Saturday, April 11, 2015

Burnt Nuggets, Soft Skin

Well, I have good and bad news concerning these new, vegan, organic Garden Veggie Nuggets from MorningStar Farms. By the way, that is Dylan in the corner. He thought these nuggets were really interesting, and just wanted to sniff away! I am not someone who worries about "animal germs". I let my kitties check out what's going on in their kitchen.
The good news is that MorningStar Farms is clearly trying to offer more vegan products, so that is of course wonderful. That's kind of where the good news ends. Right out of the package, they looked burnt. They looked like frozen, burnt nuggets with corn and peas in them. I cooked them in the oven, per instructions on the box. I did take them out about two or three minutes early, because at this point they looked REALLY burnt. They smelled very herby, like they had some Italian seasoning, or something of the sort. Smells can be deceiving, friends. They tasted of nothing but burnt breading. Have you ever burnt something that is coated in breadcrumbs? That is the taste of these nuggets. They also are crumbly, and the peas and corn seem completely out of place in these nuggets. I want to E-mail MorningStar Farms, and ask them if they want to give vegan food a bad name. They make tasty vegetarian burgers and such, so this was a real let down. Because these nuggets are organic, they are about $1.50 more than their other products, which makes these nuggets even more of a disaster. I can't recommend these to anyone, as a matter of fact run like the wind in the opposite direction if you see these. These are maybe the worst prepackaged food I've ever had in my whole life.
A lot of non-veg people trust MorningStar Farms for some reason. My parents, whose fear of vegan food is palpable, almost always have a box of MorningStar Farms vegetarian black bean burgers in their freezer, for when they try to be "healthier". So, if someone like them decided to try something vegan, and grabbed a box of these, well lets just say no one would declare vegan food delicious. They would say, "just as I suspected, dry, bland, and blech. I am going to E-mail them as soon as I type this and express my concerns. This is not what vegan food tastes, or looks like.
As spring is blooming, today's Earth Month tip is a friendly reminder of the blessings of coconut oil. If you want to get your skin looking healthy, and ready to be shown off,  moisturize with unrefined coconut oil. I made it through this harsh, terrible winter with soft, non itchy skin because of coconut oil. It absorbs quickly, and just makes your skin look and feel amazing. Plus, you can find coconut oil for around seven or eight dollars, and it lasts a loooong time, so it's a money saver as well!!

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