Monday, April 27, 2015

Cool Vegans, Bad Pizza

This is another favorite YouTube channel of mine. They give very calm, rational advice, and they have studies, and facts to back up what they say. They also seem to stay out of a lot of the vegan wars that seem to happen on the webz. While they do promote healthy vegan eating, and healthy living in general, they also don't seem to have the same obsession with being lean and thin that other vegan channels, especially channels which focus on a lot of Raw eating do. It feels like a very natural and organic channel, and since discovering it a few weeks ago, I've really come to love it! In my pre- vegan days, I never cared for Dominoes anyway. I always felt a little ill after eating it. I do understand Dominoes saying that they didn't have a consumer demand for vegan cheese. I think of Dominoes as the pizza place that caters to the kind of people who watch Guy Fieri, and wrestling. Even if Dominoes served Daiya, I would never order from them because I just feel like they are the Walmart of the pizza world. That being said, it still is interesting that in 2015 there are still food companies who don't think offering vegetarian/vegan options makes sense. When it comes to offering non-dairy cheese, it makes sense because a lot of people avoid dairy who aren't vegan. Lots of people are paying attention to their lactose intolerance. I see more and more people buying almond, coconut, and other plant milks every day.
Dominoes has it wrong, because I feel like vegans get super excited when they find new vegan offerings, and we show it with our dollar. I alone have paid for someone's Holiday bonus at Field Roast since discovering Chao Slices! I know Chipotle has been successful with their tofu sofritas, as has Subway with their expanded vegan offerings.
I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope you enjoy Happy Healthy Vegan, and pass the word that Dominoes is very vegan unfriendly!

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