Sunday, December 28, 2014

Because I'm Healthy

The more I focus on health, and really trying to radiate from the inside out, the more I notice how unhealthy the people around me are. This country in general. I'm not even talking about the obesity rates, I'm talking about how it seems to be ingrained in us to go, go, go, take a pill, or get a shot if you're sick, but for the love of all, keep going. And everything is a chore. I was listening to various conversations this season about the holidays, and everyone was just bogged down by what needed to be done. And any kind of daytime talk/help show is full of tips to cut your stress. We are a drugged up, stressed out, sleep deprived country. And it seems like all we value is money, success, and how hard we work. You are lazy if you consider 40 hours a week full time work.
I learned through personal experience that  poor health equals no happiness. It's hard to feel happy about anything when you feel like shit. However, as I have learned when you're healthy, you bounce back quicker from life's little shake-ups. I feel like I am much better at handling, and working on solutions to things that make me unhappy now, versus back in all of my self destructive ways. I used to just get over whelmed, and just do more damage to myself, and my life. I see that pattern so clearly now, and I want to shout from the tallest building how great it feels to be an active participant in your own health. It's better than any drink, food, cigarette, or pill. And as someone who used to be so full of self hatred, it feels amazing to not be carrying around that burden. And I know from experience that certain toxic behaviors become almost like a hard, protective wall around you, keeping you protected from the harshness of life. It's like you don't really care that much about yourself, so you really have no empathy for anyone else. I notice that a lot in some of the super unhealthy people I know. They just have a hardness that I saw in my former self. I don't know anyone who really is healthy here. I know people who go to a gym, but they still smoke, and drink, and eat crap because somewhere along the way they came to the conclusion that a trip to the gym three times a week cancels out everything bad.
In addition to learning how alive racism really is, I have really learned how unhealthy some people choose to live. I don't think it's a coincidence that hatred, and toxicity are very prevalent in unhealthy people. There is also a strong will to continue this behavior, and pass it along to future generations. If a doctor has the audacity to suggest someone quit smoking, and perhaps move their body more, well that doctor gets an eye roll, and the honor of being considered nothing more than a quack. I've tried telling some of my co-workers that you can get used to feeling great very quickly, and just naturally want to continue feeling great, but I am met with rather hostile side eyes.
This is not what I was going to write about today. I was going to write about pantry staples. But I am just so sick of being teased, and side eyed when I talk about anything healthy, to the point that any progress I make is like a deep dark secret, and this blog is the only place I can safely talk about health, and happiness. Also, the temps have dropped a little and it was raining pretty hard when I woke up, so my mind is filled with Robin.
To sum up my babble a thon, I want this world to be a kinder place for everyone. And kindness comes from love, and love has to start with yourself. I don't mean to sound corny, but I truly believe that. I don't care how many side eyes any of us get, the truth is that we can heal ourselves, and we can love ourselves, and feel great. So I  have just now decided that 2015 is my year to be proud of feeling good. I will no longer feel ashamed of  doing all I can to maintain my health without the need of any pills or potions.

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