Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beige All Day

I decided to use my seventh day on five dollars a day as a day to use up stuff, and use pantry items too. As you can see by my meals, other than the juice I made with the rest of the pineapple and one lonely beet, my day was pretty damn beige. That is to be expected at the end of the week when you're on a really tight budget.
Tofu and rice with sriracha and sweet chili sauce
The picture is not crooked, I was!!

I had some Trader Joe's shredded potatoes in my freezer, half an onion, and some cooked lentils so I combined them together with some spices and threw it in the oven. It was edible. I think what makes hash browns so delicious is the copious amounts of butter/vegan butter/oil used in cooking them so when you try to make them oil free or low oil they just aren't the same. So that was my beige, depressing food day.
I just deleted over an hour's worth of words on this post. I'm trying to articulate my feelings about my budget challenge I finished, and no matter how I phrase anything it sounds angry, so that's not the message I want to spread!
I've spent my entire adult life on a strict food budget, but more often than that no food budget. Like I'm talking it was lucky that I worked in restaurants no food budget. So this wasn't really a challenge, so much as just another day. But I hope that in my own tiny way I helped to show that you can eat vegan food from a regular old grocery on a budget. And although things got beige at the end, I was able to have a decent amount of fresh fruit and vegetables.
I'm now going to go and sort my emotions and get to the bottom of this unexpected flash of emotion.
Afro and Kanye!
 Happy Tuesday!


  1. Gosh, you have been having an emotional week, are you still walking up that hill? that could help.

    1. I walked it yesterday. It did help a little. I had kind of abandoned the hill walking when I stepped up my workouts, but you're right the hill really did help me more emotionally than physically.

  2. Your cats are TOO CUTE and the color of that juice is out of this world!!!!

    1. I love the color of beet juice so much more than the taste!