel like I've still been eating pretty well. Proof that you don't have to live on Top Ramen if you're broke.
This morning I had breakfast tacos with tofu scramble plus lentils and black beans topped with spinach and green dragon sauce. Sorry for the horrible kitchen lighting, it was still darkish out when I had these.
And here's Kanye forcing Joan to cuddle. Joan is the most independent of all my girls, and Kanye doesn't always let Joan have her space. That's a sister for you!
I've been dealing with a little drama at my apartment. I have a new neighbor and apparently she is not an animal person. She told my landlord that I feed stray kitties and my landlord has sent me several threatening texts including one threatening me with a $100.00 fine if I do it again. Of course I'm still doing it. There are now three kitties that show up every morning, and they count on me. So far I've just ignored the texts and am trying to be as stealth as possible. My landlord isn't someone I would call warm or kind, so there is no reasoning or pulling on heartstrings. Wish me luck that I can continue to do the right thing without a fine. They don't bother anyone, they show up and eat and then disappear. They are scared of people so they don't hang around. It's all very frustrating and sad.
Happy Hump Day!

Friday, September 1, 2017

All The Stuff

Lemons,bananas,Jasmine tea, lime fruit floes, lentils, spinach,corn tortillas, Jasmine rice, green dragon sauce, tofux2,iceberg lettuce
My little Trader Joe's haul. I got all this plus a red onion that got left out of the picture for twenty four dollars. You gotta love Trader Joe's! I forgot to take a picture, but they are now selling maca powder! It's either $3.99 or $4.99 a bag. Definitely cheaper than other places.
This is the first time this summer I've seen these bars. I've been so obsessed with frozen fruity/citrus-y treats this summer and these did not disappoint. They taste like frozen limeade. Needless to say this is my new obsession!
I saw this at a grocery store that I don't usually shop at. It looks interesting, but at $11.99 for a one pound container I doubt I'll ever try it. Maybe if it's ever on clearance. The package says it doesn't taste like bananas. Interesting right?
Last night I made spicy tofu with rice and spinach. I tossed the spinach with Asian vinaigrette and this meal was tasty and simple and satisfying. I baked the tofu in a spicy hoisin sauce. I could eat this everyday!

Here's Kanye lounging like it's her job! I swear she sleeps in some of the funniest ways. And in true cat fashion she always looks at me like I am the biggest goof for taking her picture.
And here is one of the dogs I walk, Daisy. She is so much cuter panting in this heat than I am. Look at that sweet face! We just finished playing fetch with her favorite tennis ball. She will only play fetch with a tennis ball. So sweet!