Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lentil Soup and Vegan Pizza

This is the delicious lentil barley soup I started my day with today. I've had people look at me weird when I say that I like to start my day with lentil soup, but it really makes me feel great and ready to take on the day. I went probably a good two or three years where almost every breakfast was lentil, or split pea soup. I would just switch it up with spices and veggies and stuff. Almost every job I've ever had doesn't include meal breaks, so lentil soup is hearty enough to get me through many hours on my feet and not eating. I like the texture of barley in soups. It's like a chubbier. chewier rice grain.
Last night I made a pizza and topped it with some spinach and mushrooms that needed to be used immediately. I also added fresh garlic and black olives, and a handful of daiya. It was so tasty.
One thing I really appreciate about being vegan is how I've naturally cut down on relying so much on cheese for my food. With daiya especially I can only use a little bit because too much= strong daiya taste and we can't have that. I also really enjoy pizza with no cheese. I think when I was a vegetarian, I relied too much on cheese for flavor, or even to be more of the star of my dish. Like cheese on top of cheese. But now when I want that cheese experience, it takes very little to satisfy my urge. Just one of the many reasons a vegan diet has been the best choice I've ever made.
I think I'm going to experiment with some jackfruit today! I want to make a really yummy BBQ sauce from scratch and make like a pulled jackfruit type of sandwich. I have some cabbage mix, so I think I'll make some type of vinegar-y slaw to go on top. I'm excited to cook with something that I've never used before too. I plan on having a pen and my notebook in the kitchen, so I can share the recipe if it's a success.
Happy Saturday!


  1. I use to have soup for breakfast too! I kind-of stopped and just do smoothies. It is just easier for me since I need the extra protein from weight training. I loved when the vloggers from Eat Your Kimchi talked about how they are adjusting to breakfast in Japan and how they had to do the same when they moved Korea. Breakfast is very cultural and there is no "right" answer of what should be eaten other than it should be somewhat fast to make.

    1. Yea, I never was into traditional breakfast foods, and never wanted cereal or oatmeal, and i definitely never got into pancakes or waffles. Leftovers are always a fun breakfast too!