Monday, April 6, 2015

Biotic Woman

I love tangy, salty things like pickles, sauerkraut, and olives. I had been eying this Bao Raw Slaw for awhile, and last week I finally decided to splurge and try it. I got the spicy flavor, which has daikon along with cabbage. It also has apple and pear, which for some reason kind of scared me at first. But no fear, the apple and pear go wonderfully with the spicy slaw. It makes me feel like I'm eating the most delicious combination of the best sauerkraut, and the best Kimchi. I've mostly been eating this out of a jar with a fork, but I did have some on a green salad which was amazing, and also I made a cold cheese sandwich with Chao original creamy, and some of this slaw, and man I want another one right now. I'm also thinking of a Bahn-Mi with this as the veg/pickled element. The spicy is definitely spicy, so if you have a low heat tolerance, you might want to stick to one of their other flavors. They have a Greens slaw made with Kale, collards, dandelion greens, and radish leaves(!) I have never eaten a radish leaf! Anyway, I will try that one next. It is a splurge at $ 9.99 foe a 15oz. jar, but it is sooo worth it. Although I can't afford to buy this every week, it will be on my radar for sure. I love that this crunchy, spicy deliciousness is good for my gut!
Even if I'm not buying any veggie burgers, or nuggets etc., I like to look in the meatless frozen food section to see if there are any new developments that slipped past me. I was surprised to see that MorningStar Farms has quietly rolled out a couple of not only vegan, but also organic vegan products. I saw a roasted garlic and quinoa burger which in addition to being vegan, and organic, it has ingredients that are actual foods. I also saw a box of garden veggie nuggets, which are also vegan, and organic. The ingredient list is again full of quinoa, veggies, and real ingredients. I picked up a box of these to try, they were on sale, and I like to support their decision to offer more vegan options, not to mention cleaning up their ingredient list. There is clearly more of a demand for vegan options, which is great news! More vegans, more vegans!! Since I've been all learny and stuff, when I try these I will try to remember to take a picture! The box looks like they have corn, and peas, and carrots. They look pretty good. When I was vegetarian, I enjoyed MorningStar Farms products, even though they had some funky ingredients. I think MorninStar Farms deserves a high five for making more vegan products, what do you think?

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