Thursday, April 23, 2015

Deal of the Month!!

Target Haul!
I had to exchange something at Target, so of course I had to buy more Raw & Organic Live Kombucha Soda! This time I picked up revive rootbeer, and of course Dr. Pure their version of Dr. Pepper! I don't know how these guys do it. Dr.Pepper is a pretty distinct taste. It tastes like less sweet Dr. Pepper. Not like diet, it has no funky fake taste, just like Dr. Pepper if they knocked it down a few notches. I also had to get the Dreamy Orange again. I love this Kombucha so much, I should marry it. The other super awesome thing I found were Sweet Earth veggie burgers! I really like this company. So far, I've had their seitan bacon, and their Curry Tiger burrito and loved both, so I figured how bad could their veggie burgers be? Here's the best part of the whole thing. They were on clearance for $1.98 a package! They come two burgers in a package, so a dollar a burger? Yes please! These burgers are made with seitan, farro, garbanzo beans, and more. Nothing funky or chemical. The ingredient list is clean. I chose the Za' Atar flavor, as I love Za'Atar seasoning. It's really good on a toasted pita. Anyway, it's so exciting to be able to try something new. Veggie burgers weren't in my budget, after choosing my beloved kombucha. Sometimes you can find deals in the most random places, so I've learned to always keep my eyes open. There is a store here called Christmas Tree Shops, and this store is kind of overwhelming because they have a little bit of everything. I don't go there often, but when I do I always come home with vegan goodies for cheap. They often have Peanut Butter & Co. products for ridiculously cheap. And they always have fancy pants crackers that I love for actual affordable prices. I've also read that places like Marshall's, T.J. Max, and even Bed Bath and Beyond sometimes have some specialty foods at great deals. It's a nice way that you can splurge, and not come up short on rent. Now that vegan food is becoming way more mainstream, it's going to start popping up on more and more shelves. It's great too when things are so cheap, because it could be more enticing for a non-vegan to try something, and fall in luuuuuuurve!! Vegan specialty foods can be super expensive, and vegan or not, most of us are on a budget. So, when some veggie burgers are only two dollars, it could be much more worth the "risk". I will of course give a full report on what I think of the burgers, and the booch flavor I have yet to try, Root Beer!! I was going to sip it while writing this, however I drank a smoothie, and now I'm cold and have to drink warm tea. Winter has decided to slap at spring a little bit, yesterday I saw some flakes.(?!?)

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