Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Stuff

Sleepy kitty
This is Scrappy's new favorite place to sleep. The back of the couch on top of the soft blanket. She is named Scrappy because she is smaller than everyone else, but is also twice as feisty. I once dated a guy who was tall and big, like a bouncer and he told me that he will always run from the little guy. He said that he never really had to fight or defend himself because of his size, but the little guy always has to know how to defend himself. Scrappy is also Queen of the seat steal. The only one better than her is the King of the seat steal, Dylan.
I recently discovered this coconut creamer at Trader Joe's. I am seriously hooked. It's not even any fancy flavor, it's just this thick cream that makes your tea and coffee so beautifully creamy! This stuff is creamier than any dairy creamer I remember. I don't really get a strong coconut flavor either. Just a wonderful creamy flavor. This is what you give people who say they can't give up their beloved creamer. I haven't used it for any cooking yet, but I feel like it would be a very good stand in for any recipes calling for heavy cream. I came across a vegan Carbonara sauce that has been floating around in my head, and this stuff would probably work perfectly!
Sometimes the simplest things make you happy. Yesterday was a typical Seattle day with mild temps, but a constant stream of rain. I had some errands to run, and it was so gross. I lost my hat, and my jacket doesn't have a hood, and I forgot my umbrella, so it was a cold drippy day. I really wanted some cozy comfort food, but no one to whip it up for me, and I was just too disgruntled to deal with my kitchen. Luckily oven fries are pretty comforting, and simple to make. I made a dipping sauce by mixing sriracha and tahini.
I have some pumpkin left over that I need to use, and I saw a jar of pumpkin tomato sauce somewhere, and it was this beautiful color, but it had two issues. One was the price, and two it had cream or cheese, or both. But I think of that sauce all of the time because the color was so beautiful. It was a vibrant orange-y red, like that perfect fall leaf. I might put on my creative hat and try to make that sauce the way I like things, cheap, and vegan. Fingers crossed it all works out!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh that is great tea. I always stocked up during the holidays. Beauitful Oven Fries, although a Sriracha/Tahini Dip may be too exotic for me.

    1. I'm definitely going to hoard some because it's a seasonal tea. They also have a candy cane green tea that I might have to try.