Monday, April 13, 2015

Very Cultured

I just had the simplest, yet most delicious little breakfast, and I have to share. I had a simple little fruit bowl, with two large sliced bananas, a handful of maple pecan granola from the bulk bins of my local Co-op, (yum, if you see this in a bulk bin near you, I seriously recommend!) and the star of the show, So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk in vanilla flavor! I had all but given up on vegan yogurt, and it was a spontaneous buy for sure. I am so glad I gave this a try. It is much smoother and creamier than, well any other vegan yogurt I've tried. It is thinner than I remember traditional yogurt being, but I was okay with that. It was perfect for a fruit and granola bowl. The vanilla flavor is strong, and it was just the right amount of sweet. I feel like I want to dip fresh strawberries in this yogurt, like it's a dip. I bet it would be great in this recipe! So Delicious is a company that I trust fully. I would never feel scared to try something they make. If you haven't tried this yogurt/cultured coconut milk, you should run to your grocery to try it, it is well So delicious!
I was torn between the yogurt, and a new product I've been very curious about, Hemp Tofu. I've been looking at this tofu for weeks now, and I put it in my basket, then put it back, and so on and so forth. For weeks I've been doing this. I am a dork. I don't know why I'm scared of hemp tofu. It's not so much that I'm scared of the tofu, but it is almost two dollars more than soy tofu, so I'm scared of the extra cost, especially when soy is not an issue for me. Anyway, one of these times I hope I am brave enough to try this mystery product, but for now I am super happy with my big container of vanilla happiness. Have you tried hemp tofu?

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