Friday, September 5, 2014

Lentils vs. Top Ramen

"Isn't being a vegan super expensive" is something I've heard quite a few times. If you knew the state of my financial affairs you would really laugh at someone saying that to me. But I do understand the question. Even though vegans are sadly still a very small group, the numbers are rising, and it has become way more mainstream. There are way less jokes, I think because people have embraced veganism or as the kids say "plant based diet" for health reasons. Although I relate more with ethical vegans, as an animal lover, if you don't eat them, I love you for that and I don't care why. But back to costs, a lot of vegan food can be uber expensive. And the price only goes up when you are looking for the least funky ingredient list. But you can eat vegan on a top ramen budget, I've done it often. Top Ramen budget should actually be the name of my life story. I always tell people who ask that question that lentils are very very cheap, and if you can afford a carrot and an onion, you have the makings for lentil soup, and that can feed you for days. And it is way more nutritious than top ramen. I love all of the vegan choices, and I think it is so amazing that every day it seems like something new is out there. But if I'm being bluntly honest, even if I were very flush, I wouldn't buy some things based on principle. I won't mention anything by name, but I see some things at the Co-Op and the price makes me laugh and cry at the same time. But also, if you catch certain products when they are first being introduced in a store, they can be significantly cheaper than usual. Usually when I treat myself to some type of treat, it is when it's first introduced at the Co-Op. Quite a few things I probably never would have been able to try if not for that initial sale.
I just never want anyone to think they can't be vegan because of income. Even when people talk being vegan on a budget, a lot of times the budget is like ten dollars a day, or maybe five dollars a day. Well, sometimes you have to make ten dollars worth of food last a week, three meals a day. You can do it. Lentils, my friend lentils. And if no other choice, oriental flavor ramen is vegan. Ha ha.
I just don't want people to think veganism is an elite lifestyle. Veganism is for the elite, the poor, and everyone in between!
On a sad note, was I the only one who thought Joan Rivers would be around forever?

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