Friday, May 27, 2016

So Many Pictures, So Much Chatter, and Pupusas!

I did make it to Trader Joe's! I didn't get there as early as I would have liked, so it was a little busier than I was hoping, but somehow I survived!
Pizza dough, apple cider vinegar, bread, spinach, tomato paste and tofu
Frozen peaches, shredded cabbage, oranges, sweet potatoes and carrots
I totally forgot powdered ginger, powdered garlic, and chocolate chips and also more vegan ice cream sandwiches. I had a guy on the bus being weird and annoying, and then with all the activity in the store I got a little frazzled. I also looked for and asked about the new vegan marshmallows, and sadly they were all out. The employee that I asked told me a million times how delicious they are! I kind of figured they would be sold out because the interwebz went insane over these marshmallows! I might call them and ask them to reserve a bag for me when they get more. I don't know if they do that, but it's worth a try. It's like, I never knew how badly I needed vegan marshmallows till this happened!
I'm going to do my Trader Joe's budget challenge next week, maybe starting Tuesday or Wednesday. I just wanted to take a little break, although to be honest this haul wasn't much more than thirty five dollars.
booch, cauliflower, red onion, ginger, tahini sauce, and sriracha hummus!!!
I knew I had another picture of my haul! It wouldn't let me post it with the rest without messing everything up. Sorry! Have you had the sriracha hummus from Trader Joe's? I am seriously in love. And if I were the marrying type, I would totally marry it! I plan on making my own hummus this week, but I also had to try this. It was under two dollars, so that made the decision super easy!
I made a delicious sandwich with toasted bread, sriracha hummus, avocado and banana peppers.
Seriously amazing!
I also had another green juice with cucumber, apple, kale, chard, turmeric and ginger. Zesty and delicious!
For dinner, I did it! I made pupusas!! They were super easy to make, and seriously delicious. When I tasted the first pupusa, I had the same reaction as the first time I tasted a Banh Mi, complete wonderment! And wondering how I've lived a life without pupusas. I found making the little discs to be relaxing. I just put on some Young Turks and listened to my dream man Cenk rant while I made pupusas. I used this recipe for the dough and also the slaw, or curtido. From start to finish this recipe came together in under thirty minutes. I did cheat by using canned refried beans, so that cut back on time. I want to get some more jackfruit and make a shredded jackfruit filling. From my pupusa research, it seems these are most often filled with shredded meat(no) and cheese, or beans and cheese. And always served with the slaw, or curtido. The girl I watched on YouTube was kind of right, they are similar to Quesadillas, but fancier. I would so bring these to a picnic or potluck, they are delicious and I think something that isn't that common, so they would be a real show stopper.
After you fill the whole in the dough ball with your filling, you just kind of gently keep pressing down on the ball to make it a disc. Because of that procedure, the filling gets dispersed throughout the disc, so you get bites of filling and dough equally. The outside gets a little crisp, and the inside is soft. And the cool, vinegar-y slaw is perfect with it. I can see why every recipe I looked at stressed the importance of the curtido. I should have cut one in half to show the inside. I just ate the leftovers for breakfast. I will be making these again, so next time I'll use my head more. I was so freaking happy with the results I'm surprised I even took a picture at all! I half expected to have a fail, because I've never made these. As I was preparing them, I was thinking about my back up plan for dinner! Ha ha! I'm super glad I tried this recipe, I found a new food to love which is always a great thing!
Happy Friday!


  1. I've not heard of puposas before but they sound lovely. And yay that they worked. I spend several hours last Sunday trying to make aqua faba macaron and they were a total fail. I was going to attempt what looked like a fairly easy croissant recipe on the same day but couldn't bear the thought of two fails so I've postponed that to this weekend.

    1. Kitchen fails are so frustrating! Awhile back I had a string of fails with different recipes that I tried, and each one was a fail. I went quite awhile with just doing my own thing in the kitchen. Good luck with the croissants, that is definitely something I've never had as a vegan!
      I've been reading and watching a lot on the aqua faba craze, and I am very curious about it.

  2. So much awesomeness in this post! I'm 100% with you, Trader Joe's is only bearable first thing in the morning. When I go I'm there when the doors open and sometimes it's unbearable then! Looks like you got a great haul! The sandwich sounds so yummy and the pupusas look amazing!! That is definitely something I would like to try!

    1. I know. It's like the first fifteen minutes after they open is really the only safe time! And sometimes even then it's busy, full of all the other people trying to avoid the madness!
      The sandwich is a new favorite, I had it yesterday too!
      Pupusas are seriously delicious, and easy to make. Like way easier than I expected. I was prepared to be in the kitchen for AWHILE, and to have a huge mess to clean up, and neither happened. And the leftovers reheat really well! And masa flour is easy to find, cheap, and naturally gluten free!

  3. On the plus side, taking a bus to Trader Joe's saves you from the hassle of finding a parking space. In Virginia, the TJ's parking lots were always too small for the amount if people wanting to shop there. Maybe one will open up down here one day...

    Doubt I will ever make Pupusas, but the Sandwich looks like a winner.

    1. It seems like the parking at the one I go to is a mess too. It's in a complex with a very popular gym and a Ross dress for less, so drivers always look super annoyed!
      How perfect would your life be if you got a Trader Joe's??

  4. This post was making me so hungry and then I looked at the time. Dang I wish I had the time to make those pupusas!

    1. They're so dang good, and a lot less time and effort than you would think. I hope you get to make them soon!