Monday, July 6, 2015

Things I Can, and Can't Afford

Teriyaki Greens! Organic green tea!

New to me kombucha!!

Big ass salad with nutritional yeast as an option at a salad bar!
After washing all of the blankets and towels we used to make the van as comfy as possible for the kitties, I felt the need to get a big ass salad in my body. We decided to hit the Whole Foods salad bar/hot bar to make things easy. It was not easy on the wallet, I can see that I won't be doing a whole lot of shopping at Whole Foods, but besides the heart attack inducing prices, they have an awesome salad, hot bar. So many different types of tofu! They have nutritional yeast at the salad bar!!  Why oh why does Whole Foods have to be so dang expensive? I feel like I'm home when I'm there, except that I can't afford the mortgage! I also found this new to me kombucha. They have soooooo many brands of kombucha I have never even heard of! I chose the raspberry harvest, and blueberry ginger flavors. I even saw Chai kombucha, and coffee kombucha! I didn't even walk around the whole store, ( I might have died) I just stayed by the prepared food and drinks section. Pretty overwhelming.
On a way more affordable note, I also ran into a Grocery Outlet and found the kale chips in the top picture for only $2.99! Anyone who loves kale chips knows what an absolute steal this is! I have only had store bought kale chips a handful of times in my life because they are too ridiculously expensive. They had several flavors and brands to choose from, all around the $2.99 mark. I also got a box of organic green tea for only $1.99 for 24 bags. And not pictured because I drank it right up I found a Kevita pineapple coconut probiotic drink for under two dollars!! I used to love Grocery Outlet, so happy to be back around one. It is a great way to save money. They had boxes of organic gluten free quinoa pasta for $.79! They also had Earth Balance spreads for $1.99! I always found Grocery Outlet to be like thrift shopping. You have to go into it looking for nothing specific, and you will find so many gems! They often have veggie burgers, and vegan ice creams for a million times less than other stores. I do remember the Grocery Outlet I used to shop at getting scavenged by vegans needing to save a buck! You have to be an early bird to catch the deals. Maybe if I try to do most of my shopping at Grocery Outlet, I can afford a kombucha from Whole Foods once in awhile!
I just opened the Blueberry Ginger Lion Heart Kombucha, and it is really tasty. It's very dry, and I just read on their website that they use only enough sugar to ferment. It's dry, but doesn't have a super vinegary taste like other not too sweet kombuchas have. I like it, and I am a fan of sweeter kombuchas. Without a lot of extra sugar, I can really taste the blueberries and ginger. It also has the perfect amount of fizz.
If all goes according to plan, I will be moving into my new place today, and it can't happen soon enough. My cats and I are on top of each other, and hotel/motel life is not the jam. I feel shady, and my cats don't like all the comings and goings and noise, and lack of space. So, hopefully this time tomorrow I will be in my own apartment, albeit with no furniture, but still my own place! It's all about progress. Happy Monday!

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