Monday, December 31, 2018

Sexy Potato Video and a Mini Haul!

If you guys think I know how to make a potato, you should watch this video. I have so many ideas swimming around my head right now. If you have a few minutes you should settle in for some amazing potato porn!!!
oranges,avocados,mini sweet peppers,Romaine hearts,kombucha,popsicles,lemons,tofu,carrots and Roxy!!
Of course the one time I don't get potatoes at the store I come across the sexy potato video! This little haul is from Sprouts, Trader Joe's and Smiths. Sprouts is having a great sale on the cuties and avocados. They're also having a great sale on Brussels sprouts but sadly they were all sold out except for a few wilted sprouts that had definitely seen better days!
I whipped up this delicious salad last night. It's got Romaine, sweet mini peppers, black beans, and tofu baked with salt, pepper and nooch!! This hit the spot! I may not be going full Eat to Live, but I am excited to try and eat a salad a day along with at least half a cup of beans. Those two changes seem doable even with my budget. These changes feel realistic for me right now. Maybe if my budget changes I can make even more changes.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Near Year. Please be safe and careful if you're out and about! See you next year! (I know, I had to I'm sorry!)


  1. I'll have to check out that video! I have been more on a sweet potato kick lately because of my dad's new diet - I have been trying to help him with that - but I bet most of the same would still apply!

    1. They've got you covered, there are some sweet potato recipes included!

  2. Can you get a raincheck for the brussels that are on sale? They’re so good just roasted a good long while! A salad a day with beans sounds totally realistic- there must be hundreds of variations to try even working with limited ingredients. You have to make popped lentils! They’re stupid easy and get this great crispy texture. Best with more firm cooked lentils like green or black ones. And totally amazing on salad!

    Such a fun potato lover video! Who knew??!
    Happy new year to you, hope 2019 is happy and healthy!

    1. OOHH,popped lentils sound great, and I always have lentils on hand!!!
      I am going to Sprouts tomorrow on the last day of the sale. If they're out I'll definitely get a rain check because I haven't really seen any good sales on Brussels this year.
      Happy New Year to you!

  3. Oooh I need to watch that video! I'm all about potatoes so I am curious to see! Great haul and that salad looks delicious! I love adding baked tofu into salads. It really adds to it.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Part of my "new years resolutions" is to make more salads. I like a nice hearty salad, and I need more veggies in my life, so I guess maybe we should both try and post our salads for inspirations lol Been on a taco salad kick which will come to an end tomorrow (the last of the toppings T__T)