Tuesday, April 28, 2015

So, This Pizza and Salad Walked into a Juice Bar....

Yum and Yum
This is some out of this world tofu salad, made other worldly with a little help from black salt. And also a very delicious, vegan friendly pizza, showing Domino's how it's done. For the pizza, I used a Rustic Crust Flatbread and topped it with some marinara, Chao original creamy, kale, green olives, artichoke hearts, and white beans. So good. It was my first time trying the Rustic Flatbread, and I really liked it. I noticed that the sourdough(the one I used) and the multi-grain, and also whole wheat were vegan, however the Italian Herb had honey in it(?) It's strange sometimes why companies place animal products in certain things. Anyway, the crust is thin, and bakes up nice and crisp, and actually tastes a lot fresher than other pre-made crusts I've had. The bonus is no terrifying, impossible to pronounce ingredients. For the Chao slices, I just cut some slices to resemble shreds, and put the cheese over the sauce, under the toppings. It was rich and melty, so much better than Daiya! Chao doesn't seem to like direct heat in it's face, but prefers to be gently warmed. I've never had an issue with melting Chao when it is somewhat protected from the heat.
For the Tofu "Eggless" salad, I made it up as I went, but I wrote down what I made up!!
  • 1 pkg.tofu (extra firm)
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 1/2 tsp. yellow mustard
  • 1 T. dill relish
  • S&P to taste
  • 1/2 to 1 tsp. black salt
  • A little less than 1/4 C. Just Mayo, or your fave vegan mayo
I sliced my tofu(after draining) and placed the slices on a baking sheet with some S&P and a smidge of coconut oil at 350 F. for about ten minutes on each side. I feel like it gives the tofu a bit more of an eggy texture, but this is certainly not necessary, you can just crumble the tofu right out of the package. Anyway, after baking, I crumbled the tofu, diced the celery, and mixed all the ingredients. The black salt is unbelievable. This tasted just like egg salad. I used 1/2 tsp. in my egg salad, but other recipes call for more, so I think like regular salt and pepper, it's kind of up to individual tastes. One thing I noticed is the black salt seems to lose flavor over time. The next day after making it, I needed to add a little more of the black salt, as it had lost some of the eggy taste. I think this tofu salad would still be delicious without the black salt too!

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