Monday, April 20, 2015

I Heart Yoga

I woke up feeling a little down today, so I did some yoga to open my hips(the emotional junk drawer) and shoulders. I feel better, as I usually do after yoga. I have taken yoga classes in the past, but taking classes on the regular hasn't really been in my budget, and also I just feel more comfortable doing any form of exercise in the privacy of my own home. Luckily for myself, and anyone who feels the way I do, YouTube has just about any type of exercise you could ever imagine! I have gotten to experience so many different types of workouts that I never would be brave enough to do in public! Sometimes I'm embarrassed to have a cat watching me.
I discovered Fightmaster Yoga last fall-ish, and it has become one of my go to channels for yoga. Lesley Fightmaster has a calm, soothing yoga voice. She sounds just like you would imagine the perfect yoga instructor would sound. She explains the postures so well, and also gives tips on aligning your body correctly in certain poses that are very helpful. I've much improved my yoga practice since discovering her channel. She has beginners yoga, to more advanced classes including head and shoulder stands. She ends each class by reading a quote, or passage from books, people, poems, etc while in final resting pose(Savasana). It's almost eerie how so many times what she reads is exactly what I needed to hear in that exact moment!
I learned of a wonderful book, or guide called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz from Lesley Fightmaster. I am now a proud owner of my own copy, and I am looking foward to many years of learning from this book. Getting my body and mind stretched, and aligned is really been very beneficial, and soothing.
Do you like the energy of taking yoga classes, or being a gym member, or do you like to workout in the privacy of your own home?

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