Saturday, July 18, 2015

Snickerdoodle Vegan Ice Cream Exists!

Hello gorgeous!
I made this delicious carrot, orange, ginger, and fresh turmeric juice yesterday. I don't know what it is, but this combo always makes me feel really good and cheerful when I drink it. The oranges I bought at Trader Joe's are not the greatest of course, given the season but they are good enough for juicing. I also got that glass for like $.69 at a thrift store. I heart thrifting!
This stuff is dangerous!
So Delicious has really elevated vegan ice cream to a whole new level. This cashew milk ice cream is so rich and creamy I triple dog dare any non-vegan to taste this and not fall in love. I first tried the salted caramel flavor, based on Vegan in the VI (formerly The Shenandoah Vegan). I have also tried the deep chocolate which is really, intensely chocolaty. I decided to try te Snickerdoodle flavor next, because snickerdoodles! It has chunks of cookies in it, which is my favorite part. It is very cinnamony, and sooooooo creamy. I just read on the container that the cookies they use are gluten free, and I read the ingredients, and it seems the ice cream is gluten free as well. I'm happy that everyone can enjoy this treat. This is the perfect thing to bust out for any dubious non-vegans you may know. This stuff is a game changer. The snickerdoodle flavor will be a tasty treat in the fall. It made me think of apples, and cozy sweaters, and all that stuff. It also made me think of Hallmark moments, but I think that was the snickerdoodles talking. I saw a Cappuccino flavor that will probably be my next try. If you love snickedoodles, you need to try this ice cream.  I'm glad So Delicious is living up to it's name!
Today I'm on the hunt for a Farmer's Market, so hopefully I will have some bountiful pictures coming up!


  1. I found it on sale At QFC for like $5.49. I also got a coupon for one dollar off my next pint. Cappuccino here I come!