Thursday, April 9, 2015

Libraries Are Bitchin'

This is a funny picture of Dylan sleeping on one of my library books. He's dreaming of becoming a skinny bitch in the kitch! He has always made odd choices when finding something to sleep on. Years ago, I got a hilarious picture of him using a Becks beer bottle as a pillow, and the funniest thing about the picture was that my yoga mat was nearby, and would have made a much softer pillow. But at the time, we were all about that Becks!
I had to return some overdue library books yesterday, and I decided to check out their veggie friendly cookbook section, and was pleasantly surprised to find some new to me, and to the library choices! I checked out Skinny Bitch Ultimate EveryDay CookBook by Kim Barnouin, and also My Beef With Meatby Rip Esselstyn.  They also had a little display of "new, exciting finds" and there were a bunch of pretty new cookbooks, and five of them were vegetarian, with three of those being vegan! Isn't it really amazing how far we've come?  They're making room for us on the main stage!
I started going through the Skinny Bitch book first. The beginning of the book is kind of for beginners, it covers things like "why buy local, organic, seasonal." And it covers pantry staples, different sweeteners, the dirty dozen, clean fifteen. It also covers meat and dairy substitutes, and what are the worst additives.  Years ago I had a copy of the original Skinny Bitch, and I remember the recipes relied a lot more on fake meats and cheeses. The recipes in this book are a lot more whole foods based, and seem to be a lot lighter.
The recipes are broken down into Breakfast, Soups, Salads, Sauces and Dressings, Sides, Dinners, and Desserts. There are lots of beautiful pictures, which in my opinion is a big plus. The recipes seem to have very accessible ingredients, another big plus. The recipes don't seem to be super basic, but you don't have to be a five star chef either. There is a recipe for curried egg-less tofu salad that is on my must make for this weekend. I love that this book is at the library, and I love that it definitely makes being a vegan seem super easy breezy beautiful vegan girl! As I make recipes from this book, I will report my opinion, and possibly even take some low quality pictures too! My Beef with Meat is more of a read, with an added bonus of what look to be some amazing recipes. I love reading articles online, and finding recipes, but there is just always something about a book that in my heart is very special.
I've been distracted by other things this week, and I realized I've slipped on my earth month suggestions! So, today I'm sticking with the library theme. Libraries are a great place to teat out books, or even magazines. Almost  every cookbook I own was first checked out at the library, to make sure they would be used. And most libraries have book sales every six months or so. I bought an oldie, but goodie Linda McCartney cookbook for one dollar at a library book sale.

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