Thursday, July 16, 2015

Get into the Groove!

After baking

Before baking
I went to my favorite Trader Joe's in Ballard yesterday, and this delicious pizza was a result of my haul. I have haul pictures too, I just decided to do things a little backwards, show the afters first. I'm still in a state of  what I consider to be chaos, and working with limited kitchen supplies, so I'm keeping it simple this week. I had some leftover pesto in my fridge, so I decided to make a pesto "chicken" pizza. I used Trader Joe's dough ball, chiken-less strips, which in my opinion are better than Beyond Meat, garlic, and I finally got to try Trader Joe's vegan shreds. Trader Joe's rocks, these shreds melted soooo much better than daiya shreds, and made for a really authentic pizza. This was a pizza that non-vegans would not question. It was definitely a rich pizza, and I wouldn't eat it everyday, but it was a  really tasty treat. The chicken-less strips seem like they would be a great candidate for any dishes where shredding is involved. I liked the texture, and I also liked the seasoning they used. It went well with the pesto, and also the dried basil I sprinkled on top. They are made with soy protein, and vital wheat gluten, so if you don't do soy and wheat, I guess these aren't for you, but otherwise I say try these if you haven't already. I shared this pizza with a non vegan who is dubious of vegan meats and cheeses, and it was enthusiastically devoured. As I remembered, Trader Joe's rocks when it comes to prices. Certain things are the same price I remembered from four years ago!! They're organic tofu is the same price it always was! Amazing. In other great news, Dylan finds Trader Joe's vegan shreds to be a suitable substitute for Daiya. For some reason, he just finds Chao unacceptable. He loves pretty much anything coconut based, so not sure what the problem is but I just chalk it up to cats!
Now that things are settled, and Dylan is feeling better, and we have an official home, the fact that I'm living in Seattle again is really sinking in. I feel so calm right now, in a way I haven't for a really long time. I enjoy going places here, I want to go places. I am fully realizing how very depressed I was in Erie. I knew I was struggling, but wow. I don't know if I fit in Seattle, I don't really know if I fit in anywhere, but I just know I did not fit in, or belong in Erie. I was never able to find my groove, or any kind of a groove. all I know is I feel like I can breathe, and be myself in Seattle, and it feels amazing. Just to be able to buy and drink Kombucha out in the open, and eat vegan food without people going insane with judgment and teasing is so freaking fantastic. I will never take it for granted. Being able to be yourself is a pretty important part of life. Feeling free is just about the best!!
I have my first Trader Joe's haul to show, and also an amazing haul from Grocery Outlet where I saved more money than I spent!! I went from no pictures to too many pictures to share sooo quickly!
Have a great day, and let your freak flag fly!!


  1. It's kind of odd - I know what you mean - but where I live there is so much less the way of vegan options and I tend to go to Erie! LOL I know I would be in heaven in California or Portland, for example, where the options are more plentiful :)

    1. I definitely plan on taking a road trip to Portland very soon. I've heard great things about Portland, I might not come back! If you have to go to Erie for vegan options, it must be a vegan desert where you live!

    2. Well I have been sticking with whole foods and not much processed or packaged and it seems to be working but I do like to jump on new-to-me products when I can locate them!

    3. I do too, but it is fun to experiment and support companies putting out great products. But I agree whole plant foods are best!