Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Getting Jacked!!

What a view!

This is the view from my living room, and bedroom window. Also from my deck. If you look down, it's a parking lot, but I choose to look straight ahead. It makes me feel like I'm living in a forest, and the sounds from I-5 are just the sounds of a symphony. My view will be green year round too, no brown dead branches for me in the winter! My living room window is huge, so lots of natural light!
My first Jackfruit!

Delicious jewels!
I needed kitty food yesterday, so I walked to my nearest grocery. Since I'm working on getting familiar with my surroundings, I decided to peruse the store. They have a great selecion of Kombucha, decent vegan pizza/frozen meals, "meats", etc. and a pretty decent produce section. I was heading to the checkout aisle, and in the little area where they have their already cut fruit, I noticed they had cut up sections of Jackfruit!!! I've been reading about Jackfruit for awhile, I know many vegans love using it to make mock pulled pork, and tacos and such. I think I even read that Upton's is coming out with a line of Jackfruit based fun stuff. I've also watched a lot of YouTube videos of people eating the sweet fruit, and just loving it. I never in a million years thought I would ever come face to face with the actual fruit! I love Seattle! They also sell the whole fruit which are huge and spikey. I decided to try a smaller piece first, since I didn't know what to expect. You eat the yellow parts of the fruit, and of course take out the pit first. It's pretty easy to pull the fruit from the stringy shred like inside. The pit also comes out very easily. I don't know how to describe this magical fruit and do it justice. It's like a taste I can't even believe exists. It's like the world's best mango, nectarine, and kiwi mixed with all other delicious fruits and had a baby. The taste is so sweet and unusual it almost feels like it had to have been created in a lab, by Willy Wonka or something. I am in love, I feel like I can't live without this in my life ever again. The produce guy says it tastes different at different  stages of ripeness, so I assume maybe it gets loads sweeter as it ripens more. This fruit truly is nature's candy, I'm not joking. I feel like people who struggle with sugar addiction could really be helped with this fruit in their life. It has a mango-esque texture, mine was somewhat firm, I imagine it gets softer the riper it gets. I thought of different ideas to use this as I was eating, and before you know it I had eaten it all just as it was. This is my new favorite fruit, and I have to buy a whole Jackfruit now, and I bet it's going to be way too expensive, but I will live on lentils for a month to have this in my life. If you are like me, and have deprived yourself of this wondrous fruit, please do yourself a favor and find a way to get this  in your life!
Here's an interesting article on Jackfruit if you're interested. Don't let the end scare you, fresh Jackfruit is not texturally weird!
Today is paintind day, so wish me luck on a paw mark free paint job! I will have before and after pictures tomorrow! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've only had dried but enjoy it when I can get it!

    1. OOh I bet dried Jackfruit is delicious!

  2. I only have had it disguised as BBQ. Didnt know you could eat it raw like that. Have you done Durian yet?

    1. I haven't tried Durian yet. The talk of the smell kind of scares me. I might try it if I saw it at the right price, maybe!