Sunday, May 26, 2019

What I Ate on Caturday!!

I had the day off yesterday and I actually took a picture of everything I ate! It wasn't an exciting day of eating, but it was tasty.
I started the day with celery, romaine and pear juice. I'm on week two of the celery juice! As long as I add a little fruit to the mix I can handle it.
I baked these two little potatoes while I did yoga and topped them with hummus and cholula sauce. This hit the spot! Hummus is a pretty good replacement for butter and or sour cream with a baked potato.
Later on I made an orange, carrot and cherry juice. Sprouts has cherries on sale so I bought two bags, and I really shouldn't have. Or I should have tried one first because they are the WORST cherries I've ever had. No flavor at all. They are not pleasurable to eat so I've been adding them to juices and smoothies.
I also snacked on some crackers and hummus. These crackers are really nice, like gluten free Ritz crackers, but less greasy. And they hold up nicely to hummus which can be an issue with some gluten free crackers.
I had an avocado that was ready to go so I made avocado and tofu rolls for dinner. This really hit the spot. I've been craving sushi for awhile now!
It wouldn't have been a Saturday, oh excuse me Caturday without a major cuddle session! Joan was happily napping in her little corner of the couch, and Kiki and Etta just couldn't have that!


  1. I can see that little Kiki is in heaven.

  2. That's cute that they want to be with their sister, Kiki is giving her a big hug!

    Such a disappointment about the cherries. I am glad you can still do something with them. But blergh.

    1. It really is a disappointment! It turns out that it really wasn't that great of a deal!!

  3. Looks like a good day of food, too bad about the cherries, though! Aww, Joan is so loved!