Saturday, May 21, 2016

Booze, Budgets, and Caturday!

Before I start with my regularly scheduled budget post, I thought I would share some good news for anyone who enjoyed a Bailey's and cream in their pregan days. Baily's has come out with a vegan version made with almond milk! I never cared for Bailey's myself, I don't like how at first it's all creamy and sweet, and then you can taste the burn from the liquor. But I know from my years trapped behind a bar that people love it, and I have heard vegans say they miss it.
I also ran to Target yesterday, and they were sold out of ALL of the Just dressings, and they had a new flavor of the Just Mayo, Truffle! I don't know if I like truffled things. I know I like chocolate truffles, but I have never been bougie enough to try anything with truffles. But it's so awesome that they're making MORE flavors!
Now on to more budget meals! Today is day five, and I'm feeling alive! I am the worst, I'm sorry but I do have a very cashew cheese-y side to me. Anyway, I started with the usual, oven fries for breakfast. Always satisfying, always delicious.
Reading and fries, the best way to start the day!
I had to return a library book, and get a few things at Target so by the time I walked to and fro, I was hungry again. I had a leftover lentil burger, which was even better the next day! I dipped it in spicy yellow mustard. Yum.
Joan likes to supervise the counter area.
I also made another juice, this one was beet, pineapple and carrot. Pretty good, even if it has a beet in it!
For dinner I was craving rice and tofu, so that's what I had! I also had it with half an avocado and some soy sauce and sriracha. Super simple and super tasty. Rice and avocado really like each other!
Chunk is very curious about sriracha. He got a little too close and sneezed like a million times!

So, I am feeling great, I certainly don't feel deprived. I mean, I feel deprived of snacks I guess, like chips or chocolate but I don't feel like I'm lacking any nutrients or anything. I walk to and from a lot of places, and have been keeping up with my more intense workouts, and my energy levels are fine. In fact, I think I feel better than normal, because I am eating super healthy. All in all this has been a walk in the park to be honest. The best advice I can give really anyone, but especially those on a budget is to learn how to cook. Teach yourself, have someone teach you, whatever however but learn. There is no way to eat healthy on a budget if you can't cook. This is  easier for me now than even a few years ago because I've learned some things along the way. Because of little things I've learned, I'm able to have more variety. That bag of lentils is becoming much more than soup!
It's Saturday, which means it's Caturday, and I have to leave you with this cute picture of Chunk. He is such a little attention seeker, I was going to take a picture of something else, and he just had to show me his belly, and if you notice one eye is open. He loves the camera!
Happy Caturday!


  1. Awwww! That Chunk. He knows we're looking at him. Who cares about the friggin' Kardashians and their shit show? I wanna see Chunk pics break the internet. Poor guy with the sneezing :(. Think he learned or will he sniff it again? Happy Caturday!

    1. I think he will sniff again, because he licked my plate one time and it had hot sauce on it, and he sneezed like a million times, but came back. He is just too curious for his own good sometimes!

  2. How exciting to see more vegan options at target! Cooking is definitely key to sticking to a tight budget, especially to have healthy meals. I've been making popped lentils to put on salads lately- perfect for when i cook a bunch of lentils and want to do something with the rest

    Chunk is too cute !! Hope he is done sniffing your siracha :)

    1. Thanks for the link and idea! I had never heard of making lentils like that, and I thought I was a lentil expert!
      I think I ust need to keep it out of his reach, because he will never not try to sniff!

  3. I am glad for the new vegan Baileys. If it comes down here, I will buy some I think.

    Cant believe how you just whip up Tofu and Rice for dinner, looks restaurant quality.

    1. I actually thought of you when I first heard about it. I remember you used to have some fun liquors to try.
      I can't believe I never realized how well avocado goes with rice, without being wrapped in seaweed!

  4. I am not a big bailey's fan either, but it is used so often cocktail (which I do like) so it can be frustrating when I see a cocktail that uses it. I know there are recipes to make it, but then you have a whole batch and need to drink it in x amount of time. I don't need that much booze. So I might end up getting their new vegan baileys!