Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sweet and Salty Haul

I ran to my neighborhood grocery for a kombucha, and some other things found their way home with me! I was just talking about caramel, and how hard it's been for me to find vegan caramel yesterday morning, and then look what pops up later that day! Manifest anyone? The Cocomels are a new item at QFC. I got the vanilla flavor, and they are sooooooo good! I hope this isn't TMI or in bad taste, but I call this my PMS haul, ha ha. Chocolate and salty things. What can I say. I have been eating so many potatoes, but I haven't had frozen french fries that were par cooked in some oil in forever, and they were on sale so I just couldn't say no. Stevie couldn't be left out of the haul picture!

Baked in the oven, and doused with Malt vinegar. It really was tasty, and since these fries were shoestring like, it really reminded me of all those days at the fair, eating fries and riding the Super wheel over and over. Good times. Believe it or not, I've always felt more safe on the wobbly ass rides at little old county fairs than the slicker rides at the bigger, more corporate amusement parks.
In Vegan becoming mainstream news, I came across this article today. On NBC News of all places, it can't get much more mainstream. It drives me crazy that people can't make the connection that killing animals is killing them and the planet. It's not just "radical" vegans saying this anymore. Maddening.
But, articles like this are encouraging. It's nice to see mainstream meia write something positive, and protein and kale weren't mentioned once.


  1. That is a good article. It drives me crazy that Stephen Colbert, whom I adore, keeps putting down vegans and constantly eats bacon. He is smart enough to know better.

    1. Yes, he essentially wants to ship vegans to Mars.

    2. I love Stephen Colbert myself. I wasn't aware that he put down vegans. That makes me sad too, because you're right, he is smarter, and his friend Jon Stewert and his wife are very involved with animal rights, and have an animal sanctuary.

  2. Apparently they have chocolate covered caramels by that company! That is what I miss! I know whole foods had some but they stopped selling the one brand. It was so sad.

  3. I just might have to walk down the street and grab a bottle of Booch if they have it in stock! Peer Pressure!!! LOL :)