Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Julia's Table Gluten Free Tortillas

You guys know I struggle with living life gluten free. I miss everything about gluten, including making seitan!! I used to love to experiment with homemade seitan! Gluten free products are a million times more expensive and smaller sizes than their gluten filled counterparts. And so many of them are downright horrible! I once paid eight dollars for a loaf of gluten free bread! And it was terrible, dense like cornbread and very oddly sweet.
Gluten free tortillas are even worse! Many have no pliability which kind of ruins the idea of a wrap, burrito or quesadilla. Mission brand makes gluten free tortillas that are okay for tacos or quesadillas. But they kind of do this weird curling up thing when you bend them and also while cooking. They're around five dollars for five or six so I don't buy them often.
I saw a new to me brand of gluten free tortillas on a buy one get one sale at Smith's, and since the package proudly announced they were vegan I decided to risk it. Even though buy one get one is a great deal financially, it can be a bad if they're bad. Cause I have two packages I have to eat!
They have these seedy wraps, and I also saw some with cauliflower. I'm kind of over cauliflower in everything, but that's neither here or there.
I decided to see what kind of quesadilla they would make. I had some cilantro rice, garlic-y black beans and avocado ready to go. Plus a little cheddar style daiya.
The first thing I noticed is how pliable they are right out of the package. I was able to fill them and fold them over with ease, and they don't curl up. They got a little browned, but not quite as crispy as flour tortillas get.
I really enjoyed these and I'm actually glad I have two packages because I really love quesadillas! I used to love to throw leftovers from dinner in a tortilla and crisp it up for leftover breakfast quesdillas! These would probably make great wraps to because as I said, they're flexible. Someone has been doing her yoga!
The package says this is a Utah company, so I'm not sure how available these are other places, but I highly recommend these tortillas!


  1. Oh yay!! I know that struggle with wraps! Though mine don't have to be gluten-free, I try to find sprouted wheat when possible. But all of the sprouted wheat ones are terrible! They either break or curl. I've had better luck with whole wheat wraps, but they're always way too small for the giant burritos I want! I'm glad you found some gluten-free wraps that work well!!

  2. HOORAY! I am so glad you have an option now!

  3. Yey for decent gluten free wraps! I remember my old job having to try tons of wraps to make burritos with. It was impossible to find anything that tasted good, and was affordable. Even still the option we picked had a totally different taste and only came in a small size.

  4. I'm so excited that you've found some nice gluten-free wraps!

  5. Hurrah! I am glad that the gamble paid off and you have some good wraps!