Friday, April 24, 2015

Come Together

I was reading about Adam Richman, host of the rather appalling Man vs. Food adopting a vegan diet for weight loss reasons. He, like so many celebs before him has fallen off the vegan wagon, and so people are upset. I used to work at a bar where that show was often on, and it is a complete abomination. Vegan or not, it's a lot of what is wrong with America. So, I was shocked the person who hosts this show would even be open to veganism in the first place. A lot of those super Bro like meaty celebrity chefs still make fun of vegans like it's 2003. I read a little about his vegan "diet", and it seems he actually doesn't take low blows at vegans, eats vegan here and there to lose weight, and that's pretty much it. The most important thing to me is that he's not trashing veganism. That's what gets on my nerves when a high profile person gives up on a vegan diet, and feels the need to trash the lifestyle and food. When I hear of anyone, celebrity or not who wants to adopt a vegan diet to lose weight, or anti-age, or spiritually cleanse, or detox, I usually know that we won't be celebrating any veganiversarys any time soon. The vegan diet has been getting tons of positive press for weight loss, and skin glowing. We get mad at these people when they give up the diet, but none of them really ever said they were becoming vegan for life. It is frustrating that it doesn't stick, and it makes you wonder why it doesn't stick, especially for people who have access to super fancy chefs! I don't have the answers, but I do know that meaty chefs who play to a very meaty audience have some influence over that meaty audience. So, when their beloved meaty chef adopts a vegan diet, loses weight, gains some vitality, and says that they enjoyed the food enough to adopt more plant foods into their diet, that opens some minds. Just the fact that one of their own(a fellow meat head) is suggesting that you don't have to eat every meal wrapped in bacon, is progress in my opinion. People who don't care about animals, or the environment will not ever listen to an animal loving vegan. But they just might listen to a man who makes a living out of eating burgers bigger than my head.

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