Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Because I'm Worth It

When I went no poo, it was by no means a snap decision. I had been thinking about it for over a year, and I really wanted to do it so badly, but I was so scared that I would always wimp out. But now, months later, I have the healthiest hair I have ever had. It is so shiny, and so soft, softer than it ever felt after any conditioner I've used, including deep deep conditioning treatments.
Well, last Friday I got my hair trimmed for the third time since going no poo, and for the third time was told how soft, shiny and healthy my hair was. I haven't ever been told my hair is ugly, but I've certainly never received the compliments I get since going no poo. I can't even remember the last time I was in a shampoo or conditioner aisle, and I gotta say, I don't miss it. Not to mention. just like non toxic, natural lotions are expensive, so are non toxic conditioners. And you are still using plastic packaging, and in my experiences not getting results worth the price.
If you decide to take the leap, you have to be patient, cause while your hair balances it's little PH back to normal, you're going to have some bad hair days. Some days too greasy, some days too dry. In the beginning, I sometimes rubbed a little coconut oil on my scalp and ends before washing, however now I don't feel like my hair needs any additional conditioning.
I probably spend less than five dollars a month on my hair now. And my routine is non toxic and giving me what I have spent so much money over the years trying to achieve: HEALTHY HAIR!
From all of my research I did on the no poo method, it is safe for every hair type, except color treated hair. I believe that the vinegar fades the color.
I know that I already wrote about going no poo for life, but the compliment on Friday reminded me that the topic is worth revisiting. If you can find it in yourself to be a little patient with this process, I promise your patience will pay off in the end. And, if your hair is super healthy, you need less styling products! I can't remember the last time I have used any kind of product, as in gel or pomade, or spray, or whatever the kids are using nowadays.
To end all of my babbling, it's great that there are non toxic products out there, but how much are we helping the earth with the excess packaging, and how much are we helping ourselves when we have to sell a kidney to afford it? No poo is a multitasker, taking care of both of these issues.
Another money saving tip concerning hair. If you have a Hair academy in your area that is open to the public, that can be a great way to save money and get a great cut. I go to my local academy, and it's ten bucks for a haircut. And these students really listen to you and give you what you want. They are getting graded so the last thing they want is an unhappy client. I started going to a local academy in Seattle, and have continued the tradition here. So for well over five years I have been doing this, and I have never been unhappy. So that's a great way to get pampered on a budget.

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