Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vegan Dill Pickle Chips!

Have you ever noticed that a lot of dill pickle flavor chips and crackers are not vegan? It's strange. I saw this bag when I was at the Co-op, and after checking and re-checking the ingredients, they are vegan! They remind me of the popped chips a lot of people are making. That is two of the crisps to the right of the bag. They are light and airy, and crispy. The color is a bit strange, not as dark as some black bean chips, more of a blah brown. They are made by Lesser Evil, which is a new to me snack company. They make lots of snacks, including popcorn, and chips made out of kale, and various beans. I was perusing their website, and they do have a good selection of vegan snacks, but they do have a lot with cheese, so as usual read the ingredient list! I noticed on the chips I have, they proudly display their soy free, gluten free etc. status, but they don't have the little v anywhere. It threw me off, which was why I read the ingredient list over and over. The person who was stocking the shelves probably thought I was a little strange! Anyway, onto taste. They taste like pickles! And not in a super salty, greasy fake way. I can taste actual dill, and they have a little bit of a vinegary, zesty kick. I'm really enjoying snacks that aren't dripping with grease, salt and orange #5 or whatever color. I just enjoyed a handful of these chips, and I feel like I cured my snackey craving, but also I feel like I got some energy from these snacks! I know, we live in a world where you can have your vegan snack, and eat it too. These crisps are made from black beans, and chia seeds, so you are getting protein and fiber. They are low in fat, and low in sodium especially for a chip, and a flavorful chip! I'm going to be on the lookout for other vegan snacks from this company!

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