Thursday, March 3, 2016

Centerfolds and Stallions!

This is the bus stop where I catch the bus when I take it. It's also right next to the building with the budding tulips, although those are everywhere at this point. This is about a block or a little less away from my apartment, and there is one right outside of my building, but this one has a cover and on rainy days that is important. Especially because my umbrella gave up on life awhile ago, and I haven't replaced it yet.

This is the side of the thrift store I go to so much, Value Village. This artist who signs his stuff henry started painting these adorable animals on buildings around Ballard right before I moved back to PA. I love the cheerful animals, and their eyes. I remember it seemed like this appeared overnight.
The trees are kind of in the way, but you can see how huge the building is. It really cheered the neighborhood up.
This is a terrible picture, and I was feeling very self conscious, but I wanted to note the progress. This is the safeway in my old 'hood. When I made the jump to veganism, I found it very difficult to shop here. I could really only find the basic, bare essentials. Now look at this whole case filled with all kinds of vegan meats and cheeses. They even have daiya frozen pizzas. I also remember the only veggie burgers they had were morningstar farms, now they have gardein, and Beyond Meat right next to morningstar! I am seeing all this change in a span of four to five years, and that is some progress!
I was waiting for my bus, and even though it's far away, (I should have zoomed, I always forget about the zoom) this always cracks me up. It's a strip club, and sometimes it's centerfolds, when it's female strippers, and other times it's called Stallions, when it's male strippers! So hilarious. And soooooo creative! HA ha !
This arm of the kitty tree was where I got the best light! Ha ha!

I have had this sauce in my cupboard for so long, and I just have never used it I got this at Target, but I have seen it at Whole Foods too. I cooked up some garbanzo beans, and steamed some Yukon gold potatoes, and then combined the three I let it simmer on very low heat while I cooked up some rice.
Here are the ingredients, which as you can see are pretty great. This sauce is pretty spicy, I still needed sriracha, I would say if you're super sensitive to spice, try a little bit first. It is really tasty, and I will buy it again. I struggle with curry sauces, sometimes I have luck, other times I don't. So, this is nice to have in the pantry when I'm not in the mood to gamble, I just want some curry! I could actually taste all of the ingredients, and it is really balanced Not too much of anything. I just remembered that I've had their chickpea crisps and I really enjoyed them. The next time I'm at Target or Whole Foods I will check out the other sauce varieties.
I'm trying to really practice, practice, practice with the camera. When I take pictures in public, I get this anxious feeling, and my heart beats and it's just annoying. I also need to learn how to use the camera correctly so I can take pretty pictures! Practice means progress.
Do you have success with homemade curries?


  1. LOVING the snapshots! Fun stuff! Yummers on the food, too!

    1. Thanks! Having a camera is making life a lot more fun!

  2. The pictures are looking so good! I like the curry shot! Also the bus stop looks really nice. I am use to the philly bus stops- gross and full of graffiti. Though we have some cool murals as well.

    I make homemade curries all the time. In fact I've never used jarred curries and I am intimidated to try them. Like how do they work? Just saute stuff and empty the jar on top? I feel like I would get the ratio wrong.

    1. Well, this sauce had everything mixed in, including coconut milk, so you just poured it over the cooked veggies. I've tried the red curry paste in a jar, and I do get the ratio wrong ALL THE TIME!It's either too spicy, or too coconut milk-y.
      I'm very lucky in that the bus stop by my apartment is very well maintained. Others are full of used syringes!