Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teen Angst

Top Banana produce stand in Ballard. I used to go here all the time in the summer when I lived in Ballard. I decided to go there yesterday and check it out, see if it's still the same(it is)Before I left, I read a little article about the owner, and he used to be a butcher, got burned out, and opened a produce stand. To be honest with you, there is another produce stand closer to me, but after reading that article, I had to go support the owners decision. Fruits and vegetables are the way to go. I was going to take pictures of all the pretty produce, but it's right across the street from Ballard high school, and when I walked in, there was a throng of loud high schoolers. It was overwhelming, and I forgot all about pictures. The good news is yay for teenagers going to a produce stand for lunch.
I only grabbed a pineapple and two Ataulfo mangoes. I guess no matter how old some of us get, walking into a place full of teenagers is very intimidating, especially if you were teased or bullied.
I took a picture of the street as I was walking to Top Banana yesterday. It was sunny, and I was walking down this gorgeous tree lined street, and the air smelled like lilacs, and I just felt so happy to be in such a beautiful neighborhood. I felt so safe.

I came across this tropical looking tree. Does anyone know what it is? Is it a palm tree, or a pineapple tree? I don't know, I am the worst at guessing. I'm sure I wold die if stranded in nature, I would for sure eat the wrong berry or leaf. Anyway, the trunk reminded me of Mr. Snuffleupagus.
Something else I LOVE about Ballard is I lost track of how many Bernie Sanders signs I saw in widows and on yards! Seriously, it was amazing! They are my people! I'm always "Feeling the Bern"!!!
I made an Udon noodle bowl for dinner last night. I made some Asian slaw with cabbage and kale, and sliced some Thai tofu and green onions, and topped it with some sweet chili sauce and sriracha.
This was so tasty! I see why Udon noodles are your favorite, Sarah! I used the brown rice variety, and they were delicious. I love the chewy texture!
I accidentally left my cupboard open for two seconds, and look what I found!
That's Roxie. Usually it's Joan that is all over any opened door or drawer, but Roxie felt like she needed some alone time I guess! First world cat problems!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Haha kitty in the cupboard! That is too cute! Yaaaaaaassss for the udon noodle bowl! That looks amazing, I am so into the udon noodles as you clearly know :) The texture is so amazing, especially when consumed with mass quantities of veggies :)

    Minus the teenagers I'm glad your trip to Ballard was a success!!

    1. I forgot how chewy the Udon noodles are. I need to stock up at Grocery Outlet! Thanks for reminding me of their deliciousness.

  2. I'm guessing Palm Tree but then again I don't know for sure! LOL :) It love how hairy it is! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Palm Trees!!!! I love pineapple too!

    1. Yes, I kind of thought palm too, but I don't know!

  3. It is a Palm Tree of some sort cuz Pineapples dont grow in trees. Very cute kitty pic.

    1. Oh, thanks! I always thought pineapple grew on trees!
      I am the worst!
      Roxy tried jumping up in the cupboard again, but this time there were plates in her way, and she was very irritated with me. Cats.