Friday, December 25, 2015

Last Minute

Just a quick little post to say how AMAZING the Hain vegetarian brown gravy mix is. It comes in a brown envelope, and it mixes with one cup of water, cooks in under five minutes, and don't worry, it's vegan! I struggle with making gravy, it's not my strong suit, and I eat it so rarely I guess I'm okay with not being a gravy expert. This stuff isn't full of funky ingredients, and it was really savory and surprisingly rich. And look at that color, so nice and deep! I guess it's a little late for holiday meal suggestions, but then again that's me, coming in at the last final moments! Fashionably late. I have another packet in my cupboard. Every once in awhile I get a mad craving for mashed potatoes, so these little packets will come in handy.
Speaking of mashed potatoes and gravy, I recently learned that steaming potatoes instead of boiling makes for much fluffier mashed potatoes. I think they absorb too much water when you boil them. Same thing with potato salad. Am I like beyond late to the cooking party?
Anyway, if you celebrate, I hope today and the whole holiday season is everything wonderful, and full of love. And if you don't, I still hope your day is filled with love!


  1. I'm not a huge gravy person but I would try it!

    1. I only crave it once in a great while, and this was super quick and easy and definitely better than any that I've made!