Monday, December 22, 2014

Beware of the Bully, or Bully, Beware?

I have great news, and bad/weird news. I'll start with the weird, and end on a high note! I just read a terrifying article in the Huffington Post about Coca Cola, the company. Apparently the sales of soda are slightly declining, so Coke has decided to get into the dairy game. They are going to be rolling out a brand new milk called Fairlife. (Not for the cows.) It is going to be heavily marketed as a "premium milk", boasting 50 percent more protein, which Americans seem to be truly obsessed over. The Atkins trend just switched to Paleo. Anyway, Coke also owns the Simply line of orange juices, and whatever other flavors, and makes a killing, so they figured why not go milk. I shudder to think of what they are doing in their little labs to make this milk so much more protein packed. I have no reason to believe that this won't be a hit. I can name twenty plus people off the top of my head who will be buying this, just because a) the label says it's more healthy, and that combined with b) the higher price means it must be true!
Okay, from one bully to the next, here is my good news! Unilever has decided to drop their ridiculous lawsuit against Just Mayo. I read one article that said Unilever's lawyers decided that a win was impossible. Another article I read states that Unilever didn't give a reason. When someone is so aggressive, then gives up so quietly, there are a lot of words in that silence. (Take note, Bill Cosby) Anyway, I say who cares why, I only care that someone handed them some common sense. And, in the end, I'm sure Unilever introduced tons of grateful people to the deliciousness that is Just Mayo, while showing what true dumbasses they are.
I also forgot to put Just Mayo on my splurge list. I feel so bad because Veganaise was keeping vegans slathered in the good stuff for so long, and it has even passed the taste test of many non-vegans, but in my humble opinion, I will always choose just mayo. It is so creamy, and spreadable, the first time I used it I had to double check the ingredients, I thought for sure I accidently grabbed a new brand of non vegan mayo. So, if you haven't yet tried it, I really recommend it for any of your mayo needs.

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