Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Might be Here!

Since yesterday actually felt like spring outside, I decided to make a cold pasta salad full of veggies. I made a cheaters version of Garden Rotini with Inner Goddess dressing from Vegan on the Cheap, by Robin Robertson. I love that cookbook. I found it on sale quite a few years ago, and I use it often! Anyway, in this recipe she tosses noodles, and veg with a homemade version of Annie's Goddess dressing. I have made the homemade version many times and it is amazing, however yesterday I didn't  have some of the ingredients, and I had no nuts soaking. I did have an actual bottle of Annie's Goddess I had found on sale, so it was meant to be. I cooked up about half of a package of whole wheat rotini, added a cup of sliced sweet baby peppers(red, yellow, and orange), three sliced green onions, two cloves of minced garlic, and one cup of shelled edamame that I cooked with the pasta for the last three minutes. I tossed in enough Goddess dressing to coat, added some pepper and the juice of one lemon, and let chill. It tasted amazing with a big Romaine salad for dinner. I totally forgot to measure the dressing, I estimate that I used about one half of a cup, with maybe a few more glugs. I was so excited about adding my first food picture, I forgot to take notes. Could I have it together less?
I know the picture is too bright, and doesn't show exactly how beautiful this dish is, but trust me it is really lovely, and tastes even better. I love dishes like this where you can swap out the veg for what you have on hand. The original recipe calls for tomatoes, radishes, and garbanzo beans. I used peppers, green onion, and edamame. Both versions are delicious!
Now that I somewhat have pictures figured out, I will work on how to get some better lighting. I almost didn't bother with this picture, but I decided to add it anyway. I am a work in progress, as is this blog, and we are slowly getting there. I am learning what I need, and regardless of the bad lighting I am super proud that I am learning things I always thought were way over my head. It really always goes back to progress, not perfection.

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