Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Met a few Sugar Free Plum Fairies......

So I have been off sugar for a few weeks now, and although I'm not planning on going sugar free for life,  I do think this little experiment has shown me that I don't want to be careless when it comes to sugar. And I don't feel good if I have sugar in the morning. I was on a Chai kick for awhile, and I do like my Chai sweet, so I wasn't feeling so hot for awhile. Different times in my life, when I have been a breakfast server, I've been curious about people who have tons of pancakes, or waffles, or pastries in the A.M. and then go to work. Different strokes right?
While shopping at Wegmens, I happened to notice So Delicious sugar free coconut milk ice cream. I saw chocolate and vanilla flavors. I decided to go against what felt natural to me and pick up a pint of chocolate.  I don't usually use my splurge on something sweet, but it's good to flip the script, as the kids say. Anyway, it has no stevia, which is the only way I would try it, because I have come to the conclusion that STEVIA IS THE WORST. I rate stevia up there with saccharin in terms of blech. This ice cream is sweetened with monk fruit extract, and Erythritol (according to Wikipedia, this is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in some fermented foods, and is approved throughout most of the world.) For me, the Erythritol is the only questionable ingredient, everything else seemed to come from nature, and not seem to misplaced. Taste wise, it was pretty tasty, and definitely ha a rich chocolate flavor, and that great creamy texture we've all come to expect in vegan ice cream. It had that somewhat fake sweet taste that seems to come with everything that isn't sweetened with sugar, maple syrup. or agave. But it was way better than anything sweetened with stevia, which I can taste from a mile away. Because it was a little less sweet, I actually think the chocolate flavor was more pronounced. I probably will stick with the regular So Delicious myself when I want a treat, but I'm glad I tried this,and I'm certainly glad this is available for people who are avoiding sugar for whatever reasons. It might be a nice option for upcoming holiday parties, because there is everything sugar coated, so it could be a way to have your ice cream and eat it too. According to their website, they have butter pecan, chocolate, mint chip, and vanilla, all no sugar added. I have only seen chocolate, and vanilla at my grocery, but I'm sure the other flavors are out there somewhere! And if  you, or anyone you know has issues with gluten, they have a gluten free cookie's & cream, and a gf cookie dough. Pretty cool with all the options.
Have a sweet day!

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