Tuesday, December 23, 2014


This morning as I was coming in from feeding the outdoor kitties, for some reason little Robin decided to run outside. I have no idea why, he has never shown any interest in being outside. I tried to get him, and he ran off of my deck. I have weird sleeping habits, so it's very early, meaning I would get arrested for yelling too loud, and I saw him run into my neighbor's yard, and I went to get him, and he ran away. I an so devastated right now. It's oddly mild this week, in the forties and fifties, but I know that will soon change. Not to mention it's supposed to be really rainy this week. I hope he comes back, or at least comes to the deck when he's hungry, and I can grab him again. I can't stop crying, and of course I have to pull it together, as I have to be in with the public.  I thought he was happy, and he even seemed to like me a little. I keep looking at his spot on my couch, expecting to see his little face. Please send good vibes to Robin.

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