Sunday, December 21, 2014

Is it Worth It??

The problem with a lot of vegan convenience foods is the price. If you look at certain non-vegan frozen foods and such, you see a huge difference in price. And it is hugely frustrating when you fork over the extra money, and the product is a letdown. When possible, I like to allow myself a splurge item, and I have had a lot of hits and misses, so I thought I would mention a few splurges that are in my opinion totally worth the money.
Amy's roasted vegetable pizza. Simple, no vegan cheeses, just a delicious sauce, and roasted veg. It is, was, and always will be a fave.
Although I haven't had every single Gardein product on the market, I have had a lot of them, and every single one has been great. If I had to pick a favorite, I would be in big trouble. I feel like Gardein  could be served to a vegan skeptic, and pass the test. And I really appreciate companies like Gardein who are really making kick ass food, and that is only helping animals.
Earth balance has been making some really stellar treats. I was blown away by their chips, and the white cheddar mac and cheese is out of this world. Like if you haven't tried it, do so now.
Daiya gets my vote for best bang for your buck. The Swiss slices actually reminded me of Swiss cheese! And it lasts in the freezer for a really long time. I feel like Daiya melts the best, and has the least weird taste. Keep in mind that it is not the greatest raw, in my opinion.
Beanfields Chips are so amazing (Ranch, Ranch, Ranch), and are the perfect texture for dips. The chips are made from beans, and rice, and are vegan and gluten free.
Field roast sausages are amazing. They have a variety of flavors, and texture wise they are pretty stellar. They also make deli slices, hot dogs, a loaf type thing that is YUM, and a brand new vegan cheese. People seem to be in love with the cheese, so I can't wait to try it.
I can't not mention Tofurky. I don't care what anyone says, I love their roast, and I love their peppered deli slices. It should be noted that My cat does love Daiya, and also Tofurky. He is a little Obsessive when I have Tofurky in the house.
Beyond Meat is also a great company. The chicken strips were so tasty, and I have read nothing but glowing reviews from other vegans. And the people who make Beyond meat are very serious about cutting down meat consumption, so again, I can't help but support them.
For my sweet fix, I'm a fan of Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and Paul Newman's dark chocolate dark chocolate raspberry cups are soooo yum. Also, can't forget about Endangered Species, who now makes filled chocolate bars, and the blueberry vanilla is sooooo worth it!
I think it's best for everyone's health to eat real food, made from scratch, of course. But sometimes we need convenience, and sometimes it's just fun to eat a frozen pizza, or vegan fish tacos, or chips. And sometimes you just want a ranch chip!! So, since these types of foods are definitely on the pricier side, I thought it would help to hear about some tried and tested, and approved of vegan junk food.

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