Thursday, December 7, 2017

Random Thursday

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This is my haul from Tuesday. I made it to Trader Joe's and it was a tolerable insane. I still tried to get in and out as soon as possible!
I decided to try their coconut yogurt. Taste wise it was delicious. Really fresh, strong blueberry flavor. But I hated the texture. It had a super weird, clumpy and thick texture that wouldn't smooth out no matter how much I stirred. I definitely will not buy this again.
So, the puppy is doing fine. She's eating and seems very happy. She loves going on walks and sniffing all the smells. I've asked people who live in the neighborhood to let me know if they know of anyone who lost a dog. She and Etta touched noses through a crack in the door yesterday and Etta didn't swipe and she didn't bark. Small steps. I know that Etta will be the first one to make friends. She has a very warm, sweet spirit and is definitely the lover of the crew.
Last night I was so tired after work all I could muster was some tots. I couldn't even make a dipping sauce! Even with no sauce these still hit the spot! y
Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm having a texture issue with a lot of the vegan yogurts I have tried in the past. So much so that I haven't even tried anything new in the last year or maybe closer to two years! YIKES!

    1. I know some of them have some very off-putting textures, and this was definitely one of them!
      If you ever come across the Forager cashewgurt, try it. It's the creamiest I've tried so far!

  2. Potato gems are awesome even without sauce. They are an excellent comfort/tired food.

    That yoghurt texture sounds really not good. :/

    1. They hit the spot for sure! And I actually prefer the name potato gem!
      The yogurt was a real let down. I don't know who at Trader Joe's thought that was an okay texture.

  3. Oh yeah, that TJs yogurt is bizarre.
    My whole foods has the forager's yogurt on sale 2/$3! I got the lemon :))
    The TJs vegan burgers are good! Really hearty, but totally needs a good dose of condiments since they aren't veggie based so the flavor is more grain/neutral. Tots for dinner sound fab to me! Although i would definitely need at least some salt and ketchup.
    I can't believe that isn't someone's lost pet dog! How wonderful that you have taken her in, that's heartbreaking to think of turning her over to animal services. If you aren't able to keep her look for a local rescue organization, they promise to keep until adopted.

  4. I still haven't been able to find Forager!!!! Bummer!